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Empire: Millennium Wars 8 rate Set in the future where thousands of mining corporations have flocked to Mars in the frenzy to obtain the rare and lucrative mineral called Millennium, Empire: Millennium Wars is an MMO strategy game where only the strongest corporation will survive the intense competition. Are you among the few? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Touted at the "Gold rush" of the future, thousands of mining corporations have flocked to Mars in their frenzy to mine for the rare and lucrative mineral called Millennium. However, the competition is intense and the lack of regulations have given rise to cargo theft, base plundering and even war between corporations. Only the strongest corporations will be able to rise to the top and perhaps even move on to seize control of the Mars Trade Federation (MTF) and the Millennium mining industry on Mars. Are you among the few? Play Empire: Millennium Wars now and find out!


Empire: Millennium Wars is set in the future where colonists have flocked, by the thousands, to Mars to mine the red planet of its riches – the rare and lucrative mineral called Millennium. It’s the “gold rush” of the future! The whole operation is overseen by the Mars Trade Federation (MTF) but they do not regulate the competition between each mining corporation. Will you be the one who will dominate the Millennium mining industry on Mars and eventually rule the MTF?


Being an MMO strategy game, Empire: Millennium Wars has a pretty simple and straightforward objective for their players – to develop their respective bases; scan, probe and mine as much Millennium as they can; amass an army to defend said base and bounty or to attack other corporations; and carry out research to advance the technology your corporation has, further improving your base’s facilities, mining capabilities and army’s combat efficiency.

All of these are easier said than done, but if you have to start somewhere, it’s best to start inwards first. This means developing your base and building up your army. In this game, there are plenty of facilities you can build at your base. Naturally, each facility has their own function, for instance, the Radar is required for you to prospect for Millennium while the Training Grounds are needed to recruit units to field your army.

Of course, all of these require a ton of resources, namely energy, oxygen, metals, silicates and coins. Thankfully, you can earn these resources yourself by simply building and upgrading production facilities like Solar Panels which produces energy and Quarry which produces silicates. You can build as many of these infrastructure as you like but you should remember that you have a limited number of building spots to do so.

The building process in this game is fairly standard for a free-to-play MMO strategy game. You are given 1 construction slot to either build or upgrade a building. However, you are also given a stash of speed-ups which you can then use to speed up the building process. Building durations of 5 minutes and below can even be sped up for free!

Aside from your base’s physical development, there is also the intellectual development that you’ll need to take care of, and you can do so by conducting research at your Laboratory. Researches in this game can be separated into 4 categories, namely Attack, Defense, Economy and Prospecting, and depending on your priorities, you may want to invest more time and effort in a particular category first.

Now that you’ve got a somewhat thriving economy, it’s time to build an army to make sure you can keep the new-found prosperity your corporation is currently enjoying. The game has 4 different types of units that you can recruit, and due to the design for each unit, it’s best to have an even mixture of unit types just so you can counter every unit the enemy throws your way.

For example, the Warthog is of the tank class and is generally good against ranged like Vipers but weak against heavy units like Giants. But of course, if you know which units the enemy is bringing to the fight, then by all means, field your offensive force with only the 1 unit type that can most effectively counter the enemy unit.

Not to mention, units are tiered in this game and as such, higher tier units will obviously be much stronger than the lower tiered one. Due to this, the game advises its players to not attack enemies (the NPC rogues at least) that are higher in level or they might find their troops being used to wipe the floor. That said, you will only have 1 recruitment queue regardless of how many training grounds you build. The only purpose of having more training grounds is to increase the number of units you can recruit at any time.

In addition to the grunts, you will also have a commander who you can send along with your troops into battle. Commanders are usually much more powerful than the average soldier and will provide certain bonuses to the troops under him/her. They also have their own skill trees that you can invest skill points in, and if you want, you can customize them and choose a new avatar.

Although your troops can both attack and defend a base, when it comes to the defensive, you might want to invest in something extra – traps. You can build tons of traps at the Wall, and like your soldiers, each of these traps are efficient against a certain type of units. Thus, it’s best to have a balanced number of traps for each trap type.

All of these recruiting and defending can be pretty costly, so if you need more resources, you can always complete quests. There are even daily quests which are reset daily as well as easy missions where you just need to start the mission, wait for it to complete, and then collect the rewards. Nevertheless, if your troops are strong and plentiful enough, you can also send them to plunder neighboring bases or MTF-marked rogue bases for more resources.

At the end of the day though, you mustn’t forget the main reason you’ve set up a mining corporation on Mars – to mine for Millennium! To do so, you’ll need to first prospect to find sites of interests using the Radar. Once done, you’ll then need to send out probes to scout out the place to see if it houses Millennium deposits or merely a chest of goodies. Although probes are rather limited, they thankfully recharge over time. You can only perform a scan every hour anyway, so the downtime is alright I suppose.

The millennium you managed to accumulate can then be sent to the Mars Trade Federation’s spaceport so you can get the payout you want. However, be wary! Other corporations may decide to take the easy way out and instead of mining or their own Millennium, they decide to simply take the mineral from others. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure that the valuable cargo you transport is well-protected by a huge military escort.

If you can spare from real money or credits (premium currency), then you can always get the stuff you need be it more resources or more probes, through the in-app store. The store also sells a variety of speed-up tokens, production boosts and peace shields.


As you may expect, you can join an Alliance in Empire: Millennium Wars and by doing so, you’ll get to enjoy a nice range of perks such as getting some help from your fellow guildmates to reduce the duration for construction, research, etc; access to the alliance chat, as well as working together to take down common enemies to win great rewards. You can also create an alliance of your own as long as you’ve got a level 5 Command Center.

Graphics/ Sound

Empire: Millennium Wars has some pretty nice futuristic graphics that might be more inclined towards the minimalistic form. The soundtrack used in this game though is the military/sci-fi-themed sort and admittedly, it is quite alright to listen to. However, some players may find the music a tad bit annoying after some time and as such, you might want to mute the music.


All in all, Empire: Millennium Wars is a decent MMO strategy game that is set in a fun futuristic world where the next “Gold rush” is currently ongoing. The theme of the game is quite unique and interesting, but gameplay-wise, it seems like the game is not engaging enough to keep players playing beyond level 5 or different enough to stand out from the crowd. Since it’s free-to-play, the game’s still good for a try though, and who knows? You might find yourself enjoying it.

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New Game Added: Empire: Millennium Wars

by Aethyna Jul 8, 2017
Set in the future where thousands of mining corporations have flocked to Mars in the frenzy to obtain the rare and lucrative mineral called Millennium, Empire: Millennium Wars is an MMO strategy game where only the strongest corporation will survive the intense competition. Are you among the few? Empire: Millennium Wars: Upgrading your base Choosing an avatar in Empire: Millennium Wars Empire: Millennium Wars: Capturing a Millennium deposit Read More
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