Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny

by Kim
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Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny 9 rate Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny is a hidden object adventure featuring a magical ring and its wearer as she and her dog travel into Agora, a world in danger of succumbing to darkness and evil. With a chief wizard as a guide, the ring-bearer must master its power to defeat evil. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny is a visually stunning piece of hidden object adventure that promises hours of entertaining and stimulating puzzles and quests. With the traditional elements of a hidden object game still present, it also adds new and innovative mini games and plot twists to keep things interesting. You’ll never know what wonders await you, so prepare to be amazed.


In this game’s story, you play the part of a woman who adopted a dog named Ice. As they head home, they stumble upon a magical pond where they find a mysterious ring. The ring transports you and Ice into a world called Agora. Here, evil shadows lurk in dark corners, killing everyone in their path. With a great Wizard’s guidance, you must find clues, solve puzzles and learn the powers of the ring to defeat the shadows and stop the coming of the evil queen.


Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny starts with the story of a special dog named Ice, who is shown as being the chosen companion of the person who will find the Ring of Destiny. Ice finds an owner through adoption, and as she discovers the ring, she and Ice are transported into the kingdom of Agora. They meet the chief wizard Aeron, who will tell you about the power of the Ring and how it can help stop the evil shadows that has now plagued the kingdom.

Quests are done in different areas of the city’s castle, starting with the Tower of Four Wonders, where you need to free an angel by putting back her wings. Your mission is interrupted, however, by a dragon who descends from the sky to demand that a stolen egg be returned to him immediately. To please the dragon, who has taken one of the soldiers hostage, you need to put your first quest aside and accomplish this new one. If you’re not sure how to accomplish quests, click on Strategy Guide on the bottom left of the screen. This will help you take action on the most important quests so you can complete them.

The story continues to a more heightened state of terror and urgency, and finding objects to return to their rightful place is vital to gathering more clues. Ice has gone missing, and it is revealed that part of the Ring’s power resides with the lovable canine. You find Ice has been shrunk and placed inside a magic orb. Another important quest will now be to rescue your dog to achieve the Ring’s maximum power and defeat the shadows and the coming of an Evil Queen. Each added task will have you moving around the kingdom’s citadel. You can use the Map on the bottom of the screen to quickly move from one place to another.

The hidden object puzzles are behind or in objects that sparkle, and sometimes you need to do something first before you can get to them. You can use a helpful Hint button, but you need a few seconds for it to recharge before using again. Hidden object puzzles employ the silhouette and word list method. Some objects are covered by another object, and you will know this when the cursor turns into a hand. When this happens, quickly click to lift the object and reveal what’s under it. Some hidden object scenes require you to pry something open by using another tool within that same scene. A message usually suggests how to interact with an object to open or break it.

Between finding hidden objects and gathering materials to solve various puzzles, you’ll also need to “learn” the skills of the Ring. The first skill, which you learned early on, was to charge gems and other objects so it can be used as a magical weapon against evil forces. The second skill is teleportation to other worlds, which will be unlocked when you reach the Tower of Four Wonders. Aeron the wizard will guide into learning all skills of the Ring, and ultimately defeat the dark powers that will soon befall the kingdom of Agora.

In every scene outside of hidden objects, there are hidden dragons. You might spot them in strategic hiding places such as behind dark corners and under other large objects. To check if there are dragons to find in a certain scene, click on the blue gem on the left side of the screen. Find as many hidden dragons as you can to add to your collection, which will be useful later on.

Mini-games are also present in this game. From putting torn pages of a book together, to finding ingredients of a recipe to make fuel, there’s a lot of thought-provoking action that will keep you occupied. You can skip mini-games if you wish, but you’ll have to wait a few seconds for the Skip button to activate.


Possibly one of the best hidden object adventure games ever made, graphics are stunning in this game. Images, whether drawn or in 3D, are beautifully made and a pleasure to watch. Animations in video reels are solid, and makes the story even more gripping. The music and voice acting, however, is the same one you’ll find in other games in this genre, so it’s nothing spectacular.


Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny is probably one of the best hidden object adventure games released this year. If you’re looking for a traditional hidden object game, you won’t find it here. This game pushes the boundaries of what people expect from the genre, and allows for twists and a laser-like focus on story and character presentation. Get ready to be astonished, befuddled and thrilled with this stellar addition to modern hidden object games.

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New Game Added: Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny

by Kim May 20, 2016
Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny is a hidden object adventure featuring a magical ring and its wearer as she and her dog travel into Agora, a world in danger of succumbing to darkness and evil. With a chief wizard as a guide, the ring-bearer must master its power to defeat evil. Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny hidden objects scene hidden object puzzle in Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny: ice the dog Read More
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