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by Aethyna
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Fall of Light 8 rate In a world almost entirely covered by shadows, you embark on a perilous quest to bring your daughter, Aether, to the last place on Earth that still sees the sun. Fight off various enemies and challenging bosses that will put your action-combat skills to the test. Will you and Aether make to it or will you succumb to the darkness? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Plotline Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: Fall of Light is slated to be released on September 28th, 2017. This is simply a first impression review of the game and is subjected to change if there are any major modifications made to the game after its release.


Fall of Light is a hardcore dungeon crawler game that’s inspired by other equally hardcore games like the PlayStation game, ICO, and Dark Souls. In addition to its brutal “learn by dying” gameplay, the game also has an epic storyline and a perfectly-designed, action-based combat system that focuses more on the timing and accuracy of your attacks. So, venture forth into a world shrouded in darkness in hopes of bringing your daughter, Aether, to the last place on Earth that still sees the sun – will you make it?


The history of the world is a pretty chaotic one. The world was once covered in darkness and that the twisted souls that are trapped in it languished in despair. However, all of these were gone when Luce came around. With the power vested in her, she pierced the darkness and brought forth a new golden age of growth and civilization.

Bitter in his jealousy of how much adoration Luce is getting, a master sorcerer called Pain declared war on Luce. Their clash was a tale for legends but unfortunately, Luce was struck down. The shadows returned once again and Luce were fragmented into pieces and scattered across the darkened world where she will spend eternity.

Now, in this game, you play as an old and retired warrior named Nyx who has a really unique daughter – an Indigo Child– named Aether. Together, you’ll need to journey through the shadowed world in hopes of reaching the last sunlit place on Earth. Along the path, you’ll also get to see the effect the darkness has on the remnants of humanity and their very souls in the game. There aren’t exactly a lot of gore like in Diablo, but there are some pretty disturbing images usually involving cadavers being burned, staked or mummified and left hanging from a post. Not to mention, it is these types of original albeit depressing storylines that will attract the attention of players who may not have stopped and take a look at the game.


To begin your journey with Aether, you’ll first need to choose a difficulty. There are only 2 choices for you anyway – normal and nightmare (which is unlocked after you’ve completed normal). However, the game can be really brutal and punishing even on “normal”.

Due to the game’s rather unique mechanics, the game has a “reveal as you go along”-styled tutorial system that teaches you about the game, how it works and what you can do. For instance, you’ll learn that being an Indigo Child, Aether has a bright aura around her that grants you a boost to your strength and fighting ability as long as you are within her vicinity. Or that if you die, Aether will die as well. Oh and, you can actually fall of the edge of a cliff in this game, so be careful where you step.

Granted that the game is designed for you to learn by dying... a lot, I still find the tutorial rather lacking. For starters, it didn’t mention anything about target locking or switching during the short combat-related tutorial segment. This is a pretty crucial aspect of the whole combat system.

Not to mention, the game’s default key bindings are atrocious for the keyboard user, though apparently, the game was optimized for gamepad use. If you plan on playing the game using your keyboard (there is no mouse support), then you might want to manually change the key bindings before starting anything in this game, especially the combat-related keys, so they are more accessible when you really need them.

That being said, Fall of Light has a really well-designed combat system that requires you to not only decide which attacks, normal or heavy, to use; you’ll also need to learn to use dodge, block and kiting, to avoid taking any unnecessary damage (or to avoid triggering traps). As opposed to the usual hack-and-slash system that many dungeon crawlers use, the game opted for a more focus-demanding system where the timing of your attacks is crucial if you ever hope of landing a blow on the enemy. Different enemies will require different styles of attacks as well, and for bosses, you’ll need to pay special attention to avoid being caught off-guard because usually, there are multiple stages of attacks.

There is also a stamina meter which regulates your actions, preventing you from simply spamming blocks and attacks. You will need to retreat from the fight from time to time as well just so you can regenerate enough stamina to begin a fresh flurry of attacks. The combat system does sound a bit complicated and can be rather hard to master, but the basics should be easy enough to learn.

Aside from fighting twisted people, there are plenty of places for you to explore, stuff to destroy (mainly crates and barrels) and items to collect. For example, you can find fragments of Luce sometimes in the most unlikely places, and if you spot a Shrine of Power, you can bring Aether over to consecrate it so it can turn into a respawn point for you. There are also times when you might stumble upon hidden niches which usually contain something special, be it a new weapon or a fragment.

When you play the game, you’ll quickly notice that Fall of Light is different from the traditional sort of dungeon crawlers because it doesn’t offer a ton of “spoils of victory” or loot. Due to this, the game’s inventory system is very simplistic but more importantly, it can perform its function perfectly. However, it’s interesting to note that you can “equip” up to four weapons (including a shield) at a time but you can use only two at most since you’ve only got two hands.

In addition to weapons, you will also have a lamp which you can use in parts of the map that are literally pitch black, and an amulet of shadows that will absorb the souls of all your slain enemies. The souls absorbed will fill up a meter right below your stamina and once it’s full, you can “turn it in” at a Shrine of Power with Aether to increase your strength. However, be warned – you’ll lose all your souls if you die.

As hardcore as this game may be, the gameplay still seems to be a tad bit too hard for the average player even at the “normal” difficulty, but bear in mind that this is coming from someone who has not played Dark Souls or ICO before but is a fan of other dungeon crawlers like Diablo, Path of Exile and Torchlight. This is a real pity because the game does have a really nice and original storyline. Perhaps the devs can add in an Easy mode later on for the other players who can enjoy the game without having to feel like wanting to bang their head on a wall.

Another odd thing is consecration seems to respawn all the mobs on the map as though you’ve just died. Not sure if this is an intended effect or not, but it sure is frustrating. The game might also want to add in a pop-up or something letting the player know what they have gained (in addition to more health) whenever they turned in a filled souls meter.

There are some bugs here and there as well, but considering that the game is still a work in progress at this point, the few bugs I’ve encountered seem pretty forgivable.


Since Fall of Light has not yet hit the digital shelves of Steam, there isn’t a player base to speak of. However, the game is intended to appeal to fans of the games, ICO and Dark Souls, and as such, I’d expect to see a community consisting of mostly these players forming within days after the game’s release.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Fall of Light is simply astounding. I really like the classic top-down look that the game went for and I’d like to commend the devs for adding in the option to change the color of your cape at the starting point of the game. This little feature doesn’t really matter much, but it’s still a really nice touch.

The musical scores in this game are incredible as well. They usually sound rather dark, in a haunting kind of way, and melancholic, which perfectly suit the game’s pretty depressing theme and storyline. However, the voice acting just doesn’t really hit it off for me. It feels like the voice actress is trying too hard to sound mysterious and this shows through her voice.


Inspired by games like ICO and Dark Souls, Fall of Light is a really promising hardcore, dungeon-crawling game which has an impressively-designed combat system, an original storyline set in a rather depressing world, and a gameplay that will truly push your rage quit threshold to its very limits. The game is also well-packaged with excellent graphics and music, bringing to live the dark and twisted world that Aether and Nyx are travelling in.

Although there are still room for some improvement, Fall of Light is pretty amazing the way it is and will definitely be able to appeal to players who enjoy brutal and punishing gameplay.

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