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Elite Dangerous 10 rate Elite Dangerous is a simulator that fulfills the need for astronomy lovers’ to explore the last frontier, which is space. Take control of your own starship and explore the Milky Way, shaping the events of the galaxy and along with other players. Finally, have the freedom to become a pilot of your choosing! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Have you ever opened up an astronomy book as a child and wondered what it would be like to see other planets and visit other star systems? Unfortunately, we won’t likely get to see mankind unlock the secret of traveling at the speed of light, but thankfully, a few games today manage to somehow simulate the entire experience.

Elite Dangerous is one of these titles, giving us our very own starship and the chance to explore the Milky Way. Starting with just a few credits and a starship, you’ll be in charge of your fate: should you just become a simple explorer, a pirate, a good Samaritan, or someone who skirts legal boundaries?

If you grabbed it for free on Epic Games earlier this November, should it be something you’d want to play? Let’s check out what it has to offer:


One of the best - and worst - things about Elite Dangerous is you’re simply a pilot who, in comparison, is just a tiny fragment of space. You’re part of a bigger world, not the center of it, and although your actions and those of its many players determine its state, you’re just a small part of it. Although it’s great to see the galaxy’s events when reading the news while you’re docking in a space station, the story doesn’t immerse you that much.

Elite Dangerous is set in the year 3306, set in the Milky Way. Currently, there are three major factions (Federation, Empire, and Alliance) and dozens of other minor ones. Players can determine their relationship with these factions and its economy and other aspects depending on their actions. Currently, the galaxy is in conflict with an alien race called the Thargoids, and the first encounter happened three years ago.


If you’re new to games where you have to pilot a craft, then you’ll have to first hurdle Elite Dangerous’ rather difficult learning curve. As someone who has had dozens of hours of experience playing No Man’s Sky and Ace Combat, Elite dangerous is a whole different ball game. The first few hours were a struggle, even during the tutorial, where I had to get used to the spaceship’s controls via the mouse and keyboard. In addition, there’s also the challenge of getting used to the user interface. Instead of bringing up an in-game menu, the quests log and other aspects like shops are on the environment via your ship’s console. It personally took me hours to get used to the whole thing.

However, if there is one thing Elite Dangerous excels at, it’s immersion. The way you interact with the consoles and elements in your cockpit screams authenticity. Although this will sound a little absurd, it kind of makes you feel like you’re actually a spacefarer. Once you get the hang of the controls, you’ll be able to cover vast distances via a hyperdrive, fighting space pirates and drones, while scavenging for materials.

Thing is, space is a massive place, and most of the time, you’ll be sitting there waiting for something to happen while traversing the great dark yonder. Random events, like space pirates attacks, law enforcement encounters, and even scavenging opportunities are far and few in between. Although you could say it accurately depicts what traveling through space is like, it needs more moments that can give you an adrenaline rush. The dogfighting aspect of this game, especially since you’ll be equipped with a variety of weapons, are one the best I’ve experienced so far.


Elite Dangerous can either be played solo or online. The latter may treat you to random encounters with other players, and this can actually be a double-edged sword. Though you can definitely forge friendships with other players, there’s always the chance they’re going to shoot you from behind and take whatever you have on you.

With that in mind, Elite Dangerous has a large player-base. You can interact with your fellow spacefarers on communities like Reddit while there’s also a Discord community. You can definitely find like-minded players to play and explore the galaxy with.


In terms of presentation, Elite Dangerous delivers what I would definitely say an authentic spacefaring experience. The sounds you hear while you jump into hyperdrive and the explosions all around you as battles rage on immerse you at the moment. To add to that, it’s a great looking game. Though we have nothing to compare it with, passing through a planet and looking at it from out of the cockpit is nothing short of awesome.


Overall, Elite Dangerous is a dangerous game to get into if you’re someone who loves astronomy and space exploration. After all, you’ll likely spend countless hours making a name of yourself in the galaxy. Although it has a steep learning curve that will surely pose a problem early on, it’s worth getting over the hump and seeing what the last frontier has to offer.

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Elite Dangerous is a simulator that fulfills the need for astronomy lovers’ to explore the last frontier, which is space. Take control of your own starship and explore the Milky Way, shaping the events of the galaxy and along with other players. Finally, have the freedom to become a pilot of your choosing! Fleet of starships in Elite Dangerous Major battle in Elite Dangerous Space ship in hangar in Elite Dangerous Read More
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