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Empires Apart 10 rate Empires Apart is the spiritual successor of the classic real-time strategy franchise, Age of Empires. Here, you’ll choose your faction, build your base, raise your armies, and do battle against your enemies. With a fantastic art style and enjoyable gameplay loop, it’s bound to appeal to fans and newbies to the RTS genre. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Before the dawn of freemium mobile games, real-time strategy games were actually played in real time. Iconic titles and franchises like Red Alert, Battle Realms, and Command and Conquer: Generals were a staple in many internet cafes and personal computers. One game that stood among these giants is Age of Empires, a historical RTS featuring units and factions.

Empires Apart tries to emulate the experience Age of Empires delivers, and in a way, succeeds without being a direct copycat. It is free-to-play, though unless if you buy the full version, you can only gain access to one faction, the Byzantines (Western Roman Empire). Though it suffers from a few problems like AI issues and at times, monotonous gameplay, it’s still incredibly fun and will definitely appeal to most RTS fans and those new to the genre.

Thing is, will it be an experience you’d want to go through? Let’s check out what it has to offer:


There’s not a lot of story or singleplayer content in Empires Apart, granted that most of its meat lies on the multiplayer. In any case, this is a lost opportunity since the developers could have created a campaign centered around the famous battles or alternate realities. It would have been epic to see or control what the Byzantines would do vs China or how the Aztecs would have fared in Europe.

To make up for the lack of story, the game introduces historical figures like Byzantine general Belisarius and the Mongol warlord Genghis Khan.


Empires Apart’s gameplay loop is similar to most real-time classic strategy games, especially Age of Empires. Here, you’ll start with a small town center, some villagers, and some food to jumpstart your campaign. Next, you’re then supposed to gather resources, construct buildings, research technologies, raise and army, and defeat your foes who are scattered across the map. You could safely say that it’s an Age of Empires clone thanks to its similar resource types and other gameplay nuances. The full version has seven factions: Byzantines, Aztecs, France, Mongolians, Arabs, Chinese, and Koreans. The free-to-play version only has the Byzantines as the playable faction.

Thankfully, the developers at DESTINYbit did well in infusing new concepts and differences which helps set Empires Apart from its peers and preceding titles. For example, technology upgrades - both economic and military - are performed using certain buildings, while each faction has their own set of quirks. Playing as the Arabs will grant you farming bonuses if you build resource pods next to the depots.

The game also focuses on differences between the available factions. Although the buildings are similar, the units and technologies they produce are unique. For example, each faction can build a temple which can train a priest. The Byzantine priest can speed up resource-gathering for villagers while Chinese priests are essentially warriors who can heal and are great for frontline combat. The game also has heroes based on historical figures. These range from the Mongols’ Genghis Khan to the Byzantine’s Belisarius. Your playstyle can dramatically change depending on the faction you’re utilizing. Of course, you’ll only gain access to other factions if you buy the full version.

In terms of controls and user interface, Empires Apart excels. The controls are quite familiar and similar to most RTS games. Meanwhile, the menus - both in-game and in the lobbies - are easy to read and intuitive, providing only the most crucial information and icons which makes navigation smooth. In a way, this makes Empires Apart stand out a lot since it is a complete contrast compared to other RTS games wherein you’re overloaded with information.

Though the game is centered around a multiplayer experience, you can also play in the challenge mode and practice your skills in skirmish mode against enemy AI. However, you’ll soon discover that there are problems since the AI doesn’t exactly act natural and mixes units together like a mass of random jigsaw puzzles.


Empires Apart’s community isn’t as populated compared to other games. In turn, it takes a while to find opponents online. When you find opponents though, the experience is relatively smooth: disconnects and crashes are relatively unheard of.


In terms of presentation, Empires Apart doesn’t look realistic, though its charm and beauty stand out. The polygon textures, flat colors and overall art style present both pretty and intuitive visuals. Even among a mass of dozens of units, you’ll be able to tell what is happening on the battlefield and differentiate which units are yours. In addition, the art style, look and feel of units in the game are different depending on the faction you’re using. Maps have various biomes from grasslands, cold tundras to dry and arid deserts.


Overall, Empires Apart is more than just an Age of Empires clone. Though it borrows a number of concepts and gameplay elements from its peers, it manages to differentiate itself in a lot of ways. Its smooth gameplay coupled with its outstanding art style and focus on factions dishes out high replayability but only if you purchase the full version. Nevertheless, it’s a must-play game for fans of the RTS genre and for anyone looking for a decent game to sink their teeth into.

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New Game Added: Empires Apart

by Mikhail Apr 27, 2019
Empires Apart is the spiritual successor of the classic real-time strategy franchise, Age of Empires. Here, you’ll choose your faction, build your base, raise your armies, and do battle against your enemies. With a fantastic art style and enjoyable gameplay loop, it’s bound to appeal to fans and newbies to the RTS genre. Pitched battle in Empires Apart Units in formation in Empires Apart Knights charging a fortress in Empires Apart Read More
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