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Episode - Choose Your Story 8 rate Featuring a digital library full of interactive stories of varying genres, Episode - Choose Your Story is a game where your every decision will change the path of the narrative, resulting in very different endings. You can even create your own stories using the game’s easy-to-use story editor. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Taking the world by storm, Episode - Choose Your Story is the first “game” (if you could call it that) on the mobile platform to offer its players a library of interactive stories to play in. Featuring stories from every genre conceivable, each story will allow you to make critical decisions that will change the path of the narrative towards a positive, negative or neutral outcome and due to this, these stories will have multiple endings for you to discover. Most stories allow you to role-play by creating your own character as well. If you enjoy a good interactive story, you can definitely have your fill simply by downloading Episode - Choose Your Story!


Being a library of interactive stories, Episode - Choose Your Story has not one, not two, but a plethora of storylines for you to pursue. Naturally, the stories you get differ depending on the genre. Romantic stories seem to be rather prevalent here though, perhaps mainly because the majority of the players in this game consists of female teens and tweens.


Once the game is booted up, you’ll be presented with a virtual shelf filled with tons of stories that you can immediately dive into. These are usually the most popular stories in the game. There are also filters that are accessible via the menu to help you navigate the game more easily and to find the type of stories you like, but if you already know what you want to search for (vampire stories, for example), you can just use the search option to look for the relevant keyword (vampire) and save yourself some time.

The stories in this game are usually consisted of several episodes (hence, the title of the game) and you’ll get to play the first episode for free. Each subsequent episodes will cost you a pass to play though. Passes can be obtained for free on a daily basis, but if you can’t wait, there are special challenges that you can complete to get a free pass.

Now, when it comes to the stories themselves, I find the stories rather awkward and at times, cringy. Don’t get me wrong – the idea behind this gamebook-like interactive story is great, but the animations look stiff and limited at times, and well, most stories have decisions that revolve around dressing up your avatar in the most appropriate outfit. As mentioned, your decisions will make an impact in the narrative and it still does, but most stories lock away the decision that guarantees a positive outcome behind a premium paywall.

Dubbed as the “premium choice”, unless you want to play a story with a neutral or negative ending, you will likely want to spend what premium gems you have on these special choices. These decisions don’t really cost much, but if you add them all up for the entire story, they can amount to quite a sum.

The game does give the free-to-play players a few opportunities to earn gems for free. Some stories (those with a gift symbol on the side of its icon) will grant you 1 gem or 2 if you play them. It’s a tedious grind to be honest, but of course, players can always buy more gems or even passes using real money and skip all the hassle. I’ll bet by then, most F2P players will rather watch an ad video to get free gems.

That said, the best part about this game is that you can actually create your own stories and try to get them published for other players to enjoy. The tools in the story editor are incredibly easy to use, and you can even choose suitable emotions for your characters as their dialogues pop out. In fact, if you’ve already got the story written down, you can easily visualize it by adding in suitable backgrounds and characters (custom ones even!), and publish a chapter or two within a couple of hours.

The game also has a nice forum where budding writers can exchange ideas and share their stories to a wider readership. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to add in choices and try to earn some gems from your readers.

Anyway, the readers will be able to communicate with the author through the game too! Episode - Choose Your Story provides several options that you can then use to leave comments on a story you like, share them to your friends, add the stories to your favorites or even send the author a fan mail and let him or her know how much you love their work.


The player community over at Episode – Choose Your Story is likely to be mainly consisted of female teens and tweens considering the huge number of popular teenage romance stories that are trending on the app. However, they can be great audiences to test your written materials with. The feedback you get can be pretty valuable!

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoonish graphics in this game is quite well-done for both the characters and the backgrounds. The animations, although awkward-looking, do bring a new form of immersion to the game as well. Being a primarily text-and-graphics-based game, there isn’t any sound or music in this game.


In many ways, Episode – Choose Your Story can be considered as a digitized graphic novel where not only the stories are further enhanced with animated characters and beautiful backgrounds; the stories are also modified to change based on your every decision. For players who are looking to write some stories of their own, they can do so using the easy-to-use story editor in this game as well. So, whether you are playing the game to consume content or to create content, you’ll definitely have a fun time! Download the game and try it out now!

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New Game Added: Episode - Choose Your Story

by Aethyna Sep 3, 2017
Featuring a digital library full of interactive stories of varying genres, Episode - Choose Your Story is a game where your every decision will change the path of the narrative, resulting in very different endings. You can even create your own stories using the game’s easy-to-use story editor. Episode: Mean Girls Stories in Episode Episode: Premium choice Read More
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