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Eternal Dream 8.5 rate Fight against the Dark Iron Tribal and their hired mercenaries in this amazing web-based MMORPG, Eternal Dream! Besides looking like a cartoony version of the popular MMORPG, WoW, this game has plenty of dungeons and events that web-based MMOs are famed for. So, do check this game out today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you’re a huge fan of World of Warcraft and are looking for a more casual alternative, you would definitely enjoy playing this brand new MMORPG, Eternal Dream! It looks very much like WoW in terms of graphics but it contains all the elements that make a casual, web-based MMORPG so addictive. Although there are currently 3 character classes available, the game compensates by providing a plethora of dungeons and events (both PvE and PvP). There are also many helpful pets and mounts that you can collect and use as well. So, what are you waiting for? Go over to Eternal Dream’s open alpha right now and give the game a go!


Being a hero-in-training from Storm Wind, you were recalled from your training to help with an urgent situation at hand. Apparently, the Dark Iron Tribal has hired Goblin Assassins to attack the monastery nearby to the training location and it is up to you to showcase what you’ve learned!


To start, you’ll first need to, as usual, create a character. There are currently 3 classes for you to choose from, namely hunter, mage and warrior. The developers will be adding another class later on – the “priest” class, as well. These characters are all gender-locked and there isn’t any race for you to choose from either. In terms of character customization, there are none, which is, frankly to say, a bit disappointing for an MMORPG.

That being said, the game allows you to create up to 3 different characters per account, so if you eventually realized that you’ve chosen the wrong class to play with, you could easily create a new one for free. The class system in this game is also complemented with a dual class system, which will be unlocked at level 40. In this dual class system, you’ll be able to advance your current classes of hunter, mage and warrior into rider, sorcerer and berserker respectively.

Furthermore, the controls in Eternal Dream are very simple to learn and master. You’ll be generally using your mouse to move and to attack (auto-attack), while for using your character’s skills, you’ll just need to press the numbered skill buttons available on your character’s skill hotbar. However, considering that you can perform auto-combat in this game along with the auto-pathing feature for quests and even dungeons, as well as the auto-consumption and purchase of potions, you hardly need to do anything. All you need to do is to accept and turn in quests.

Like many other web-based MMORPGs before it, Eternal Dream places huge emphasis on battle rating. Battle rating determines how strong your character is and it is wise to try to constantly improve it. After all, every little bit of advantage you can get helps! One of the most basic ways to improve your battle rating is by upgrading your character skills. Skills can be upgraded by using energy which you can earn from merely killing things in the game. Although you can get most of the basic skills via quests, you’ll eventually need to obtain skill books via the honor (PvP points) exchange or by defeating bosses to learn new skills later on.

Every time you level up, you’ll also gain a substantial amount of stat points. These points can be invested in your character’s stats. However, in Eternal Dream, you can’t control where the points go into as it is pretty much fixed. However, the game is intelligent enough in the sense that it will focus on increasing your character’s intelligence stat rather than strength if your character is a mage... and vice versa for warrior characters. As you level up and earn more stat points, you can also promote your character to “paragon” status, a feature that the game will be implementing in the future.

Another important aspect of getting that battle rating number up is via item improvement at the forge. You can enhance, enchant, recast and even socket your equipment with stat-boosting gems. For certain epic and legendary items, you can even identify them to uncover additional stats. Of course, you won’t only be getting item drops for your class and hanging on to items that you don’t need only eats up your inventory space. Thus, in this game, you can choose to either sell the items off (provided that it’s not bound to your character) at the auction house for premium cash (diamonds).

What about those gear items you’ve outgrown, you may wonder? Well, for those, you can smelt 5 of those items for a chance to get a random item of higher quality. In addition to having the chance to get a superior item, you’ll also earn smelt points for every item you smelted. These points can then be exchanged for epic rings and recast stones at the in-game shop.

In Eternal Dream, there are a crazy load of PvE events and dungeons for you to enjoy. The main dungeons will cost you 10 energy points (not the same energy points as the one you used to level up your skills) from the 100 energy points available daily per run. You can get some pretty nice mixture of rewards from these dungeons. For daily dungeons though, they are separated into specific rewards, namely experience points, gold and energy (for leveling up your skills). There aren’t any “entrance fees” for daily dungeons but the game limits how many times you can run a particular dungeon in a day... hence, the name, “daily dungeon”.

There are also some pretty interesting single boss fights that you can sign up for such as the Hero Temple. Here, you will be able to test your battle rating against a string of elite mobs and bosses, ranging from the rank of Brave to Legendary, in an arena-like setting. You can then gain reputation points which will unlock new titles that you can later buy using gold. Titles, in turn, will grant your character some sweet, sweet stats! You can only run Hero Temple for 5 times a day though, so be sure to make all of them count. There is also Mount Temple which allows you to earn riding training manuals to level up your mounts instead.

Of course, Eternal Dream also features PvE events like the Dark Portal event which will only open for 5 minutes at a time between intervals of 20 minutes. Anyone can join the event as long as you are within the level range. In this dungeon-like event, you’ll be defeating waves after waves of mobs in an attempt to climb the “damage meter” leaderboard. The top damage-dealers will then earn something extra, like an epic-grade drop or gems, in addition to the compulsory experience points and in-game cash. For PvP, there are battlefields, siegecrafts, and also world PvP. Though, nobody will attack other players most of the time as most of the players is running on auto-combat.

Eternal Dream has plenty of other features such as adorable and helpful mounts and pets, as well as the AFK combat mode and the rest mode which allows you to level your character up by farming mobs and being AFK (but still online) respectively.


There are, in fact, quite a lot of players currently playing in Eternal Dream despite being an open alpha. If you want to be a part of this vibrant and growing community, you should definitely join a guild then. In addition to being able to play with your new friends, you can also participate in various guild crusades, guild wars and other guild-only events. The game also has a growing Facebook fan page that you can check out.

Graphics/ Sound

Eternal Dream has some pretty incredible cartoonish graphics that have vibrant colors. The character models and the environment are absolutely beautiful as well. However, on the downside, the game’s blatant “copying and pasting” from the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft is quite disappointing.

If you were a WoW player before, you should be able to recognize all of the locations in the game. The characters are modeled after WoW’s races, the skill names and effects are exactly the same, and also the gameplay is similar in the sense that you’ll be killing kobolds and stealing their candles. You will even fight somewhat-famous WoW elites, like Princess the boar in a pumpkin patch.

That being said, the game does have some pretty nice ambient sounds in the background instead of using just some random background music.


Eternal Dream is a very addictive and fun web-based MMORPG that has the misfortune (or should I say “fortunate” instead?) to look a lot like a cartoon, casual version of World of Warcraft. The game features up to 3 classes as of current with 1 more in the pipeline. It also has plenty of PvE and PvP content that you can enjoy, mounts and pets to collect and level up, as well as various ways to keep improving the battle rating of your character. All in all, Eternal Dream is a very entertaining game to play and it will surely appeal to fans of casual MMOs no matter their age range.

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New Game Added: Eternal Dream

by Aethyna Nov 16, 2015
Fight against the Dark Iron Tribal and their hired mercenaries in this amazing web-based MMORPG, Eternal Dream! Besides looking like a cartoony version of the popular MMORPG, WoW, this game has plenty of dungeons and events that web-based MMOs are famed for. So, do check this game out today! Boss Fight Mage Class Adorable mounts Read More

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You are an apprentice fighter in the land of Storm Wind, when you are called to help with an urgent matter at hand. The Dark Iron Tribal is sending his goblin assassins to raid a monastery nearby. Get...Full Review
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