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Erectus 9 rate Play as one of the 4 different races of Homo sapiens and duke it out with other fellow H.sapiens or even the rival species, Homo erectus, in Erectus! With a small village as the foundation for your future empire, you’ll then need to nurture and develop it, amass your army, and fight for survival in the harsh and wild lands. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Play as one of the 4 different races of Homo sapiens in the wild and unchecked world of the ancient times when Homo sapiens and Homo erectus are still duking it out for supremacy in Erectus! Starting from small village, as the foundation for your future empire, you’ll then need to nurture and develop it. The game attempts to be as realistic as possible and thus, you’ll be facing plenty of challenges that a ruler who is building an empire from scratch may face. The game is filled with plenty of economic, military and managerial features, and every decision you make in this game has to be strategic to ensure the survival of your civilization. Will you be able to lead your people to glory or will you drive them to ruin? Play Erectus now and find out!


The great confrontation between Homo sapiens and Homo erectus 130,000 years ago, where we’ve barely made it out alive and in one piece, has drastically shape our destiny. If we hadn’t been the victor, the world would have been a very different place indeed. So, what if you can travel back in time to witness this momentous event? This is exactly what Erectus is offering you in the game. See for yourself the world back then, where nature still runs wild and unchecked... before all the human interventions, and live like your ancestors in the ancient world.


After selecting an in-game name and your starting location, you’ll be prompted to choose one of the 4 races, namely the Okiteng, the Ngane, the Ikari and the Assura, to play as. The Okiteng is a race that grows rather slowly during the early stages but they compensate this by having the best archers in-game, strong technology and excellent economy (they are the wealthiest civilization among all 4 races). The Ngane, on the other hand, are brilliant hunters and farmers, and their population growth is outstanding, making them pretty strong in the early parts of the game. However, for all their strengths, they have some pretty hard-hitting disadvantages. Some of which include weak economy, poor defenses and mediocre (at best) technology.

The Ikari is the “white” race in Eretus. Due to their lack of affinity towards farming, this race starts off slowly in terms of population growth. Having few people around means that you won’t be able to gather up a huge army early on. Thus, you’ll need to play intelligently and manage your resources efficiently to survive the early stages of development. Once you get through the tough parts, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll be well rewarded as the Ikari is one of the most technologically advanced race, allowing you access to very strong siege weapons and almost impenetrable defenses!

Last but not least, the Assura is pretty much the “Average Joe” of all the civilizations. They have pretty mediocre economy, technology, population growth, and military, but they do specialize in fast guerilla-like attacks as their cavalry is the most powerful type of unit. To utilize the Assura’s strengths though, you’ll need to be very active in raiding other players for those surplus of resources that you need. Choosing a race is very important in this game as it’ll affect your play style, thus you might not want to rush through this part. Take your time and choose a race that resonates with you!

Next on the list of to-dos is, without a doubt, resource production. There are a couple of resources that you’ll need to pay attention to in Erectus. They include wood, clay, food, and iron. Your resource-producing buildings are already built in this game and they do generate a very small amount of resources passively, but in order to get more resources, you’ll need to assign workers to the resource gathering tasks.

To further increase resource production, you’ll need to upgrade your buildings so you can increase the number of workers you can assign. Any building upgrades will take some time to complete in Erectus, but you can drastically hasten the process by assigning workers, temporarily, to the building effort. Running out of workers? Well, you can easily, or not, depending on the race you’ve chosen, get new workers by building more houses. Houses will increase the maximum population limit and effectively increasing the worker pool, so you can accumulate more workers over time.

Besides resources, you’ll also need silver to grow your city and your army. You can obtain silver in a variety of ways. One of the most important methods is through tax revenues. You are free to adjust the tax you impose on your people but be careful not to get too greedy or your people will become discontent and may even cause a riot or a rebellion. You can get extra silver by completing certain quests or selling excess resources.

The bulk of your resources in Erectus will be produced in your village/s and naturally, they will be the focus of your attention for early on. However, you’ll soon realize the need for a more fortified city to be the capital of your rapidly growing civilization. Cities are where you can set up your very first army. To do so though, you’ll need to transport the resources you have gathered in your villages along with excess citizens to your city via the transporter center. Be sure to transport regularly or you’ll lose all your stored resources if your village is attacked.

Talking about combat, you haven’t recruited any units yet! It’s high time you do so too. In Erectus, the game offers up to 10 different types of units per race that you can eventually unlock as you progress through the game. To train your citizens into soldiers, you’ll need some available population. It’s always wise to first max out your resource production first and any remaining people you have left can then be transferred to the city for some military training.

Units in this game do not have an offensive or defensive preference, but it is more important how you deploy them in battle. You can manage your attacks or defenses via the Assembly. There, you can choose which units you want to send into battle and even select which units (only melee units) to make up your frontline of attack or defense. Frontline troops will gain a nice 20% bonus, so be sure to assign some units here to maximize your advantage. There are also other options that you can choose, such as aborting battles if there’s too much casualties. Oh and not to forget, you can attack a rival city or village in 3 different manner in Erectus – you can conquer it, occupy it (only villages) or raid it for commodities and food.

Once your civilization reached a certain level, the Homo erectus species will start to feel threatened by your species (no matter your race) and will attack your villages and cities. The gameplay changes drastically when this happens as players will then need to stop fighting amongst themselves and form alliances in order to work together and fight back against the Erectus armies. The Homo erectus species can communicate with animals (to some extent) and have allied themselves with large predatory animals to take on your species, so you can expect exciting battles with huge and aggressive beasts.


Erectus is a very new game and thus, it doesn’t exactly have a huge community at the moment. However, with time, this will certainly change. So, be a part of this growing community today and be sure to grab your friends along with you as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Erectus are pretty good for a browser game. The art style used in the game is also pretty refreshing and unique. In terms of sound, besides the usual sound effects, there isn’t any music available in this game. This also means that you can put on your own music in the background as you enjoy this game!


To sum it all up, Erectus is pretty in-depth MMO strategy game that features a unique storyline by pitting Homo sapiens with Homo erectus. Similar to many MMO strategy games, you’ll need to ensure that your villages are producing enough resources to support the growth of your city and your army. In addition, you’ll need to wisely utilize your manpower (workers) in not only resource production, but also to speed up upgrades. Deploy your troops intelligently so as to minimize casualties and ensure victory. There may be some glitches and bugs that the game still has to work out. That being said, Erectus is a game that will certainly appeal to players who enjoy the MMO strategy genre. So, don’t wait – try this game out now!

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New Game Added: Erectus

by Aethyna Sep 25, 2015
Play as one of the 4 different races of Homo sapiens and duke it out with other fellow H.sapiens or even the rival species, Homo erectus, in Erectus! With a small village as the foundation for your future empire, you’ll then need to nurture and develop it, amass your army, and fight for survival in the harsh and wild lands. The Ikari in Erectus Erectus: The city The archers of Okiteng in Erectus Read More
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