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by Kim
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Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar 10 rate Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar will take you on an exhilarating farming adventure to save the exotic animals of the island. Take care of animals, collect their produce and use it to make food and other items. Time is money, and this is certainly true in this fast-paced game. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Collect eggs, chickens, cakes and other farm products while warding away Gorillas and making sure money is coming in. In Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar, time is money and you need to manage it well to meet your goals. Are you ready to hustle?


Scarlett visits the beautiful island of Madagascar to help the workers of the farm cure their animals of a mysterious illness. She must find a way to get medical attention for the animals, which does not come cheap. Scarlett decides to sell goods from the farm to pay for the much needed medicines. It’s up to you to help!


A fast-paced time management and farming game, Farm Frenzy 3 depends on quick decision-making and problem-solving skills. Each level has a production goal and you need to meet these goals within a specified time limit. Goals involve collecting produce and other products like cakes and cookies or earning enough money from your sales. You can still finish a level even after you’re past the ideal time frame, but you won’t get the bonus rewards.

To start with, you are given a few birds who lay eggs. A goal example might be to collect 5 birds and 20 eggs. You need to plant a few patches of grass on the ground for the birds to eat so they can lay eggs. This will require you to get water from a well, which costs a few coins. You have to constantly plant grass or your birds and other animals might die.

After a few seconds, the birds will lay eggs. Click on these to store it in the Warehouse. You can click on the Warehouse to select items you want to sell. A bicycle then sends the goods out to the city, and you need to wait for it to return before you can sell again. Some levels will also provide with an airplane which will bring in supplies like flour for producing cake. Planes also take a few seconds to return with your supplies. All items and supplies need to be clicked on to be stored in the Warehouse, otherwise they disappear. If your Warehouse is too full, you can quickly sell some items to free up space, or you can upgrade it to store more goods.

As you move on to the next levels, things will get a bit more complicated. In addition to taking care of birds and making sure they have a fresh patch of grass, you need to watch out for the orangutans and other creatures who fall from the sky and might take your animals and their products. To trap them, you need to click on them several times and a wooden cage will build around them. You can click on them again to store in the Warehouse. As they are not really needed for producing anything, you need to sell them to free up some space and earn some coins at the same time.

Starting with Level 2, you need to purchase your first processing machine, which will turn animal products into food and other resources. You’ll unlock more animals in addition to birds, so you’ll have ostriches that produce feathers, an elephant that can mine diamonds and so on. Every machine will also be unlocked as you level up. Before proceeding to the next level, you need to purchase or upgrade the machines that are required to play that level. If you’re low on coins, you can replay previous levels to get more.

Playing on levels with machines will give you more things to do, but you can upgrade them at the store so that they work faster. There are also upgrades for other objects to be faster, such as the vehicle that carries your goods from the Warehouse to the city, the well to fetch water, and the airplane that brings supplies to you. If you’re tired of orangutans interfering with your work, you can upgrade the cage so you can catch them faster. Some levels even provide you with dogs that will chase them away.

Earning coins during the game is done by selling products from your Warehouse. You also earn a variable amount of coins when you complete a level. You get a nice bonus for finishing a level within the time indicated in the beginning of the game. The “best time” is displayed on the bottom right corner. If you exceed it, it will change into the second best time. Finishing within the initial best time and the second best time will give you a Gold or Silver trophy, respectively.

You can also get more money in your Bank by getting Accomplishments. This will show up immediately after you complete a task or a milestone. Accomplishments can be anything from collecting 100 eggs to capturing 100 orangutans. It’s a bit of a disturbance when it pops up in the middle of the game, but it’s important for you to know how much you’ve done and that you’re making progress, income-wise.

Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar can be fun, but sometimes it can also be a bit too challenging. Having no immediate boosts or power-ups that you can get during the game can make things even more difficult. Nevertheless, it’s still fun and rewarding, especially when you finish a level within the time limit.


Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar improved its graphics and now looks more three-dimensional as compared to its predecessors. So the graphics are definitely more polished and beautiful, though still a bit cartoonish. The soundtrack also fits perfectly with the island theme of this game, and it’s going to give you that tropical vibe.


Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar is a frantic and exhilarating time management game that still requires brainwork. The time limit may seem impossible to meet at times, and you’ll find yourself constantly challenged. The levels have great replay value, and you won’t easily get tired or bored with a timer ticking close by. In this game, you have to move and think fast to gain the best rewards.

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New Game Added: Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar

by Kim May 12, 2016
Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar will take you on an exhilarating farming adventure to save the exotic animals of the island. Take care of animals, collect their produce and use it to make food and other items. Time is money, and this is certainly true in this fast-paced game. Farm Frenzy 3 Madagascar: orangutans in the farm cats collect things in Farm Frenzy 3 Madagascar Farm Frenzy 3 Madagascar: a basic cage Read More
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