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Empire Universe II 8 rate Take control of a planet and build up your base. Choose from the ten different races that each have their own traits and specialties. Engage to war or diplomacy with other players from different galaxies to gain more resource for your planet or expand your empire by occupying new planets. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Empire Universe II is a space strategy browser game where you must build your empire by expanding your base and gather more resources. It features different races that reaches up to ten different types, where each has their own unique traits and specialties. Players can play their game in different styles, either engage in war with other players or trade new resources to them and form new trade route, or forge alliance with other players and build a wider network.


The game is simplified in static images and text based content, which is a tradition to some classic browser games where it focuses more on city building and social interaction. And the game offers a lot of different playstyles to cater different interest, from socializing to entrepreneurship, diplomacy and more.

Starting off in the game will let you pick one from the ten intergalactic races where each of them have unique specialties that can be beneficial to a certain playstyle, once you are done with the race selection, you will be prompted to choose a character portrait. Unfortunately the customization of the portrait is very random as you cannot change the facial appearance manually, all you can do is pick the best randomized appearance that will suit your taste.

Right after you created your avatar, you will be prompted to a short tutorial that will explain all of the basic functions of the game. From finding which area to build and how to research new tech, it gives you enough details to explain the concepts, though most of the explanations are covered with descriptions, there are some sample images to show the exact window to interact.

In Empire Universe II, you can pick any profession that you wanted, you can focus on trading or combat or just keep yourself neutral and build your dream planet to the most high tech in the galaxy. There are different alignments in the game (Neutral, Researcher, Warrior, Pirate, Trader, etc.) that can also affect your reputation, as your playstyle will make an impact to some characters. Take for example becoming a pirate can make other planets and players hostile to you or being a trader makes you prone to any attacks that would steal your shipment.

The big highlight in the game is the spaceships, you will be needing these to traverse on different planets and galaxies. There are 21 different spaceship chassis that you can choose for your ship and all of them are customizable with 66 different components to install. Building a spaceship is an essential part in the game as you will be travelling in different areas for the whole time and your ship can be used to fight off against pirates or to ambush unsuspecting traders.

You also gather resources from planets, at the beginning of your playthrough, you can construct buildings that will allow you to gather resources from your planet. There are ten different resources and each of them are used for certain aspects in the game, such as for currency, fuel for your ship or even minerals used to construct new buildings. And some planets have certain resources that are more abundant than the rest. So it is important to explore the galaxy and find vacant planets with rich resources to keep your stock high.

There are also technologies to discover, as you will need to research them to unlock new functions for your planet and spaceship. With 146 different technologies, it will take some time before you can unlock all of it, and some of these high-tier technologies require a large amount of time to be complete, some may be hours while the higher levels may take days. But once you unlock the better technologies, it will drastically improve the performance of your planet in both resources and defense.


Empire Universe II has a handful of active players that you can interact with, and some that you may encounter throughout your journey. You can form alliances with them and group up to build massive empires where you can challenge other alliances for the battle of supremacy. With over 120,000 different planets to explore, you will not run out of places to explore and to meet new people.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals in the game is not that breathtaking as some might think. Featuring simple graphic designs on the structures and planets, it does not provide enough impact on the presentation especially the entire game only features static images. The audio part of the game is rather non-existent as you cannot hear any audio cues nor even background music to set a mood in the game.


In the end, Empire Universe II lacks any visual presentation to make it stand out to the players, but it features an innovative gameplay that gives you a lot of option to play. Newcomers to this genre might have some second thoughts of trying out the game due to the unappealing visuals but veterans to space-theme tactical games might give this a try due to the deep gameplay and exploration.

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New Game Added: Empire Universe II

by Richard Aug 25, 2017
Take control of a planet and build up your base. Choose from the ten different races that each have their own traits and specialties. Engage to war or diplomacy with other players from different galaxies to gain more resource for your planet or expand your empire by occupying new planets. Empire Universe II: Character creation Planet overview in Empire Universe II Empire Universe II: Advanced city Read More
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