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Element 9 rate Build your futuristic base on Planet Prime, fill the ranks of your army with infantry, vehicular units and mechs, and battle with other players in an attempt to secure the planet's abundant resources for yourself in Element! Do you have what it takes to dominate in Element? Play now and find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Welcome to Planet Prime, commander! The Federation’s in the middle of a major conflict with smugglers and due to this, you’re charged with the duty to eliminate illegal bases set up by these very smugglers (a.k.a. other players) as well as to clear the planet of its very uncooperative local inhabitants, the Reapers. Extract and collect resources from the planet and sell them to the Federation for bitmoney. Research new technologies at the lab and advance your units and base in order to gain the upper hand. Don’t forget to save some resources along with money so you can recruit more troops and expand your army! So, build your futuristic base on Planet Prime and battle with other players in an attempt to secure the planet's abundant resources for yourself in Element today!


The game provides a nice tutorial system, which is implemented alongside the quests in the game, to guide you through the basics of the game... the most important of which is construction. There are 3 types of buildings that you can construct in Element; they include city, troops and resources. Most buildings can be upgraded to increase their efficiency. However, since you are given 1 construction slot in the game, you can only build a new building or upgrade an existing one at any time.

Among these buildings, the most vital for any budding empire is resources and thankfully, on Planet Prime, resources are abundant! The most basic resources are Selium, which can be refined by building Selium Refiners over selium geysers, and Fram that can be extracted via Fram Extractors on Fram veins. You can even clear and expand your land using bitmoney (in-game currency) to discover new resource nodes scattered around the map. More resource nodes allow you to build more extraction facilities and in effect earn you more resources over time.

As you progress, you’ll gradually unlock access to much superior resources, such as Herbert, Gravylic, and Tixid, through research. All of these resources are then stored in the warehouse in Element. You can build multiple warehouses to increase your storage capacity – after all, we wouldn’t want all those harvested resources go to waste!

In Element, you can only obtain resources. In order to earn bitmoney, you’ll need to sell your resources to the Federation via the Cargo Shuttle. Different resources will net you different amounts of bitmoney at different times, according to the market pricing in the game. Not to mention, you are only allowed 1 shuttle at a time and considering that almost everything in the game costs bitmoney, it’s best to keep sending shuttles whenever you can.

If you need additional resources, be it materials or bitmoney, you can get them by complete quests. There are plenty of quests that are all available at the get-go and these quests cover various game aspects too, such as technologies, army, construction, warfare and trade. Besides resources, you may sometimes obtain “speedup”s, free charges, which you’ll need to search for enemies to attack, and microchips that you’ll need for research.

In Element, research plays a very important role. It not only improves your resource production and troops, but also unlocks new units and resource extraction. As mentioned, it uses up microchips which can be obtained via the Dark Hive structure or by attacking other players. For your information, the Dark Hive also smuggle other items of value for you and thus, whether you’ll be getting microchips or other randomized items, well, it depends largely on your luck. The Dark Hive will produce an item package every 10 minutes (it varies though), provided that you remember to log in and collect it.

Now that you have established a pretty stable economy for your growing empire, it’s time to invest some of those resources into the military! After all, you wouldn’t want to have your hard-earned resources raided from you by some upstart player. However, before you can recruit troops for your army, you’ll first need to prepare some living quarters for them. Building living quarters in Element increases your population and naturally, population is needed to recruit troops at the many unit-training facilities available. Each facility provides up to 5 queue slots, so you can queue up to 5 different unit types per building.

There are generally 4 different troop types in Element, namely infantry, mechs, drones and vehicles. Each troop has a particular advantage against another type of units as well as weakness against another type. For instance, infantry has 60% bonus damage against vehicles but are weak against mechs while vehicles are excellent against mechs. It’s like a rock-paper-scissors cycle.

Furthermore, by upgrading your barracks and researching the necessary technology, you can unlock new troop types as well as more powerful units. In addition to troops, you’ll also get a hero unit. This hero can be equipped with armor, weapon and devices. These hero items can be crafted at the Engineering Plant provided that you have the necessary materials.

Troops can both be used for offensive and defensive purposes in this game. They are automatically set to aggressively defensive mode at the headquarters, but you can change this mode temporarily (for 2 days) to the shelter mode, whereby your troops will be sheltered from harm from any invading forces.

However, where’s the fun in only defending, right? It’s time to show the other bases on Planet Prime who’s boss! To go on the offensive, you’ll first need to scan for enemy locations at the orbital command. Every scan you perform will cost you 1 charge (you start off with a maximum of 4 charges) and will provide you with only 1 location. Charges also take quite a long time to regenerate, 5 hours, so besides attacking, you’ll have plenty of time to build up your base.

Before attacking, it is always wise to do some recon first, but of course, you’ll need have some recon units, specifically drones. In recon mode, your scouts will attack the enemy’s scouts, if there are any. If you win, you’ll get some vital intel on the size of the enemy’s army and structures. You can also strike down 1 enemy building and earn some loot in the process. You can recon an enemy base as many times as you like but you’ll need to wait for the cooldown period of 20 minutes in between recon missions.

Prepped for an assault? Well, let’s get some action going then! To attack, there are 2 options – attack or raid. The attack option allows you 10 strikes to destroy 10 enemy buildings, which will earn you resources in the process, but in return you’ll need to confront all the enemy troops. This option has a 4-hour cooldown. The raid option, on the other hand, only gives you 2 strikes with an 8-hour cooldown period, but your army will only attack those troops whereby your army has a clear and distinct advantage over, so your casualties will definitely be reduced.

Unlike every other strategy game, the combat is not immediately auto-resolved. Instead, you’ll be brought to the enemy base whereby you can then proceed to destroy each enemy building on the location. At certain times while you’re destroying buildings, you’ll encounter the enemy troops. The game will then auto-resolve your battles for you. Your casualties will be shown in the red bar underneath your troop icons.


The community in Element tends to group together into corporations and with good reason too! Since you start with just a small base, you’ll need all the help you can get to prevent other higher level players from leveling your base. The game itself also has around 60 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page, which is a pretty good number for a game that is around half-a-year old.

Graphics/ Sound

In terms of its graphics, Element has plenty of cool and futuristic-looking structures as well as expansive hand-drawn alien world for you to feast your eyes over. The game also provides a rather foreboding yet pleasant-to-listen-to techno music.


All in all, Element is an exciting and fun-filled sci-fi-themed MMORTS game that both casual and hardcore strategists would enjoy! In this game, you set up your base on Planet Prime, the planet with one of the most abundant resources in the galaxy, but you’re not alone in your quest to exploit the planet for its riches. You’ll then need to use the resources you’ve gathered to recruit troop to eliminate as many of your competition as possible. Upgrade your various facilities and units as well as unlocking new resource and unit types via research at the lab. So, don’t wait! Set up your empire and grow your small base into a force that other players fear in Element today!

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New Game Added: Element

by Aethyna Aug 3, 2015
Build your futuristic base on Planet Prime, fill the ranks of your army with infantry, vehicular units and mechs, and battle with other players in an attempt to secure the planet's abundant resources for yourself in Element! Do you have what it takes to dominate in Element? Play now and find out! Raptor in Element Element: Attacking the enemy Mech factory in Element Read More
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