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Farm Town 9.7 rate Experience the quiet charm of rural life and feel like a real farm owner in this beautiful game, Farm Town! Here, you have the chance to live out your dream to grow a variety of crops, vegetables and fruits, albeit virtually! Develop your farm and watch as the nearby town grow as well! Sounds interesting? Play it now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Experience the quiet charm of rural life and feel like a real farm owner in this beautiful game, Farm Town! Here, you have the chance to live out your dream to grow a variety of crops, vegetables and fruits, albeit virtually, as well as harvest them. Care for and tend to the various animals you keep on your farm and collect their produce. Then, send these raw materials to the many crafting machines to obtain processed goods that can be sold for a higher price. Enlist the support of your friends to set up your own stores or go solo and sell your goods through completing orders instead! As your farm grows, the town nearby will benefit from your growth and develop as well! Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll just end up as the mayor of the town!


Your granny is getting too old to work the farm and she has hoped you could help her take care of the farm together under her guidance. Needless to say, you’ve accepted her offer. Welcome to your new life as a virtual farmer!

To start, you should definitely know the game’s controls first! Farm Town is a lot different from other farm games in terms of controls as this game was previously a mobile app and was ported to the computer. To plant your crops, you will need to select the garden bed and then select the crops you want by clicking on it. Without releasing your mouse button, swipe your cursor over the plots that you want to plant the crops in. This same click-and-drag control is used throughout the game, including harvesting crops, collecting animal produce, placing new machines, selling items, queuing up goods production and many others! So, you should bear in mind the controls when playing, so you can spare yourself the unnecessary frustration when the cursor doesn’t change when you just click on the crop you want to plant, for example.

Once that is out of the way, Farm Town plays out like the other farm games out there. This means no slacking and start planting your crops! You will have the opportunity to grow a variety of crops and vegetables, such as corn, wheat, radish, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin and cotton. Admittedly, the types of crops available are not as extensive as Farmville or most farm game, but the game supplements the lack of crops by providing a range of fruits and berries that you can grow, including strawberry bush, apple tree, cherry tree, cacao tree, coffee tree and raspberry bush. Furthermore, if you ran out of garden beds, you can buy more from the shop but there is a maximum limit as to how many beds you can place on your farm. Every level up will expand the limit by a little, so your farm can subsequently expand as well!

Besides crops, you will get to keep your very own farm animals too! However, to start populating your farm with animals, such as chickens, pigs, cows and sheep, you will need to place a home for them! Buy a suitable home from the shop for your animals before filling the pen, coop or shed with their respective animals. Each animal home has limited slots for animals and you’ll need to buy more of it before you can buy any more animals. Don’t forget to feed your animals too so they can get them started on producing the animal produce that you need!

Having crops, fruits and animal produce at hand, it’s time to put them through the big scary processing machines! But first, you will need to buy the machines themselves from the shop! There are many different types of machines, such as bakery, sugar processor, food processor, corn oven, dairy and many more! Each of the machines, obviously, produces different array of goods and you can queue up to 3 items at once. Once done, everything, including the crops and the raw animal produce collected from the garden beds and animal homes respectively, will be stored in the storage barn. The starting maximum limit is 75, but you can upgrade using materials that are gathered from clearing trees, bushes and rocks off the land.

Since these machines are rather bulky, you will need to clear some of the trees, bushes and rocks that litter your land away to free up more space as well as getting the materials you need for an upgrade or for building new buildings! However, you’ll need to get the tools needed from your neighbors. You can also buy a new land by spending in-game cash – no neighbors’ help are needed in this case!

Your barn’s getting full too rapidly? Why, didn’t you know you could sell your goods to your customers to earn some money? Customers from the nearby town will visit your farm and stand around waiting for you to give them your attention. Click on each of them to find out what they want to buy! After knowing their needs, you can then decide to refuse their order so that a new customer can take up their waiting spot or ask them to wait for a bit as you attempt to fill up their order. Then, once you’re done, just press sell to sell them the goods they want! For larger orders, your customers will make use of your orders board and post their requests there. Orders on the board will require your truck to deliver the goods and the journey will take awhile. However, you can also upgrade your truck to increase delivery speed as well as increase the chance of getting a bonus item if you have enough in-game cash.

You can also earn money by setting up your shop/s in town and hiring an employee (from your presumably long list of neighbors) to help you man the store. Hiring neighbors for the first time is free, but after hiring a particular neighbor once, you will need to pay up to hire the same neighbor again. Thus it’s best to have more neighbors in order to save costs. This other way to earn money is rather tedious and you’ll need to wait for the citizens to buy the goods from you before you can earn your profits, but the money’s good enough to warrant the tedium!

With the in-game cash you’ve earned, you can spend them in sprucing up your farm a bit! Purchase some decorations from the shop, such as rose bushes and other types of flowers, rocking chair, scarecrow as well as bicycle, and place them around your farm! Many of the decorations are level-locked though, similarly to the machines, crops and farm animals that you can buy, hence, you’ll need to level up before you can get access to the prettier decorations!

Moreover, you can also buy adorable pets, giving your farm the liveliness that it needs! Pets are not just for show in Farm Town – they also have their own function! For example, the meerkat pet can slightly accelerate the ripening of crops. To get your pet to do its thing, you’ll need to feed it first, and then drag and drop it over to the crops you want to hasten the ripening process. It’s really unique and interesting feature that other farm games do not have!


Farm Town has tight-knitted community of more than 100 thousand dedicated virtual farmers. Its Facebook fan page even has around 160 thousand likes, indicating that the game is pretty popular among fans of the farm simulation genre! As the game has a rather demanding social aspect, most players, especially dedicated ones, like to add each other to make playing the game so much easier and fun! If you like, you could also head over to its Facebook fan page to meet with some of your fellow players for just a chat too!

Graphics/ Sound

The in-game graphics are cartoonish and brightly colored, making the game look extremely cheerful and fun to play! The animations are very well-done as well! Farm Town provides a very soothing country-themed music to accompany you as you play the game. The overall feel of the game is pretty good and enjoyable!


All in all, Farm Town is a nice little farming game that has a very interesting pet system and allows pets to play an even more important role in your gameplay instead of being there just for show! The game also offers all the features of any farm game, including a range of crops, fruit trees and bushes for you to grow and harvest as well as herds of farm animals that you can buy, feed and collect their animal produce! With these raw materials, you can then process them to produce goods to sell for more money! As your farm grows, you will inadvertently also help the nearby town to develop too since you’ll be restoring the many stores in the town that your family own to sell your goods. If you’re looking for a simple yet beautiful farming game, you should definitely give Farm Town a shot! You may just end up loving it!

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New Game Added: Farm Town

by Aethyna Jun 1, 2015
Experience the quiet charm of rural life and feel like a real farm owner in this beautiful game, Farm Town! Here, you have the chance to live out your dream to grow a variety of crops, vegetables and fruits, albeit virtually! Develop your farm and watch as the nearby town grow as well! Sounds interesting? Play it now! Farm Town: The town Chickens in Farm Town Farm Town: Good harvest Read More
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