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Fantage 8 rate Chat and meet new friends, dress your avatar up fashionably and explore the huge and beautiful virtual world of Fantage! There are plenty of games for you to play and you can also adopt adorable pets! Host parties at your fancy home and invite your friends, or better yet, all the players on your server! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Being a game that focuses on chatting and meeting new people, Fantage has an easy-to-use messaging interface that allows you to use cute stickers. However, you will need to buy most of the stickers in order to use them. You can also update your profile on your IDfone with your favourite stuff, like pet, music, food, colour and sports. By listing out your favourites, you will be able to find people with similar interests. This option is not compulsory though – if you like to remain mysterious, you could always set your profile back to default settings.

One of the easiest ways to meet new people in Fantage is by going to parties that are hosted by other players whom you may or may not know prior to getting the party invitation. Nobody goes to a party wearing the default outfit given by Fantage though! You will definitely need a make-over. Head on to the many shops available to buy an outfit that matches your style!

Shopaholics would definitely love this game as there are a huge range of shops, each offering stunning clothes, shiny accessories, cool boards or funky hairstyles! Show off the fashionistas in you as you dress your avatar in a variety of cool-looking outfits! You can even buy costumes and dress your avatar up like Athena, princess of Egypt, magical elf or Elsa (from the movie Frozen)!

Although the easiest currency to earn in Fantage is stars (by playing games), most of the items sold will require premium membership or eCoins to purchase. eCoins are in-game currency that you can earn by completing quests or partner offers. These will allow you to buy membership-only items even when you are not a member, though items bought using eCoins are non-tradable. Gold, on the other hand, are similar in many ways to eCoins, but you can sell the items purchased using gold. The only way to earn gold is by using real money though.

Furthermore, Fantage offers many different casual games, like match-3, speed typing, and quizzes, to its players. Most games can be found at The Forest, but for old-school games, like bricks-breaking or space invader, you would want to visit the Arcade at The Carnival. There are also some games available in The Grotto. The world of Fantage is practically filled with games (and shops, of course), you just need to choose which game you want to play!

In Fantage’s Pet Town, you can also buy a pet egg and try to hatch it in your barn by providing sufficient lighting and heat. This may be tricky and may take some trial and error before you can hatch your egg. However, this is all worth it once your adorable little pet is hatched! With a pet by your side, you can also play pet games. So, despite the added responsibilities, it’s definitely more fun to have a pet around.

Moreover, you are given a house to call your own in Fantage! Decorate the interior and exterior of your home with nice-looking furniture and accessories! There are a huge variety of items for you to place in your home, but there’s a downside – you are not allowed to adjust the item size. The sizes of some of the items can be very large (A table that takes up 50% of the space in your home? No, please.) while some may be too small (For example, a sofa that is smaller than a coffee table). You will need to do quite a lot of tweaking in order to get a perfect home set-up. If you can afford it, you could also move your home to the upscale part of the map – the Castle!

When you are ready to show off your brilliantly-designed interior decoration to the entire Fantage community, why not host a themed party at your house and invite all the players from your server? You can even purchase piñatas to lift up the mood of the party and give your guests goodie bags, containing collectable stickers, when they come to your party. Have the need to immortalise memorable moments with your friends? There’s a camera option in-game for you to do just that!

Unlike other virtual world games, one thing in Fantage that will strikes out as being unique is the piece of board that your avatar is standing on, making your avatar to look like real-life mini-figurines. These hovering platforms can be further adorned with various accessories, or you can just get yourself a new and fancier board. Some of these boards can be really cool-looking, like the Pegasus chariot, while some of them will be able to bring out the diva in you and will allow you to walk around like a real celeb in Fantage! There are even boat-shaped boards, board with rocket boosters, boards that are on flame… well, you name it and they’ve got it!

Fantage also has a competitive side – it has a ranking system for the best dressed, the best home decorator as well as the best gamer. If you are voted as the all-time best dressed character, you will win the coveted title of Trendsetter. The winner for the real-time best dressed competition will earn the title of Fantage Supermodel instead… that is until he or she is displaced and the title is conferred to the new winner. Home decorators in Fantage do not have it easy either – they are fighting over each other for the title of Fantage Great Estate or Fantage Decorator.

If these achievements are out of reach for a casual player like you, well, have no fear! There are other and easier achievements that you can earn in Fantage! These easier achievements are called medals and can be obtained by playing games, participating in events, collecting pets and stickers or having cool parties!


Fantage recently and proudly announced that they have reached a whopping 30 million users! By being in game, you can easily see masses of players in front of shops, partying at someone’s house or gaming away at the arcade. This is a game where people can come together and have some fun!

Furthermore, there are always events organized by Fantage Inc for its many Fantagians. From a quick search on the internet, you will also see that Fantage is so popular that it has spawned a plethora of fan-made videos, including music videos, featuring Fantage characters!


The graphics in this game are a little simple and may not be top-notch, they may also seem pixelated at times, but it despite that there is enough to convey the cuteness of the avatars. The world you live and move around in is also designed in a fun and cute way so though it does not have the top end graphics you may expect, the game still looks and feels good to play. The music in Fantage aims to lift your spirits and to keep you happy and it certainly manages to achieve that!


Fantage is an amazing virtual world game where people from around the world can meet up and chat. There are plenty for you to do in this game, ranging from suiting your avatar up in some of the most trending outfits to playing the huge variety of games available. You can also organise parties at your place and invite every player on your server or attend other people’s parties and meet new people! You can also hatch and adopt lovable pets. Do expect plenty of cuteness in Fantage!

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Chat and meet new friends, dress your avatar up fashionably and explore the huge and beautiful virtual world of Fantage! There are plenty of games for you to play and you can also adopt adorable pets! Host parties at your fancy home and invite your friends, or better yet, all the players on your server! Fantage Party Welcome to Fantage Fantage Party Room Read More

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