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Echo of Soul 9 rate Blessed with the ability to utilize the souls of your fallen enemies to boost up your own strength, you will need to use your powers for good and take on the hordes of corrupted creatures, unleashed by the vengeful spirit of Ymir. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Being the chosen Soulkeeper of the Gods in this amazing MMORPG, Echo of Soul, you are blessed with the ability to utilize the souls of your fallen enemies to boost up your own strength. With your soul-wielding powers, you will then need to help the world rid itself of the monstrous creatures that were corrupted and created by the vengeful spirit of the King of Giants, Ymir. Participate in thrilling PvP matches with other fellow Soulkeepers to train up your combative skills and pick up a useful profession to aid you in your journey. Grow your abilities and obtain the best gear so that you will be strong enough to face the evil spirit of Ymir himself!


At the very beginning, there was a huge war between the creators of the world – the Gods and the Giants. Both were immortal beings that date back to the very birth of the world in Echo of Soul and hence, their immense power was displayed when their war had nearly “ripped” the world apart.

However, the Giants eventually succumbed and Ymir, the Giant King, was slain. Ymir’s corrupted blood ran freely from his corpse and its spread threatened to desecrate the source of all creation, the World Tree. The King of Gods, Odin, and Frigg tried to stop the spread of the contamination, but despite their sacrifice, an evil force emerged from Ymir’s life essence and it is hell-bent on wiping life off from the face of the world.

The Gods need some help and you have been chosen to do so. Will you be able to save the world from the vengeful spirit of the powerful being, Ymir?


To start playing, you’ll first need to create your character. In Echo of Soul, you are given 5 classes to choose from, namely the warrior, rogue, guardian, sorceress, warlock and archer. As you may have noticed, there aren’t any healing classes in this game. This is a rather interesting aspect of the game as the game places more emphasis on buffs and dodging the abilities dungeon bosses will be throwing at you instead. This aspect also makes having enough health potions very important in any battle.

Furthermore, each class has 2 specialization paths that you’ll unlock at level 10. Different paths will most certainly change how you play your character. For instance, the warrior can be specialized into either a berserker or a protector. Naturally, if you don’t enjoy tanking, you might want to go ahead and go down the berserker path. However, if you do enjoy tanking, you might want to choose the protector’s path instead.

These classes are also all gender-locked, which is rather unfortunate, but the game makes up for it by providing a rather sufficient amount of customization options that range from various preset facial options to the sliders to change your character’s height, body size and head size. Unlike most MMORPGs though, Echo of Soul provides players with quite a variety of eye options (demonic-looking eyes, anyone?) and facial tattoos (you can even look like the infamous Joker from the Batman movie). Once everything’s done, you can head straight into the in-game tutorial and subsequently, the game itself!

The controls in Echo of Soul are pretty flexible in the sense that you can choose to use either the WASD keys or your left mouse button to move around. Combat, on the other hand, are not as flexible in this game. Echo of Soul utilizes the old “stand and attack”-style combat along with tab-targeting. This means that you won’t be able to move and attack at the same time... surprisingly, even when you’re using instant-cast abilities. Although there’s also a dodge button, you won’t need to use it often during questing. The importance of the dodge button only comes to light once you enter a dungeon or a PvP arena. There is some sort of combo system as well that will allow you to unleash devastation on your enemies.

Interestingly, instead of turning the edges of your screen in flashing red, the developers of the game seem to think that adding in a sound that sounds a lot like the endless notifications your phone gets (if you didn’t the notification option on every app you installed on it) to let you know that you have aggro-ed monsters. The ding seems amusing at first, but after a while of incessant dinging, especially when you knowingly go into combat, it can get rather annoying. That being said, it’s still nice to see the game trying to do something new instead of sticking to the tried-and-true MMO formula.

In terms of questing, the quests are rather easy to do and not too grindy. In fact, leveling up is rather easy in this game, especially at the beginning. This fast progression can allow a player to hit the level cap pretty easily within a week or two if the player went all out in the game. Quest tracking is pretty neat in this game as it guides you to the quest location via tiny compasses next to the quest you’re tracking, but it doesn’t really automate the questing process like what most web-based MMOs do.

The character progression in Echo of Soul is pretty generic as well. As mentioned, you’ll get to specialize into 1 of 2 paths once you reached level 10. Each path offers their respective skill trees. The skill tree will then determine which set of skills you’ll have access to later on as you invest more skill points into your tree. In addition to improving your character’s skills, you are also allowed to upgrade your character’s gear items. For example, you could add gems to your gear or inlay it with runes. Gems themselves can in turn be upgraded too. You can do so by fusing 2 gems of the same elemental type and grade together in order to obtain 1 gem of higher quality.

The unique part of Echo of Soul that sets it apart from other MMORPGs though is its soul system. Being a Soulkeeper, you will be able to collect chaos souls whenever you killed a creature that was corrupted by the evil spirit of Ymir. These chaos souls will then need to be purified at a soul sanctum. There are 2 ways you can do the purification, either solo or co-op, and of course, as the game is an MMO, it has some attractive bonuses to encourage you to purify the chaos souls using the co-op method.

Once purified, the soul will be randomly converted into power for the 4 soul skills, namely hope, courage, innocence and peace. Each soul skill provides different type of buffs in battle and only last around 30 seconds. For instance, Hope gives you increased critical chance, attack speed, casting speed and experience buffs. However, you won’t be able to stack these soul skills together as only 1 can be active at any time. As you purify more souls, your soul skills will level up by themselves to provide better boosts to your stats when activated.

Like most MMOs, Echo of Soul provides both PvE dungeons and PvP arenas for players to have fun in. Dungeons are generally a lot entertaining and challenging than questing as the bosses in the dungeons will use abilities, making timely dodges very important. Not to mention, there are different difficulties you can choose from for each dungeon you go in and you can even choose to attempt the dungeon alone if you are having trouble finding a random pick-up group or if you prefer doing stuff solo.

There are even the usual PvP events such as the 15-vs-15 battlefields, 5-vs-5 arenas and 1-on-1 duels. However, classes are reportedly a bit unbalanced in PvP though and the match making could use a bit more work – you have been warned! That being said, the game doesn’t tout open PvP, which eliminates low level ganking, but if your guild has a rival guild, then the members of that rival guild are open season for you if you happen to come across them in the in-game world.

Moreover, Echo of Soul also offers professions that you can pick up. There are only 3 types of professions, namely alchemist, resource collector and jeweler, but you are allowed to pick up a hobby (sub profession), like cooking or soul crafting, on the side. Lastly, the in-game shop in this game seems pretty decent for a free-to-play game as most of the stuff in there is mainly cosmetic in nature, such as additional character customization options, mounts and pets. There are some convenience items like EXP boosters, skill reset, PvP packs, as well as enhancement safeguards (so your equipment won’t break down on you during enhancements) and boosters.


The community in Echo of Soul has been growing since its release back in June of this year and it is expected to continue to grow in the future. The game may seem generic but it is the sort of game that has a certain charm which can keep a player hooked. The game boasts of an in-game chat and messaging system as well as a guild system, but if you fancy chatting with your fellow guildies or players while you’re not in the game, you can do so by checking out the game’s forums or Facebook fan page.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Echo of Soul are pretty good. The visuals may not be top-notch, especially when you compare it with the other MMORPGs that were released in this same year (Hint: Skyforge). That aside, the game’s skill animations are pretty epic. With regard to the sound, the game features some really epic soundtracks and excellent voice acting.


All in all, Echo of Soul may be a rather generic MMORPG, but it does somewhat stand out by having a well-thought out soul system. Although the characters are gender-locked, the many class types and character customization options make up for what the game lacks. Not to mention, the game also has plenty of exciting dungeons for you to run through with your friends, as well as exhilarating PvP events to unleash your fury in! There is, admittedly, some room for improvement in Echo of Soul, but it is a very decently-made MMORPG that players will surely enjoy. So, be sure to check this game out today and experience Echo of Soul for yourself!

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