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Eden Eternal 9 rate The once-peaceful world in Eden Eternal is being torn apart by racial strife and conflict. Are you ready to take on all manner of evil to save this world? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Eden Eternal is an anime-based MMORPG developed by X-Legend, the developing company behind popular anime titles, like Grand Fantasia and Kitsu Saga. The game features a very unique, but can be rather overwhelming character class system. It also provides other character stats customization including class talents, character traits and 5 different races! Combat in this game is augmented with a battle pet system whereby you can train your own battle pet to help you deal extra damage or to provide you with heals instead. The game even has a soulmate system, in which couples are given special lovers’ skills, except in PvP environments, when they are playing together. In addition to the usual PvE and PvP MMO fare, there is a crafting system whereby you can craft your own weapons, an auction house, guild towns and treasure hunting as well! The world in Eden Eternal is being torn apart by racial strife and only you can stop it… the only question left here is… can you do it?


The story of the Diaspora, whereby the races of the world left their home and set sail toward new lands, has been told for generations. They landed on the central continent and worked together to build a new life of peace and harmony. As time passed, this bond between the races was all but forgotten. Racial strife built up like a volcano ready to blow its top, shattering the utopia the races once had. Conflict became common in the realm and its tendrils of darkness snaked across the land, holding everyone in its grasp. Unsurprisingly, war erupted and suffering dutifully followed it. The haven that once was has now become embroiled in despair and pain. Hope faded... until a group of mysterious humanoids appeared, strong and wise. Their souls resonated with magic; they worked tirelessly to rid the world of evil. Being a part of these people, it is your absolute duty to help the people in the realm to escape the chains that bound them. Are you ready?


After booting up the game, you’ll be asked to log in and create your very first character! Firstly, you’ll need to select a suitable name for your character as well as customize it to your liking. Then, you’ll need to select 1 out of the 5 races available, namely humans, zumi (adorable blue mice), anuran (‘frog prince’-like characters), ursun (bear) and halfkin, which may bring to mind the famous mini-people from The Borrowers. Races vary in terms of capabilities, making them suited for slightly different roles within classes. Different races will also have access to different racial crafting professions. For instance, humans are given gemcrafting, while zumis are expert engineers instead!

In Eden Eternal, you are initially not given the option to choose your character class. Like every other new player to the game, you’ll start off by playing the warrior class. However, as you progress in the game, you’ll soon be able to unlock 15 more job classes, which can be generally separated into 5 categories – defense, melee dps, ranged dps, support and magic dps. For defense, you’ll have your templars and knights while for melee dps, you can choose to play as a samurai, a martial artist or others. If you prefer dealing damage from a distance, you may want to choose a ranged dps class, such as hunter or engineer, or a magic dps class, like illusionist or warlock. There is also a support class for people who like to play as a healer or an off-healer. You can switch between these classes any time you like, except during combat, after you’ve unlocked them as well!

The last part that you’ll have to choose before you can start the game – there are a lot of customizations, aren’t there? – is your character traits. There are up to 8 traits available, for example, guardian, leadership, sanctum, maverick and commando, and you’ll just need to choose 1. These traits are important to determine which role your character will play in the game. For instance, the guardian trait provides defensive stat boosts and is more suitable for a character is you plan on making him or her a tank, while for the leadership trait, it provide boosts to your character’s total hit and mana points and is considered as a all-rounder type of trait.

Due to having multiple classes available, the gameplay in Eden Eternal is rather different than other MMOs that you may have played before. First of all, there are 2 experience (XP) bars or meters that you’ll have to keep track of. The first is your character meter while the other is your class meter. You will earn XP much faster for your character than for your class and the primary way to do so is through combat. The leveling process is relatively easy since there are many ways, such as questing and running dungeons, for you to earn XP in this, as well as any MMO, game, but it can be rather grindy. By leveling up your character, you will gradually unlock new classes and also gain knowledge points that can be placed in class talents, which will allow you to specialize in your preferred character class.

Questing in Eden Eternal is fairly easy in the sense that you are provided with an auto-routing option. Most quests involve ferrying messages between NPCs as well as some form of battle. Some quests are repeatable as well, so you can easily rack up a ton of XP that way!

The combat system in this game is very similar to other MMOs - your character will be given a set list of abilities that you can use to deal damage to the mobs. The combat animation looks much cooler in this game though! Moreover, once you reached level 25, you will be allowed to have a battle dog, in the form of a cute Pug, by your side that is trained to either heal or attack. The game is also augmented with a soulmate system whereby players can hook up with guys or girls of their choice… no matter if they are of the same sex as your character or not. Couples will receive additional ‘lovers’ skills, such as the soulmate instant heal, for the time they spend together. These skills will be able to give these sweethearts an advantage when facing a tough mob in the game. The game also keeps it balanced in the sense that lovers’ skills are not usable in the PvP scene.

In addition, the crafting system in Eden Eternal is rather special as well! As aforementioned, crafting professions are assigned based on your character’s race. However, there’s another crafting option, namely the craft equipment option that is available to every player in the game. To craft, you will need to purchase blueprints from the merchants, get them from dungeons or you can even draft your own blueprints! After you have the blueprint, you’ll just need to collect the materials.

You can obtain materials from farming, mining or alter summoning. However, contrary to popular belief, these ‘gathering professions’ are not exactly professions at all. What you need to do is to pay a sum of money to the respective NPCs, who are in charge of farming, mining or alter summoning, and he will start to gather the materials for you (you’ll need to wait for the duration of time for him to complete the assignments). You can set up a maximum of 10 assignments per NPC at a time and high level assignments will cost more, as they will provide you with rarer and higher grade materials.

These NPCs will usually get you 10 common materials, 3 uncommon materials, 1 rare material or any 2 combination of the above options. If you cannot wait, you can easily buy materials from the auction house – though, you cannot trade blueprints in this game. Then, you’ll just need to approach a molding master with the necessary skill level, pass the materials and the blueprint to them and they’ll help you to craft the item you need!

Eden Eternal also offers 2 different PvP settings for PvP enthusiasts to enjoy, namely 1-on-1 dueling and 3-vs-3 arenas. Arenas are only open for a limited number of times per day and lasts for around 2 hours each. There is also a special arena mode that you can play in, called monster arena, whereby players are randomly transformed into a boss monster (from the list of monsters available). They will also get super-buffed-up, arena-only weapons with crazy stats to fight with that will disappear after the match. The match is pretty much a free for all deathmatch and the last one standing wins the match! After every PvP match, except dueling, you will gain honor stars which can be traded in for blueprints and potions.

For dungeoneers, Eden Eternal features a huge list of dungeons (having a total of around 40) that you can enjoy starting from level 8. Once you hit level 50, the dungeons are then recycled – you’ll be running the same dungeons again, but at a much higher difficulty. These dungeons will then be called trials or trial dungeons. At level 70, some trials are again recycled and relabeled as S-trial dungeons and the difficulty level is raised even higher. If you love a challenge when running dungeons, this game can definitely offer that to you!

There are also other features, such as player housing, achievements, titles, armor customization (armor dyeing), mounts, treasure hunting (by crafting treasure maps) and many others! Do check the game out yourself to find out!


The community in Eden Eternal generally group together into guilds and guilds are very special in this game. Guild members can work together and combine resources to construct their own guild town in this game. Each guild town can contain up to five different structures, such as farms, mines, alchemy labs and foundaries. You can even place a monument in the town square! By having a guild town, fellow guildies can hang out at their respective towns, set up shops there and even interact with the many NPC merchants available!

Graphics/ Sound

The anime-cartoony graphics in Eden Eternal are very similar to anime MMORPG games, like Grand Fantasia and Kitsu Saga especially considering that these games are developed by the same developing company! The characters are absolutely adorable in this game, particularly the zumi race and its sceneries are nothing short of astonishing! Furthermore, its music is pretty nice as well! It has this fantasy-like feel to it that increases the game’s immersion for the player.


Eden Eternal is an anime-inspired MMO game that has one of the most unique and yet somewhat complicated character class system on the internet. Granted that the game provides plenty of variety, having separated experience systems for character and class, especially when you have 16 different classes, including the one you started off with, can be a tad bit overwhelming. Thus, it’s best to focus on a couple of classes that you actually like and fit your play style before going deeper into them. The game also offers an active and competitive auction house system, auto-routing for quests, crafting professions, soulmate system, battle pet companions, up to 40 different dungeons of varying difficulties as well as some pretty unique arena modes, such as the monster arena. This is a very solid MMORPG game that you may perhaps enjoy! So, try it out today and experience it for yourself!

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Eden Eternal

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