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Farmville 2 10 rate Step back into the amazing world of Farmville, create your perfect holding full of great crops, animals and fun. Share items with your friends and build yourself up to be a business mogul in a brilliant and still addictive farm game. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Following in the wake of Farmville’s tremendous success, Zynga introduced Farmville 2, which presents a whole lot of exciting new features and improvements on the Farmville formula. Most of the gameplay is technically the same, but how you go about doing stuff in the game is what that has changed. Instead of just farming to sell crops, now you have to balance between selling your harvested crops, turning it into feed or using it to craft products. The graphics have had a great upgrade as well, and look more fabulous than ever. This game is the largest farming social game out there on the internet and not to mention, the Farmville series is the forerunner of most of the farming games around. If you’re looking for a game that is relaxing to play with several of your friends, Farmville 2 is the game you’ll want!


The gameplay in Farmville 2 is somewhat similar to the original Farmville, but it does offer a lot of new innovations and improvements… and some may say, restrictions as well.

As it is generally a farming game, the usual planting, watering and harvesting routine is still there in Farmville 2. The steps of planting, watering and harvesting in Farmville 2 is made easier and much more convenient. By pressing your mouse button and waving it around your grown crops like a magic wand, your character will automatically start doing all the stuff that you told him or her to.

However as aforementioned, there are some new restrictions placed into the game. For planting, you can only do so on plots. Plots can be added for free to the farm up to a certain maximum limit. This limit can then be extended by adding new land your farm. The time where you can maximize the efficiency of your farm by filling it with as many plots as you can is long gone. Once you ran out of space, you can always expand your land if you have the necessary materials and money.

The watering part in the game is also restricted by the number of wells you have (or the amount of real money that you are willing to shell out). Every player will have a maximum of 30 drops of water and it’ll regenerate 1 drop of water every 5 minutes. If you have wells, you can get 10 extra drops of water from every well you have on your farm. Each crop only require 1 drop of water while trees will require 3 drops each regardless the type of crops or trees. So, you can either water 30 crops at a time or 10 trees, or a mixture of both!

The types of crops and trees in Farmville 2 have undergone quite a number of changes too. Although there is number of the usual crops, there are a number of unique crops too. It’s pretty interesting to note that once you hit the level necessary, you will unlock water plots – they are like normal plots but you place them in water. These water plots will allow you access to a whole new range of farmable aquatic plants or plants that require plenty of water, such as rice, water bamboo, papyrus, water pepper, cattail, watercress, lotus, wild rice, water chestnut and taro. It is pretty awesome!

In addition, unlike the original Farmville, this game minimizes on using weird-looking crops that does not exist in this world. Gone were the days where you can grow assorted candies or crystals on trees and as crops. This game tries to make it as realistic as possible and has succeeded in doing so! Moreover, when you harvest your crops, there is a small chance that you may get a prized crop as well which will earn you some achievement ribbons, experience points and money.

It should be a crime not to have any adorable farm animals in a farm game and thankfully, in Farmville 2, there are not only a huge variety of cute animals that can make you “awww”, these animals are so well illustrated and animated that you couldn’t help but to get yourself hopelessly attached to them. There are fluffy rabbits and sheep, ridiculously-cheerful prancing goats, majestic horses and many more! You can only purchase baby animals once you’ve unlocked them. These baby animals will then need you to feed them milk bottles, which you can only obtain by asking your Farmville 2 friends (It is a social game after all!) or buying it using Farmcash (real money currency). There are also bee boxes that you can collect honey from. You can also use the bees to improve your crops’ yield by fertilizing them.

The animals wander around your farm, unless you place them in a homemade pen. The number of animals you can have on your farm is restricted by the number of troughs you have. Each trough usually increases your animal capacity by 5. These animals will also require food in the form of feed, which you can obtain by milling your harvested crops at the feed mill. Different crops will produce different number of feed. There is also a maximum limit for you to store your feed, which can be extended by building silos. Silos are not exactly necessary in the game, but it can save you a lot of trips to the feed mill.

Similarly to prized crops, there are prized animals in the game too! Although it may take you quite awhile to get any of your animals to prized status, prized animals give out special produce that you cannot get anywhere else. If you can afford it in the later levels, you can also get animal nurseries for each different type of animal you have. Here, you can train animals with different bonuses, personalities and even names! It’ll make each and every one of your animals unique!

In Farmville 2, you are given a roadside stall as well. This is your main method to earning money in this game. The sale of any of your farm’s produce is instant and you can get the cash immediately. Furthermore, you are also allowed to build crafting buildings to create more valuable products, such as delicious cupcakes or pastries, soft toys and other tailored goods, and even pottery, from the materials that you’ve collected. Although the crafting process may be rather long and uses power, which will regenerate over time, crafted goods sell for much more money at your stall.

However, as you will soon realize the balance between selling your harvested crops, turning it into feed or using it to craft products is very delicate. Not all crops can be used to craft products and not all crops are needed in the same amount. For example, if you aim to be a major producer of baked goods, you might want to grow as much wheat as you can, as it is the staple of these products.

There is also another way to earn money in Farmville 2 that is by completing orders. Most orders are not easy to complete though and will require some dedication. Nonetheless, every time you managed to deliver an order, you will earn sun points. Accumulate these sun points to the required amount and you will be well-rewarded with some pretty sweet goodies!

Farmville’s social aspect of the game is pretty much tried-and-true. Thus in Farmville 2, friends, or more accurately, neighbors, play a very important role! This is one game that you wouldn’t want to play alone – you’ll have a very terrible time. This is because you will see plenty of materials that will require you to ask for help from your fellow Farmville neighbors. Some of these special materials are needed to expand your land, to grow your baby animals into productive adult animals and to build your buildings (crafting, nursery, etc).

Why not head on over to your neighbor’s farm to help him or her out as well? You are given some energy to, for example, fertilize their crops or trees, at their place. Make your Farmville 2 friends’ day by sending them mystery gifts and who knows? They may just return the favor! Not to mention, you can even hire your friends as farmhands, which you can later place them to work. Farmhands will instantly grow 5-plot worth of crops; double your harvest and you’ll get a nice bag of fertilizer at the end. It’s too sweet a deal to give up on!

Taking photos of your beloved farm is easier and more convenient in Farmville 2. The game provides you with zoom tools as well as allowing you to move your screen around to frame your shots before actually taking the shot. There’s also a take ‘full farm photo’ option that is very useful particularly when your farm is huge! You can also share those photos to your Facebook timeline and bask in adoration, or envy, of your neighbors!

Last but not least, Farmville 2 provides achievements to encourage you to strive for something other than completing quests or orders, or even earning money. Achievements will also reward you well once you’ve fulfilled the achievement criteria. When you get all 3 stars for a particular crop, you will even get a nifty wooden sign for you to place on our farm – for bragging rights, of course!

There are, naturally, shortcuts in this game, such as the speed-grow bottles that will instantly grow your crops or trees so that they are ready for harvest or fertilizers that will double your yield. You can get some of them free, but rarely, by gifting or by helping out neighbors. If you like, you could spend some real money to get them too. There are also plenty of Farmcash-only items and animals that are offered in the game. They are not exactly necessary as the game provides an in-game money alternative for free-to-play players, but you can still check them out and perhaps drool over them from time to time. That being said, the game does not forces you to buy anything using real money. It is wholly up to you whether you want to do that or not.


Farmville 2 has a very tightly-knitted and massive (A whooping 14.6 million likes on its Facebook fan page!) community, mainly because of their common interests in making their respective farms the best that they could be and partly because of the hate coming from a certain group of Facebook people.

Admittedly, sharing requests from the game consecutively to your friends, or repeatedly asking them to help you out with materials when they do not even play the game can be rather annoying. However, there are plenty of solutions to those problems and with the correct methods, Farmville players can still have a great time with his or her fellow neighbors without bothering the other non-players.

The game even spawned groups of communities, some of which have up to 400,000 members, scattered around Facebook. These sites function to help its members out by providing bonuses or a place for its members to add more active neighbors.

In addition, Zynga is also able to keep its community engaged with new buildings, animals, crops and special events that are introduced periodically. Furthermore, the company even provides a very sweet deal for returning players, making Farmville 2 a game that is very addictive to play!


As compared to its predecessor, Farmville 2 has 3D graphics that are colorful and very detailed eye-candies for sure. The crops and fruits harvested look so succulent and juicy while the pastries and other baked goods look so delicious! Even though you know that these aren’t real, you probably be licking your lips in anticipation as you’re collecting them from your farm or buildings. The animals are also so adorable, particularly when they do this little jig after you feed them!

Every object in the game is very interactive and brilliantly animated as well. Each type of decoration on your farm will spring into action when you mouse over them. For instance, kites and wind chimes sway in the wind. When you pick up an animal, its eyes will bulge out, like you’re lifting it up by its neck. Your character will also sprint around your farm carrying out your orders while efficiently jumping over fences or going around obstacles. You can see the dedication that the developing team has put into the game and you love the game because of it!

Farmville 2’s sound may not be very memorable, but it is pretty good for Facebook game. The game features a catchy, upbeat country music that plays in the background as you perform your farm chores. Needless to say, Zynga has successfully created an experience that felt relaxing and pastoral like they said they would.


In short, Farmville 2 is one of the best social farming games to date! It has superb and very interactive 3D graphics and an interesting sound that manages to bring up the feeling of running a nice little farm in a small town. Being a social game, it places certain emphasis on having plenty of active neighbors. If you don’t have those, you can find some from the many Farmville communities that are available on Facebook or if you’re truly anti-social, you will need to spend some cash. It also has a nice gameplay with restrictions that allow you to take breaks from the game instead of doing everything in one go as well as with plenty of unique features that made it stand out from other farming games. In fact, it is a well-known point that a lot of the newer farming simulation games that cropped up (attempt to) use the Farmville franchise as a model to shape the games. If you enjoy farming games, Farmville 2 is simply one of those games that you cannot miss out on! Start plowing your farm today!

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by Aethyna Jan 20, 2015
Step back into the amazing world of Farmville, create your perfect holding full of great crops, animals and fun. Share items with your friends and build yourself up to be a business mogul in a brilliant and still addictive farm game. Farmville 2: Beautiful farm Winter in Farmville 2 Farmville 2: Helpful neighbors Read More
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