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Farmscapes 10 rate Enjoy both farm theme and a unique match-3 experience in this brilliant hybrid of a game, Farmscapes! Besides match-3 games, there is also an engaging storyline and plenty of exciting mini-games! If you're up for a unique and relaxing match-3 experience? Well then, Farmscapes is definitely the game for you! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Enjoy farm and match 3 games? Why not have the best of both worlds in this brilliant hybrid of a game, Farmscapes! The game is very unique in the sense that the game is unlike any other match-3 games that you’ve played! It does not feel repetitive in its gameplay unlike some other games and it also provides exciting mini-games that you can enjoy in between several match-3 games. With the money you’ve earned from playing games, you can then buy new decorative items for Joe’s farm! Enjoy watching Tom, Joe’s grandson, and Joe talk about a variety of things in a rather humorous way as well! If you’re up for a unique and relaxing match-3 experience, Farmscapes is definitely the game for you! Help Farmer Joe earn money to restore his ranch and give the formerly prosperous farm a new breathe of life!


Tom, Farmer Joe’s grandson, is currently having his summer holidays, but his parents only saw him spending most of his time playing video games. In an attempt to get Tom off his computer chair, his parents sent him to his grandpa’s ranch for the entire summer break. Tom quickly became bored at the farm and he suggested to Farmer Joe that they could fix up his ranch as a cure for boredom. Help Tom and Farmer Joe restore the ranch to what it could have been!


Farmscapes starts off with a very simple tutorial, which introduces you to the basics of the game. If you have played a match-3 game before (who doesn’t, right?), you should be able to get right into the game. However, the puzzles in Farmscapes are not too challenging so you can have a relaxing good time enjoying the game instead of cracking your head in frustration!

Like any match-3 games, in Farmscapes, you’ll need to create matches of 3 or more vegetables in a row by clicking on adjacent pieces to swap in order to collect them from the playing field. Match-4s in this game does not provide you with any special pieces but if you can get a match-5 or a 3x3 match in the T or L-shape, you can get a powerful bomb! The bomb is able to blow up all the pieces within a radius of 2 cells… and that’s quite a large radius indeed! You can activate it by double clicking on it or by swapping it. To get most use out of your bombs, save them up until they’re near several target cells that you need to clear.

Sometimes, you can also get firecrackers from cascading vegetable pieces. Firecrackers are able to explode 4 neighboring cells in a cross configuration. Similarly to the bomb, to use this, you will need to swap it with any other piece or simply double click on it. Furthermore, if you’re really good, you can also get the rare beehive. Beehives only appear on the field after the explosion of 7 bombs and firecrackers. If you swap it with any vegetable pieces, the bees will then gather all the pieces of that kind from the field.

The game objective in Farmscapes is very simple and is the same for every match-3 game you play – you need to match pieces on golden squares to remove them from the playing field. This means that the level will be complete when you have removed all the golden squares. Sounds easy, right? However, to get the best score that you can, you’ll need to do all that as fast as you can! There’s a timer, in the form of a thermometer-like hourglass, on your right to help you keep track of the time. There are 2 threshold on the timer and whenever you exceed any one of the threshold, you’ll lost a significant amount of bonus points from your game and since your score is directly translated into how much money you earn – it may be a great idea to complete the puzzles fast!

There are also obstacles, like wooden boxes and frozen vegetables to somewhat “hinder” your progress, ramping up the challenge by a slight notch. To destroy the wooden boxes, you will need to line up 3 identical vegetables in a neighboring row or in other words, perform a match, any match, nearby and you’ll destroy the boxes. Frozen vegetables are a bit tough as you’ll need a specific match, depending on which type of vegetable is encased in the ice in order to clear it. You’ll need to get matching type of vegetable and align it with the frozen piece to unfreeze it.

In between several match-3 games, there are also plenty of exciting mini-games that you can enjoy in Farmscapes! For instance, there are events where you have to pick a specific number of flowers (which are deemed as weeds by Tom) or to get rid of bugs that are attacking Farmer Joe’s crops. There are even mini, farm-themed hidden object scenes that you can play, for example, the time when a bear entered their shed and trashed the whole place up. Sometimes, you’ll get events that request you to collect a specific amount of a particular type of vegetable for them. There will be an event whereby a retiree running an amusement park called Alex wants to buy corn from you to make popcorn, so you’ll need to collect the corn that he needs. Interesting, right? These mini-games are not exactly tough either, but if you need any help, you could release a butterfly from the jar on your right and it’ll guide you to the item you seek!

With money you’ve earned, you can help Joe restore his ranch by choosing and purchasing new seed beds, fountain, fences, shed as well as a variety of other decorations. You’ll always be given 3 choices to choose from and each of them has varying prices. The most expensive may not always be the best in Farmscapes and it’s up to you to decide which one will look the nicest when used in combination with the other items in the farm. In addition, after you buy a kennel, your pet dog will come running back home, making the entire household a lot merrier!

Moreover, after each game, you will usually get to view s short snippet of conversation between Tom and Joe (or an event will occur). This makes Farmscapes much more interesting and engaging than just playing levels after levels of match-3 in other types of match-3 games.


Despite its popularity on Big Fish Games, Farmscapes does not have a Facebook fan page as of yet. Although the game is relatively old, the game is doing rather well on its own and still has hundreds of players daily… though its sequel, Barn Yarn is starting to outshine Farmscapes. If you’re determined to find players who enjoyed this game as much as you did, you will have better luck by visiting the game’s forums on the Big Fish Games website.

Graphics/ Sound

Farmscapes is filled with beautiful hand-drawn scenery as well as plenty of stunning farm customizations that you can purchase! The vegetables in the match-3 games look absolutely adorable as well! In terms of sound, the game contains a very catchy country-themed soundtrack, consisting of guitar music and some trumpet. The music is pleasant and not at all repetitive.


In summary, Farmscapes is a brilliant hybrid of a match-3 game that contains plenty of exciting mini-games, such as hidden objects. The game is relaxingly fun and yet unique and is definitely a match-3 game that is unlike any other match-3 games that you’ve played, especially if the games unimaginatively copy Candy Crush Saga’s formula! With the money you’ve earned from playing games, you can then buy new items the replace the old ones on Farmer Joe’s farm! The game is not very hard to play and is a very enjoyable experience even for the most experienced match-3 gamers out there! Come and help Tom and Joe to renovate their ranch to turn it into the best ranch that it can be!

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by Aethyna Apr 16, 2015
Enjoy both farm theme and a unique match-3 experience in this brilliant hybrid of a game, Farmscapes! Besides match-3 games, there is also an engaging storyline and plenty of exciting mini-games! If you're up for a unique and relaxing match-3 experience? Well then, Farmscapes is definitely the game for you! Farmscapes: Firecrackers Golden Tiles in Farmscapes Farmscapes: Choke hold Read More
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