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Fantasy Town 10 rate Fantasy Town is a building and farming simulation game by gamigo and Arumgames. Here, you’ll play the role of an unwilling mayor or Lord tasked to govern the village of Arsendal. As its liege, you’ll supervise the construction of buildings, production of goods, fight trolls, and explore the land, all in an attempt to lead it to a new age of prosperity.
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Ever wonder how it feels like being a lord of a town? Well, there are probably many of us who fantasized about this, and fortunately, this life can be lived in Fantasy Town.

Recently released by gamigo and Arumgames, Fantasy Town is a construction, farm, trade, and economics simulator where you will get to play as a lord of a town freshly ravaged by trolls. However, you’re not exactly someone who is willing to take on the job but can’t say no because the citizens are looking forward to a new era of prosperity you and your skills can bring.

The game contains tried-and-tested city or town-building mechanics akin to other games in the genre. However, it doesn’t stumble on the impediments other games did; rather, it manages to set itself apart thanks to its high production value, user involvement, quirky cast of characters, and outstanding voxel-based visuals. If you’re thinking of putting your foot forward to run the town, let’s check out what it has to offer first:


In Fantasy Town, you’ll take the mantle of a lord tasked to govern the town of Arsendal, which was recently brought to ruin thanks to a horde of trolls. However, you’re not keen on taking the job but ended up stuck thanks to Tommy, the cat butler, and the other citizens. Despite your numerous attempts to try and escape, you’re roped in further thanks to the aforementioned culprits’ efforts.

From there, you’ll start your town’s journey from the brink of destruction. Will you lead it to prosperity and end up building a town that will be the envy of fellow lords or turn it into an economic powerhouse?


Fantasy Town is more than just a typical town-building and development game. It is an incredibly well-made one, merging several mechanics one might see in hardcore games while making it more accessible to a mobile audience. Economy and town development take a front seat, while town design and aesthetics take a secondary yet equally prominent role.

Farming and acquiring resources in Fantasy Town are undoubtedly the most critical aspect. You can gather some through farming, taking care of animals, and sending citizens to mining expeditions. After obtaining the materials, you can then send them to workshops so your citizens can start crafting new resources. For example, you can turn wheat into bread or turn over various ingredients so the friendly neighborhood chef can make delicious dishes. Moreover, there’s also a trading element where you can send these materials, raw or otherwise, to other settlements via the town’s dragon.

Developing your town requires your Lord to level up, and you can get this done by finishing quests, fulfilling trade orders, and constructing various buildings. To get this done, you’ll need to recruit new citizens, which can be done via the town’s inn. These residents come in various rarities and possess different skills and abilities. Some will fulfill specific roles, like the town’s fighter who goes on expeditions, the baker who produces bread, and the resident mage. To increase your citizen cap, you’ll need to level up and build homes so villagers can have a roof on their heads. You can obtain new citizens by performing expeditions, but you can also use the gacha mechanic - you can summon for free by watching an ad or spend coins or gems (which is the game’s premium currency).

Intuitiveness is one of Fantasy Town’s most vital points, letting players plant, produce, and harvest items through simple gestures, simplifying processes that will take several taps. You can navigate its various menus easily, which other games find hard to implement. After the relatively quick tutorial, everything will flow through naturally, as the learning curve isn’t that steep.

Besides changing your Lord’s look and outfit, town customization is crucial in Fantasy Town. You can change how buildings look, buy walls and banners to give your town a totally different appearance that sets itself apart from others. There are loads of options to choose from; you can make it look like a generic medieval town or something akin to a pink paradise where fairies reside.


Fantasy Town has a massive community and is a game you can play with friends. You can visit your friends’ towns and help them out whenever issues arise, like having one of their farm plots on fire. By doing so, you can earn social points you can redeem for rewards. There’s also a nifty chat feature and the chance to join guilds to participate in sports events.


In terms of presentation, Fantasy Town excels and is a cut above its peers. The visuals are eye-candy, and the same can be said about the various citizens’ designs. The instrumental music is top-notch, and we’re sure you won’t need to switch over to your playlist while you’re playing. The game runs well on an iPhone 8 Plus on high settings with no framerate drops and related issues.


Overall, Fantasy Town is a cut above its peers in the town/city-building simulation genre. It merges several gameplay elements together masterfully, providing an experience new players and fans of simulation games would want to try out.

So yes, we recommend trying your hand at being a Lord in Fantasy Town and bringing Arsendal to the pedestal of prosperity.

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