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Empire: Four Kingdoms 9 rate Modeled after Goodgame Empire, Empire: Four Kingdoms is a mobile MMO strategy and town management game by Goodgame Studios that is set in the medieval era. Build up your castle, gather resources, create your epic army and invade other castles in this exciting game! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Empire: Four Kingdoms is a free to play mobile strategy game with elements of town management popular to most mobile games nowadays. It offers some of the known features such as building your city, attacking other castles and gathering resources, but it also added new features unique to a mobile game.


Set in a medieval era, you take up the role as Lord of your castle in a bid to become the strongest ruler in the region. You will be taking on against other Castle Lords in your quest for victory or you can forge alliance with other Lords in the realm.


Gameplay for Empire: Four Kingdoms is quite similar that from your traditional mobile strategy games; you build up your castle, gather resources, create your epic army and invade other castles. The features are still fun to play and managing your castle can prove to be difficult for some who are not into town management games.

In building up your castle, you must construct buildings such as farms and stone quarries that provide stable resources to your kingdom, upgrading these building will increase the production. Aside from the resource based structures, you can also build barracks and siege workshops to train and build your army. Upgrading these will unlock more powerful units at your disposal.

Upgrading your castle is not just for improving production, it also means providing an impregnable fortress. You will be needing to add towers and upgrade them to be able to fend off invaders, then you will be needing to distribute your army in protecting your kingdom. You can even allocate your defending army on which area in your castle that they should prioritize, whether they all protect the front gate or the left or right portion of your city, this adds a level of strategy where some invaders might focus on the weak spots of a defending castle.

Your units have different strengths and weaknesses, the archers may have low life, but they can deal massive damage against melee units. Bringing a diverse army will ensure that your attacks and defense against other kingdoms will be more effective. There are also siege weapons that you can use for your invasion that increases your chances of successfully invade a castle, and there are some that are made for protecting your castle from unwanted invaders.

Some of the new features that were created for Empire: Four Kingdoms was the tax system, you can obtain money from your citizen by imposing taxes, and you can set certain amounts that you can earn but will take longer. But be wary, as your tax collector can trick you if you don’t pay attention on the deadline, as they can reduce the amount that you can earn from the taxes. Another is the happiness meter, whenever your kingdom’s population increases, it is more likely to have lower happiness and may result in civil unrest to your city. To resolve this problem, you will need to build decorative structures to keep their mood high, the happier they are, the faster the construction and production time will become.

The game features a lot of quests that provides hefty amount of experience points, gold and resource. These quests consist of completing requirements like building five farms, or maybe 10 spearmen or successfully attack 5 baron castles, and these quests won’t run out. There are also daily missions that you can take from NPCs outside your castle, these can provide you free elite units when you complete these missions, the longer the completion time, the better the rewards.

There is an item mall available in the game, but it sells perks for users who will spend more in the game. These include more gold, faster construction time or sometimes VIP bonuses if your pay larger amounts for your VIP level. But you can still enjoy the game without actually spending as you can earn gem rewards that you can use for the premium items.


A lot of players are actively playing in Empire: Four Kingdoms, and these are the competitive types that will continue to invade other players. You can also form alliances with other players and form guilds which can provide some useful benefits like improved construction time and bonus gold. You can also integrate your Facebook account to save your progress and even invite your friends to play.

Graphics/ Sound

Graphics is more on 2D artwork and sprites. You can even see how detailed the artworks of your town and the outer world. The music is quite decent, just enough to keep your mood high and not get bored fast, but still lack a variety of tracks.


It may be heavy on premium items, but playing Empire: Four Kindgoms is still a treat for those who are into strategy games. The simple graphics is enough for it to run in wider line of smartphones, the added happiness meter also makes the game more interesting. Though some may not like the simplistic design and appearance, but if they give the game a chance, they will definitely be hooked to it.

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New Game Added: Empire: Four Kingdoms

by Richard Jan 20, 2017
Modeled after Goodgame Empire, Empire: Four Kingdoms is a mobile MMO strategy and town management game by Goodgame Studios that is set in the medieval era. Build up your castle, gather resources, create your epic army and invade other castles in this exciting game! Empire: Four Kingdoms: Bustling city Setting up defenses in Empire: Four Kingdoms Empire: Four Kingdoms: Attacking Read More
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