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Era of Celestials 5.5 rate Set in a world that’s rife with chaos, you play as the Chosen One who is set to inherit the powers of the fabled demon-hunters, the Elysians. With the power at hand, you are tasked to seek out and slay source of all the terror that’s plaguing the land – the archdemon himself! Will you be able to do it? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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From the creators of epic MMOs like League of Angels comes a brand-new mobile MMORPG, Era of Celestials. Set in a world that’s rife with chaos, you play as the Chosen One who is set to inherit the powers of the fabled demon-hunters, the Elysians. With the power in hand, you are tasked to seek out and slay source of all the terror that’s plaguing the land – the archdemon himself! Featuring tons of exciting PvE dungeons and PvP arenas, gorgeous graphics and a fun casual-like gameplay, Era of Celestial will not only have you hooked from start to finish, but also put you on a path to become the savior of all mankind!


The return of the demon-hunters, the Elysians, were very well-received mainly because the world was plunged, yet again, into chaos. This time around, an archdemon had risen to power and they are hell-bent on wiping mankind off the face of the Earth. You simply can’t let that happen!

With the newly-bestowed powers of the Celestials, you set off on a perilous journey to hone your skills and to take the fight to the archdemon in hopes of ending his demonic invasion before it is too late. Will you be able to make it?


To begin your adventure, you’ll need to first create your character. Era of Celestials offers 3 archetype character classes, namely the warrior, archer and mage. These classes are, unfortunately, gender-locked, with the warrior and mage being male-only and the archer being female-only. There’s no customization to speak of, but on the plus side, you can create up to 4 characters in total for free per account. Once you’re done, the game immediately immerses you into the story and the gameplay.

Like many mobile and browser MMOs published by GTArcade, Era of Celestials has a casual-like feel to it because there are plenty of automation to help you speed through the “grindier” aspects of the game. There’s auto-pathfinding and auto-combat, for instance, which will basically take care of all questing needs for you, while for dungeons, you’ll get a blitz option to skip through all the dungeon-running and go straight to the rewards screen.

However, the game is also designed in such a way that it’s friendly to players who enjoy being fully immersed in a game and prefer to play the game on their own. There’s a on-screen joystick on the left that you can use to control your character and the menu on the right, which mainly houses your skills. Even if you do choose to play the game manually, leveling up is still very easy here. Due to this, the game seems to have a very high-level cap. I reckon it’s currently in the 200s or maybe 300s.

Aside from levels, character progression in this game can also be determined via your Battle Rating or BR. The higher BR you have, the stronger your character is. Similar to many games within the same genre, this game provides a ton of ways for you to improve your BR. You can, for instance, equip better gear or enhance existing ones; you can upgrade your skills; you can even unlock new celestial abilities.

Once you reached a certain level, you can even recruit pets. These pets won’t be able to help you battle your enemies, but they do usually provide a pretty significant, albeit passive, boost to your stats.

Era of Celestial is designed to keep you constantly engaged, and as such, it provides a slew of fun PvE and PvP activities for you to enjoy. However, similar to many games within the genre, the activities are skewed more towards PvE. You will gradually have access to plenty of PvE content as you level up, ranging from story instances to boss hunts, to even EXP instances, but you will only gain access to your first PvP arena much later in the game (level 90 to be exact).

There are plenty more features in this game that will be revealed as you progress. For example, you can slay monsters to collect better Gallery cards, which in turn will grant you additional attributes and a slightly higher BR. There are titles you can collect to gain a nice BR increase as well.

Looking to gain an advantage over your fellow players using some cash? Well, the game implements a tiered VIP system that rewards you with better perks and privileges, such as the ability to teleport and buy VIP bundles, gain a sweet EXP bonus, and others, the more real money you spend. Not to mention, the game also offers many attractive top-up rewards including an exclusive raptor mount and gorgeous costumes.


As with many MMORPGs, Era of Celestial is similarly social. Due to this, it’s crucial to join a guild as soon as you can. Being a member of a guild grants you access to tons of guild-only features that could be extremely advantageous to you. You can access invites to special events like the Guild Feast or the guild boss at Dragonsoul Fortress.

You will also be expected to donate either flags or rubies to earn contribution points, which can be, in turn, used to buy items at the Guild Shop. At the Guild Storage, you can also donate gear of epic quality or above to earn points that you can use to withdraw other people’s donated gear.

If you are a level 4 VIP or above, you will be able to even set up your own guild. All you need in addition to the VIP tier is a guild medal which costs only 100 rubies. Free-to-play players will, however, only be able to join whichever guild that will have them.

Graphics/ Sound

Era of Celestials is a gorgeous mobile game. Everything looks great and the animations are particularly eye-catching. The interface may, however, looks a bit crowded since you can’t really minimize all of the buttons away. The sound, on the other hand, complements well with the visuals and animations.


All in all, Era of Celestials is not only a visually appealing game; it also has a very addictive and fast-paced gameplay that will have you breezing through levels. With tons of things to do and a nice and rewarding progression system to keep you coming back for more, this is a game that will be staying on your phone for the months to come!

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False advertising

The game advertises it having character creatin and it doesn't.
The game has no plot no story and is nothing but a money grab.
The game forces you to fo what it wants and nothing else.
I reall...Full Review
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