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Eternal Fury H5 9.3 rate Recruit soldiers and mercs to your team, upgrade them, and travel the land while battling various monsters in loot-filled dungeons along the way. Prove yourself worthy of your title as the 34th Commander of Midgard by having the best team and city there is! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Eternal Fury H5 is the browser version of a highly popular mobile fantasy RPG. Recruit soldiers and mercs to your team, upgrade them, and travel the land while battling various monsters along the way. Prove yourself worthy of your new title by having the best team and city there is!


You woke from some sort of amnesia and while wandering around the place, you stumble upon a cleric in distress. Naturally, you rushed to the rescue, saving her from the undead summoners and their demon master that threatened her. She quickly realized who you are – the 34th Commander of Midgard who had been missing for 3 months, and brought you back to your city where you assume command.


Eternal Fury H5 is similar to the original in every way and hence, this game is pretty much the typical party-based RPG that you’d expect.

In this game, you’ll get to choose to play as a Mage, Knight or Archer and set off into the world to battle a host of enemies, not as a lone ranger, but with your team of carefully selected soldiers and mercs. Both soldiers and mercs can be recruited via the Summoning Altar but the difference between these two is that a soldier’s upgrades are restricted by the level of the Barracks in your city and the level of your Barracks are in turn linked to your Town Hall and thus, the level of your hero. Mercs, on the other hand, can be leveled up as long as you have EXP scrolls to spend, even if your merc’s level exceed your own.

Not to mention, there are more options to further improve a merc after he/she hits the level cap such as promoting (gain skill points) or awakening (gain stat points), allowing them to be a lot more powerful than the mere soldiers. Soldiers can only be enlightened which will unlock a specialty skill. There’s even a merc exchange section where you can exchange your decomposed shards (of mercs you already have) for a new merc.

Recruiting soldiers and mercs is only part of the equation; you’ll need deploy them in your team formation as well.

As mentioned, the game comes with a bit of city management where you’re expected to spend the gold you’ve earned on city upgrades. These upgrades will, in turn, bump up the upgrade limits for your fellow heroes.

Like many similar games, Eternal Fury H5 is primarily a PvE game as it puts quite a bit of emphasis on running and blitzing dungeons for loot and to advance the questline. However, once you hit level 21, you’ll unlock the game’s PvP mode, Arena, which will allow you to put your team of heroes against another player’s. Of course, there’s a leaderboard for you to climb, rank by rank, until you reach the very top!

As a freemium game, Eternal Fury H5 has an in-game shop with a bunch of upgrade materials that you can buy using its premium currency, diamonds. It also has a tier-based VIP system where the more you “recharge”, the more perks you’ll get.


Players can interact with one another via the chat system embedded within the game. There’s also a guild system that will be unlocked at level 26 where players can not only access some guild-only features, but also help each other.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Eternal Fury H5 is amazing for a browser game! The character models are very well designed, though some of the female characters, especially the female mage avatar, can be a tad bit over-the-top. The music and sound effects in this game are alright as well.


All in all, Eternal Fury H5 is definitely a game you’d want to play if you’re looking for a casual browser RPG to enjoy, or if you just love the original and want to check out this browser version of it.

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