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EVE Online 10 rate Eve Online aims to provide a massive experience in online space exploration. It features a deep lore from the different factions up to a wide archive of its history. It provides endless possibilities of activities from ship building to character development and even other nifty daily activities like trading and combat. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Eve Online features a massive galaxy for players to explore and over a thousand planets that are filled with rich resources. Players can choose which paths they can take in the game, either as a trader, a space miner or even as a space pirate. There many ways to interact with other players whether it is for trading or combat. If you want to embark on a space adventure, you can try out Eve Online.


Set in our Earth 20,000 years in the future, it is the period when the humans on Earth has exhausted all of the natural resources and with the problems of overpopulation, they decided to colonize outside the planet and ventured forth around the Milky Way. However the colonization resulted in massive conflicts and wars over the resources, and with the discovery of a wormhole that leads to the new galaxy called ‘New Eden’, more colonies have been established and when the wormhole suddenly disappeared, most of the colonies at New Eden were cut off from any means of contact with the other colonizes resulting in the building of new nations. These nations include the Amarr Empire, the Caldari State, the Gallente Federation, the Minmatar Republic and the Jove Directorate.


At the start of the game, it will prompt you to pick one from the five nations and pick any from the three races. Then you will be brought to a very deep character customization where you can adjust any parameters of your facial appearance and up to the entire body physique that can make your avatar more different from the rest. You then allocate your attributes and will vary depending on which descendants you chose that may have benefits to certain attribute, there are other choices to select afterwards, such as school, department, field and specialty that will determine the type of character you will have, either go into combat oriented or more into diplomacy.

Eve Online offers a ton of possible paths for your avatar, whether you decide to go solo on your adventure or join up a group of players or factions to enhance your arsenal. Depending on which field and specialty you pick, you may go to a path of a merchant, a miner, a lapdog to the empire or even a rowdy space pirate. The choices are there for you to decide and you can opt to try other paths without creating a whole new character, if you want to invade any space farers as a pirate, no one is stopping you, you want to wander endlessly in deep space, go for it.

Money is an important factor in Eve Online, without it, you can’t progress in developing your trusty starship. You can earn more money by completing missions in your playthrough, or sell your loot from other merchants or real players via marketplace or making new Agent contacts that will lead you to more missions. There are many ways to earn and it depends on how skilful you are in earning, with enough money to spend, you can acquire powerful starships and parts to enhance your capabilities either in mining or in combat.

Speaking of combat, the mechanics in the game is rather complex and requires some familiarization and training. Sometimes a player who has the knowhow of inertia, momentum, vectors and scales will have more advantage than someone, and if all else fails, you can always warp out from the battlefield and into a safe distance. Battles can get chaotic especially when thousands of players are involved in a massive server-wide wars, this can take hours or even days before a battle ends, and make sure to have a powerful PC rig as it can eat up a lot of your processing and graphical performance of your PC. You can then customize your ship to enhance its firepower and making it look good and epic with all the rare equipment that you have gathered from missions and trading.

In terms of exploration, there are thousands of planets to explore and a massive galaxy to wander around. You can set up a pathway to a certain destination, along with matching technical terminologies such as distance and acceleration. There is also a haven for minerals scattered around the galaxy, a holy grail for any space traders or miners.


Eve Online has an active and dedicated community, with hundreds of thousands of active players participating in many activities. Though you may opt to go solo in the game, interacting with other players is always expected and you will never find any spot in the galaxy with a barren world. In terms of raid-like activities, this is the best highlights of the game, as you will see thousands of players with their ships participating in server-wide battles. And in terms of economic control in the game, the players are also active in to this in order to keep the prices of materials in a balanced state.

Graphics/ Sound

Visuals are just stunning, even on a vast space, the graphics are close to being realistic, and some players take screenshots of their gameplay and make it as their wallpapers or any other artistic fan arts. The details of every spacecraft are well though and depending on certain race and nation, it shows a specific theme to represent each of these nations, this would also mean that you will need a powerful graphic card to handle such tremendous visuals of Eve Online, and . In terms on the sound department, the music is just amazing, with space opera ambient tracks to intense sci-fi electronic vibe.


Overall, Eve Online has a deep lore and full of possible things that you can do. From dog fighting to mining up to trading raw materials, you can discover different paths and choose to your liking. The visuals are just breath-taking as it lets you enjoy and savor the beauty of the planets and the stars and marvel at your starships and you engage into battle. However, this game will require a large amount of time for players to invest in, as it will consume your time no matter how seldom you may play.

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New Game Added: EVE Online

by Richard Oct 12, 2016
Eve Online aims to provide a massive experience in online space exploration. It features a deep lore from the different factions up to a wide archive of its history. It provides endless possibilities of activities from ship building to character development and even other nifty daily activities like trading and combat. Attacking starships in EVE Online EVE Online: Ship fitting Participate in great wars in EVE Online Read More
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