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Elvenar 8.7 rate Build a flourishing city and establish the most efficient economic system that you can! Discover a magical world full of mysteries by exploring the vast World Map to acquire the knowledge of your wise ancestors and discover new technologies! Bring new provinces under your rule in Elvenar now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Elvenar is a free-to-play browser-based MMORTS game, where you get to build a flourishing city and discover a gorgeous and magical world full of mysteries. Build up the most beautiful city and establish the most efficient economic system that you can! In Elvenar, you can upgrade almost every building, improving the productivity and the look of your city. Explore the vast World Map to acquire the knowledge of your wise ancestors and discover new technologies! You can even trade or fight over powerful relics to boost your production! Sounds like fun? Why, you can sign up for Elsevar for free today and start setting up your own magical empire!


Before you start, you’ll have to choose a race, either the humans or the elves. The humans are experienced city builders and a fast growing race in Elvenar. They are ambitious and determined and will stop at nothing to develop their cities and nation. On the other hand, the brilliant blue skinned elves are a traditional and fantastical race with a rich ancestral history. They live and breathe magic and exist in close harmony in nature… which is the exact opposite of the humans as they plow through nature’s treasures in the name of their development! Decide which race you are wisely as you will not get to change it later on!

Once you’ve chosen, a tutorial will guide you through your first steps. If you want to build a big city, you should start right away! There are many types of buildings in Elvenar, namely military, goods and culture, besides the basic buildings, like workshops and residences. Buildings in Elvenar require streets to connect them (except cultural buildings), so do remember to connect your buildings to the main building by laying out paths or your items won’t get built!

Furthermore, you can only have several constructions going on simultaneously provided that you have the equivalent number of builders working on them. In other words, if you have 2 builders (as given to you as default) available, you can then construct or upgrade a maximum of 2 buildings at a time. If you would like to construct more buildings simultaneously, you can always buy more builders at your builders’ hut by spending diamonds.

First things first, you’ll need to have a booming population to feed the industry that you’ll be setting up in your city! Thus, build residences so that your first citizens can move in! These people you have will be a part of your total and available population… and soon they will be put to work and be a part of the working population! Not to mention, you can also collect taxes in the form of coins from your subjects. You can also upgrade your buildings to increase the taxes you get, along with your population. When you ran out of space, upgrading is your best (and perhaps only) option. You can upgrade the same building several times.

Next, you’ll need to set up a strong economy! Start by building your first workshop. Workshops produce supplies that you’ll need for construction as well as for exploration purposes. When built, workshops will permanently occupy a portion of your available population as they are assigned to the working population instead. However, workshops do not work automatically, unlike residences. You will need to order how much supplies you would like to produce.

Your citizens pay taxes and produce supplies for you. In return, you should keep them happy, right? For that, you’ll need more “culture” in your city! To increase the culture in your city, you can build cultural buildings. These buildings will not only boost the happiness level of your citizens, which in turn increases the amount of taxes that you can collect from residences, they can also increase the supply production of your workshops as well!

To develop your city, you’ll definitely need to research new technologies and keep your city at the forefront of any beneficial advancement! Through research, you’ll be allowed to create a variety of buildings, such as a specialty supplies production building for the addition of other resources (9 in total), like marble, steel, scrolls, elixir, gems and silk, as well as the barracks for the production of troops.

For each branch of research, you have to invest in the required number of knowledge points to get it unlocked. Once it is unlocked, you can then activate it using some coins. The activation process is almost instantaneous, so you don’t have to worry about needing to wait. However, knowledge points are not as easily available. You can earn these points by waiting – you’ll passively earn 1 knowledge point every 1 hour. If you’re not the patient sort, you can explore the area outside your town to gain knowledge points faster or if you have the coins to spare, you can spend 500 coins to buy 1 knowledge point too.

Exploration is one of the most interesting aspects in Elvenar. To start, you’ll need to hire a scout to uncover a neighboring area or province first for a price. Once it is done (the process only requires a couple of seconds), you can then start to conquer the explored province by guile or by force!

Using the guile method, you could negotiate with the locals by providing them with the supplies they want and need in order to get your hands on their mysterious and ancestral relics. These relics will ensure you control over an area in the province. Each province contains several areas (usually 8) and you’ll need to take control of the relics in each of these areas in order to claim the province as your own! Do take note that different locations will ask different goods from you sometimes, but don’t worry - all of these goods can be researched, the corresponding production buildings can then be built and then you’ll get the goods you need.

To take a province by force, you’ll need to build a barracks and amass an army of your own. Different soldiers will have different efficiency against the enemies that they face, thus, it is always best to have a mixture of units in your troop. Similarly to the guile method, after you’re done completing all the encounters in a particular province, you will be rewarded with a new city expansion! Once a province is captured, you can then move on to the next bordering province by repeating the scouting and relic acquiring process.

Sometimes, you may also encounter some neighboring towns too! These towns are not attackable… yet (PvP may be implemented later on since the game is still in its beta phase). However, it’s nice to note that after uncovering the province beside his or her town, both of you will be considered as ‘neighbors’ and there is a nice perk that both of you will get. For instance, you can foster both your cities relationship by providing neighborly help to your fellow players and get some supplies or coins in return! You can also visit your neighbors’ cities to see how much they have progressed as well!


Despite being an MMORTS, Elvenar has yet to provide a guild function in the game. However, considering that this game is still in its beta phase, this is excusable. The game also includes some elements of social gameplay, such as you can lend your neighboring cities a hand. If you enjoyed playing the game and would like to know more about its development as well as its date of release, you could check out (and ‘like’) the game’s Facebook fan page.

Graphics/ Sound

Elvenar has absolutely nice graphics for a browser-based game. The visuals have the same hand-drawn feeling that the other games in InnoGames’s vault of games have. The music in this game is fantastic as well! The Celtic-type music provided is slow-paced, soothing and does not feel repetitive at all. It is also filled with sounds of the magical wonders in Elvenar, including the sound of birds chirping. Overall, the game gets a two-thumbs-up for both graphics and sound!


In short, Elvenar is a promising fantasy-themed city-building/strategy game that contains all the features (and more!) that are the hallmark of InnoGames’s many strategy games. In this game, you’ll need to build up your city by increasing your population and producing supplies. Research new technologies in your city’s tech tree to unlock new options and features along the way. Expand your city limits by conquering neighboring provinces from the natives by force or by bribery! Cooperate with fellow players with their cities bordering your provinces and help each other to grow! Will you be a ruthless and merciless conqueror or will you bring new provinces under your rule through other more peaceful means? Play Elvenar now to find out!
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