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by Kim
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Fairway Solitaire 10 rate Play a golf-themed hi-lo solitaire puzzle game in Fairway Solitaire. This game is unique with its many features, including various game modes, power-ups and bonuses. Fairway Solitaire is a well-loved game that has captured solitaire fans from day one. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Fairway Solitaire is a game of hi-lo solitaire with a golfing theme. This means that you clear the layout by matching higher or lower value cards to available card on the pile. Just like golf, each round of the game are played by Holes, and a series of Holes make up a Course. Your performance will be scored on how many cards are left on the board by the end of the Hole. You're scored by Par (below, above or even). To win each course, you must achieve a score of even or below Par.


The gameplay for Fairway Solitaire is a bit more complicated than most solitaire games. To start with, there are three game modes to choose from: Main, Daily and Bonus. If you want to experience the most challenging mode, then you need to pick the Main mode. In the Main mode, you will start with a series of Courses that contain three Holes each. Each Hole is one round of the hi-lo solitaire game.

As in any hi-lo game, you need to match an open card on the pile with another card (from the layout above) with a lower or higher value. Selecting cards are done by simply tapping on them directly from the layout or the pile. In some layouts, a few cards are locked, and it will require a few matches to clear the blockage, or you would need to find a certain card from the layout to unlock other cards.
The layout may also be arranged that you can touch cards that are underneath another card.

The primary objective of each round is to leave no cards on the layout. If this is not possible, it's best to leave the least amount of cards — ideally only one to three cards. Each round, also called a Hole, will be scored according to how many cards were left in the layout at the end of the round. The lesser the cards, the higher your score. Note that you should get the lowest number as your score, as this game uses the Par scoring system.

There are many helpful power-ups that happen while playing the game. One of them is being able to undo the last move. This is called a Mulligan. You only have a limited number of Mulligan per round, so use them wisely. You can buy more Mulligan with Golf Bucks. Golf Bucks are the regular currency of the game.

Another handy helper during a round are the silver and gold Irons. These Irons are actually in the form of a golf club. The silver Irons can be used to put a specific card value on the pile. The gold Iron, however, can take the place of any card in the pile. These Irons are found randomly hidden on the layout, or awarded as a bonus after a great round. You can also buy Irons with Golf Bucks.

The other modes of the game, namely Daily and Bonus, are modes that you can play after a few rounds in the Main mode. The Daily mode lets you play a few rounds in return for some Golf Bucks. However, you can only play for free once a day. Playing again will cost you some Golf Bucks, which defeats the purpose of playing in Daily mode. The Bonus mode can be played by unlocking it with Trophies. You earn Trophies as you complete Milestones in the game.


Fairway Solitaire has a lively community, starting with the 200 thousand Facebook followers. Fans of this game can talk and share their love for the game in the Big Fish Forums or the official Facebook page. Players can expect occasional announcement on events and game discounts once in a while. Join in the banter and meet new friends who share your interest for the game.


The graphics for Fairway Solitaire is superb. The serene background and colorful characters help make the game lively and visually engaging. The card layouts look sharp and detailed. As for the sound, you'll get a lot of chuckles from the Fairway commentators, who will cheer you on when you're doing great and poke fun when you're on a rut. In a way, you would recognize elements of golf, but in a more casual and playful atmosphere.


In a world full of run-of-the-mill solitaire titles, it's hard to appreciate one that is truly engaging from start to finish. With its gorgeous graphics, fun characters and various game modes, Fairway Solitaire cannot be ignored. In fact, it's one of the most unique and modern solitaire titles to date. While there may be some aspect of being too difficult at times, the game does allow you to earn as much currency as you can to help you through the next round. Overall, Fairway Solitaire is a modern solitaire game with a humorous twist that pays homage to golf in the best way.

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New Game Added: Fairway Solitaire

by Kim Jan 5, 2017
Play a golf-themed hi-lo solitaire puzzle game in Fairway Solitaire. This game is unique with its many features, including various game modes, power-ups and bonuses. Fairway Solitaire is a well-loved game that has captured solitaire fans from day one. a locked stack of cards in Fairway Solitaire Fairway Solitaire: free the frozen cards an easy start in Fairway Solitaire Read More
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