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by Aethyna
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Emporea: Realms of War & Magic 8 rate Build a strong and rich empire by improving your mines and regularly raiding the enemy camps nearby. With an abundance of resources, you will be able to raise and support a formidable army to subjugate those nations that refused your rule! Do you think you have what it takes to rule in the world of Emporea? Play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Centuries of war over the valuable resource, the Tears of Gods, has torn Emporea apart. It is up to you, among the other survivors, who are destined to restore Emporea to her former glory! Thus, in Emporea: Realms of War & Magic, you will need to develop your empire by constructing more resource-production buildings and upgrading existing ones to improve your empire’s economic condition, allowing it to support your future massive army! You can also gain resources by attacking camps or players or by boosting the rate of resource production. Level up your hero and assign the skill points in your skill tree to obtain new skills or to improve your current skills! Do you think you have what it takes to not only ensure the survival of your empire, but to grow it into a mighty force in the world of Emporea? Play Emporea: Realms of War & Magic and find out!


Tears of Gods are the most valuable resource in Emporea. Some say it's the very essence of dead gods. Myth or not, the power of these Tears are truly immense and the Tears have caught the attentions of the mighty nations of Emporea. Because of the Tears, the nations fought for centuries to the point where this conflict destroyed all of Emporea. From the ruins and ashes, you, among the other survivors, are reborn and are destined to restore Emporea to her former glory!


Before you get yourself embroiled in the wars on Emporea, you’ll need to choose a race first! Emporea: Realms of War & Magic offers 4 archetype races, namely dwarf, elf, undead or orc, for you to choose from. Each race has different specialties and stats (fighter, spellcaster, builder), building designs and units, and even city soundtrack! For example, for orcs, they are masters of brutal weaponry and are excellent fighters, though they are not as great at spellcasting or building. Undeads, on the other hand, excel at necromancy and destructive magic and are tireless builders, but they are rather fragile due to decay, and hence making them bad fighters. Do choose carefully as you will not be able to change your race later on!

After you’ve chosen a race that you like, you’ll be introduced to the game via a chain of tutorial-like quests. The tutorial is quite detailed and nicely explained, and it will present more information for you as you progress in the game. However, like any empire-building game, in Emporea: Realms of War & Magic, getting a steady supply of resources is crucial in raising and maintaining a mighty army!

There are 4 major types of resources in Emporea: Realms of War & Magic that you should be aware of - lumber, stone, iron and gold. These resources are produced constantly at mines and other resource-producing buildings, such as lumber mill and stone quarry, which are very important for the growth of your city. You can increase the production of resources with artifacts, scrolls, hero skills and resource spells. Furthermore, due to the maximum storage limit for each of these buildings, production will be halted if the limit is reached. Thus, you’ll need to collect the resources periodically. Do keep a watchful eye on your overall storage space as any overflow of resources will be lost. You can increase the storage space for each of your resources by investing in the “warehouse” skill (which will be discussed later) or upgrading your palace.

However, if you need resources urgently and cannot wait for your buildings to produce them over time, well, there are 3 other methods for you to get your hands on some resources quickly. The easiest is to complete quests to get extra resources. For the other 2 methods, well, one of them involves taking what you need by force and the other involves trading which requires you to have a marketplace built. You can also upgrade your marketplace to increase your trading capacity.

Your city may be small now, but you’ll surely shape it into a legendary stronghold soon and to do so, you’ll need other buildings as well. Buildings can be separated into 3 categories in Emporea: Realms of War & Magic, namely mines (your resource-producing buildings), support and military. Interestingly, the building models differ depending on the race you choose... which is pretty cool. Moreover, unlike other MMO strategy games, you have 2 architects in this game, so you can queue up to 2 building or upgrading projects at the same time! If you need more, you can buy them using gems, but they are only available for 72 hours though and are not permanent! You can also unlock new building options once you get your palace upgraded.

A formidable army is the backbone of every strong empire... thus, you may want to get started with the recruitment process! There are many barracks that you can build in Emporea: Realms of War & Magic and like any other building, they differ depending on your race. For instance, for elves, you will have archery court where you can recruit elven archers who will form the bulk of your army. Of course, you will have other units, such as archdruids, fireflies and ents that you can recruit from druid circle, firefly obelisk and tree of life respectively. Also, by upgrading your barracks, you can quicken the speed in which you recruit your units as well! The number of soldiers you can recruit is subjected to your empire’s maximum army upkeep. Having a higher upkeep means that you can recruit and support more troops. To increase your army upkeep, you’ll need to build the garden first and then upgrade it.

With such a mighty army behind your back, it’s high time to show your enemies who’s boss! In this game, you can choose to fight computer-controlled camps or other players (via the world map or the Arena). Each battle you engage in will cost you 1 command point and once you ran out of points, you will not be able to attack anybody until your points regenerated. And, of course, players can be much tougher to defeat as compared to camps. For camps, you can view what you’re up against such as the types of units, the total health of the residing army and their damage rating, before you attack them by selecting the “camp info”. There’s even a difficulty rating (easy, medium or hard) shown! If you’re successful in attacking a camp, you will have a chance of earning artifacts, usually runes (which is needed to upgrade your palace), but sometimes you can also get equipments for your hero, in addition to the specific type of resources that you can get.

Heroes play a rather vital role in Emporea: Realms of War & Magic. This is because they can be equipped with items that provide bonuses to your empire in various ways, such as boosting your resource production as well as increasing the resistance and regeneration of your army. These items can be upgraded by combining it with other gear that you don’t need at the forge. You can do the same for spells too! Not to mention, your hero will gain a skill point every time he/ she levels up. These skill points can then be placed into the skill tree. There are 3 categories that you can invest your skill points in, namely fighter, spellcaster and builder. For example, by placing points into “warehouse” under the “builder” category, you can increase your resource storage space.

In addition, you mustn’t forget about your city’s defenses too! At your palace, you can set the mode, either “hide army” or “defend city” for the army in your city. For hide army mode, your army will not engage any invading enemies and you’ll most certainly lose some of your resources, but for defend city mode, your army will defend your city and fight to protect your resources... whether they will win or lose the fight, well, that’s another matter. You can also build and upgrade towers to get some passive defenses up.

There are many more features in Emporea: Realms of War & Magic, such as researching new units that will be gradually unlocked as you upgrade your palace and advance in level. There are also some social aspects to the game such as visiting your friends’ cities to help speed up their upgrades or to send an upgrade ingredient to them and hopefully, you’ll get one in return.


Starting off as a small city, you’re going to need help in the form of military support and trades as you expand and grow your empire. Therefore, it’s is wise to befriend fellow players in your area and sign up to join a powerful Alliance, so you’d have some allies who will watch your back! Furthermore, for some of the more social aspects of the game, you might want to drop by the game’s Facebook fan page and add some new friends.

Graphics/ Sound

The game’s graphics are very beautifully designed and are very nicely detailed. It’s amazing that the developers created entirely different building and unit models for 4 different races. They even have their music tailored based on your chosen race. For example, if you play as the elven race, you’ll be listening to a soothing Celtic-inspired music while the orc race will be enjoying something more upbeat.


In short, Emporea: Realms of War & Magic is a well-developed MMO strategy game with up to 4 different races for you to choose from! Build a strong and rich empire by improving your mines and regularly raiding the enemy camps nearby. With an abundance of resources, you will be able to raise and support a formidable army to subjugate those nations that refused your rule! Don’t forget to improve your hero by forging and equipping the best gears as well as to invest the skill points you have into the most beneficial skills in your hero’s skill tree! The conflict that the Tears of Gods have caused has almost destroyed Emporea... and it is from these ruins and ashes where you, among the other survivors, are destined to restore Emporea to her former glory! Will you be able to fulfill your destiny?

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New Game Added: Emporea: Realms of War & Magic

by Aethyna Jun 15, 2015
Build a strong and rich empire by improving your mines and regularly raiding the enemy camps nearby. With an abundance of resources, you will be able to raise and support a formidable army to subjugate those nations that refused your rule! Do you think you have what it takes to rule in the world of Emporea? Play now! Emporea: Orc race Impending attack in Emporea Emporea: Elven city Read More

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A great strategy game

Emporea, a mystical land is torn apart by years of war over a precious resource called Tears of Gods. With this valuable resource as the cause of conflict among the races, Emporea is now a place of ch...Full Review
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