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Duelyst 10 rate Duelyst is a free to play collectible card game and turn based strategy game hybrid that features 2D pixel art graphics. It features a one vs. one match against an AI opponent or a real player in online rank battles, seasonal tournaments or gauntlet matches. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Duelyst is a free to play online card game and strategy game hybrid that was developed by Keith Lee; who is a former lead producer of Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind the Warcraft and Starcraft franchise. It features a unique gameplay that blended the elements of turn-based strategic games and the collecting aspects of card games. It focuses on online matches with real players where you can choose from five factions that provide different set of decks on their arsenal.


The world of Duelyst focuses on the fictional land with six continents that were claimed by different factions and each of them must select a Bloodborn for their Duelyst who will reach the Monolith during the period where all continents are aligned in the middle of the island where the Monolith resides. The story has a deep lore that those who wants to invest more on the world of Duelyst can read the codex that is available in the game with matching narrator to read the codex.


The interesting part of Duelyst is its gameplay, combining two game genres to provide a rather refreshing feel to a competitive game. The turn based strategy aspect provides that added depth of competitive gaming while the collecting aspect of card games allows you to help improve your gameplay by experimenting on different decks as your builds.

All matches are placed in a 5x9 grid where each of the player’s generals are facing at each end. All generals’ life points starts at 25 and the objective to win is to defeat the opposing general by reaching his or her life points to zero. You can move around the field depending on your general’s movement range and perform attacks on nearby enemies or summon/cast if you have available crystals to spend.

There are crystal shards located in the middle of the map, and occupying those spots can provide you with bonus crystals every turn. Another advantage for all generals is that the crystals that you earn every turn will gradually increase, giving you options to use high level creatures or spells. Summoning creatures are somewhat similar to any card games, you need to spend crystals in order to summon and you can place them in any location that is near your general.

However, after being summoned, some creatures cannot perform any actions until the next turn with exception to some with special abilities. The best part in the game is the ability to swap a card from your hand and replace it with a random card at the start of any turn, giving you the option to swap out any unwanted cards.

Spells may vary from restorative effects to damaging opponents or its army. Some may be in a form of equipment that can be attached to your general, this may provide additional boost or effects to it, but be wary that you can only equip up to three items and whenever you receive damage will cause some of your weapons to break. Another cool feature is the unique spells for each general, providing temporary effects in the field. It does not use any crystals when casted but will have a cooldown timer before you can use it again.

Combat can be done by target any nearby enemy. Each creature has its own attack points and stamina. When a combat is initiated, both creatures will attack at each other, the creature who dealt the more damage than the opposing’s stamina will win and the opposing will be destroyed, and the end of combat, all damaged dealt will carry over, so if the surviving creature only has 2 life points left, it will stay at 2 unless a heal spell or special ability was triggered to add more life points to it.

Completing and winning matches earns you experience to level up and earn free cards to add in your deck. And one of the best features is customizing your own deck. Though Duelyst have preconstructed decks for the six generals, you can create your own with the neutral cards that you acquired. You can practice your new decks against AI opponents in practice matches.

There are also daily challenges where you must complete the objectives to get a reward, these challenges have some puzzle elements where you must utilize the available units and spells in play.


For an indie game, Duelyst has a ton of players active. There are several multiplayer modes available for players to participate, the standard ranked matches lets you challenge a random player of the same rank, and winning will land you a rank increase and experience points. There is also the tournament mode where you can participate along with other players and the winner will get a tremendous amount of rewards.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals in Duelyst features a 16-bit pixel art form that is nostalgic to fans of classic 2D games. Despite being 16-bit graphics, their animations are very fluid and eye candy to watch. Sound effects are impressive providing life to the characters aside from grunts, they also provide voiced dialogues for the generals. Music is top notch as it provides an epic tune to the game.


Duelyst provides a great online strategy game that mixes well with the elements of a collectible card game. The nostalgic 2D sprites provides a great presentation to the game and the deck building feature provides endless possibilities. Though the game may have fewer modes of play, it can still provide enough game time for those who wants a new kind of strategy or card game.

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New Game Added: Duelyst

by Richard Dec 30, 2016
Duelyst is a free to play collectible card game and turn based strategy game hybrid that features 2D pixel art graphics. It features a one vs. one match against an AI opponent or a real player in online rank battles, seasonal tournaments or gauntlet matches. Duelyst: Combat Playing a card in Duelyst Duelyst: Gameplay Read More
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