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Enlisted 10 rate Fight in the battlefields of World War II in Enlisted, a new first-person shooter by Darkflow Software. Take control of a squad with other players and engage in massive conquest battles where every shot can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Be a foot soldier, a tank driver, or a pilot providing air support to comrades. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Plotline Gameplay Community Graphics/Sound Conclusion There’s no shortage of World War II games - we’ve had multiple Call of Duty titles, Battlefield 1942 and V, and strategy titles like Company of Heroes and Hearts of Iron. So yes, we can safely say that this fascinating setting is getting a bit oversaturated.

However, Darkflow Software with Gaijin Entertainment brought Enlisted to our PCs and new-generation consoles. The thing is, this isn’t just your everyday WWII game: it strives for realism, is free-to-play, and its gameplay aspects rival that of more established names, like Battlefield and Call of Duty. It provides a chaotic and immersive feel of the battlefields of the bloodiest conflict in history with the sheer amount of soldiers on the field and various screams, engine sounds, and explosions.

Much like its peers under the Gaijin umbrella, it has a relatively long grind and microtransactions, but you can definitely enjoy the game without having to spend a cent.

With all that has been said, should you give the game a shot? Well, let’s first take a look at what it has to offer:


Enlisted takes place in various fronts in World War II, from Germany's dense forests, the frozen tundras surrounding Moscow to the desert sands of Africa. Of course, there’s also the famous Normandy beach. Every campaign provides relatively new gameplay elements, thanks to its unique weapons, vehicles, and terrain. Not only will you get to fight in remote terrain, but also in relatively urban environments.


One thing that sets Enlisted apart from its peers is its particular focus on realism and immersion. When you drop in a squad battle, the first thing you’ll notice is the authenticity of the entire battlefield, from how it looks to the sounds you’ll hear. Explosions ring out now and then, as well as ear-splitting screams of wounded soldiers. Once your boots are on the ground, you’ll then notice that you have no crosshairs, which means you’ll have to use the iron sights of your bolt-action Kar98 or Springfield rifle to hit targets accurately. The shooting mechanics are a bit arcadey, with negligible bullet drop mechanics. For example, I hit an enemy soldier across the map with a scoped Kar98 with little compensation.

Enlisted’s gameplay is quite similar to War Thunder and Battlefield: there are several points on the point that you and your squad need to capture. They may be scattered across the map simultaneously, or divided into phases, much like Battlefield’s Operations. If you’ve played massive FPS games before, then you’ll feel right at home.

Instead of just controlling one soldier in Enlisted, you’ll also indirectly control an entire squad of up to five. When the soldier you control falls, you can then swap to another soldier who is still alive. You can issue orders, like having them assault a control point or hold fast and defend one under assault from swathes of enemy soldiers. Apart from playing as a frontline soldier, you can also dive into the fray as a tank crew (with a tank, of course) and a pilot. You can also fulfill multiple roles, like a combat engineer putting up anti-tank guns and a mortar operator.

Enlisted’s squad and soldier management are where the usual Gaijin Entertainment’s progression formula comes in. After every battle, you’ll earn the expected rewards, ranging from weapon and soldier cards which you can then spend on the Logistics section. Here, you can hand out these currencies to obtain various weapons and equipment, which you’ll then use to equip your soldiers. Of course, some of these weapons and vehicles are level-locked, so you’ll have to grind to get the coveted bazooka, Panzer IV, and Browning AR. Also, you’ll earn perk points to upgrade your squad’s capabilities, as well as those of your individual soldiers.


Enlisted is a game fresh out of closed beta, and because of this, its community is still relatively growing. Thankfully, you’ll quickly find matches (it takes 15 seconds at most), although there are only North American and European servers available. With that said, if you’d like to be part of the community, you can always dive into their Discord and Reddit to share content and interact with fans.


In terms of presentation, Enlisted excels. Although it may not look as detailed as triple-A games, it still manages to impress thanks to the atmospheric audio, destructible environments, and well-designed soldiers and vehicles. Running through an open field behind a tank as an allied plane strafes and dive bombs dishes out a special feeling.

I’m currently using a mid-range rig with a 1060-6GB card and just 8GB RAM, and the game runs beautifully. There are zero framerate drops and stability issues, even in areas where a lot is going on on-screen.


Overall, Enlisted is a fantastic MMOFPS, providing a unique blend of realism and arcade gameplay set in multiple historical battlefields in World War II. It may be the newest hit Gaijin Entertainment has to offer.

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New Game Added: Enlisted

by Mikhail Apr 15, 2021
Fight in the battlefields of World War II in Enlisted, a new first-person shooter by Darkflow Software. Take control of a squad with other players and engage in massive conquest battles where every shot can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Be a foot soldier, a tank driver, or a pilot providing air support to comrades. Looking across a chaotic battlefield in Enlisted Taking down an enemy in Enlisted Tank crew in Enlisted Read More
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