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Driver XP 9.3 rate Explore the amazingly aesthetic open world of racing in this gem of a racing game, Driver XP! There are plenty of thrilling game modes for you to enjoy, car upgrades to purchase and sleek new cars to drool over! Best of all? All these can be bought using in-game money! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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“Racers, start your engines! Ready…. Set…. GO!!!” Slam on the accelerator and zip your way across beautiful terrains, complete with picturesque sceneries, in this hell of a racing game, Driver Experience (or Driver XP, in short)! The game offers an amazingly aesthetic open world, which include different settings such as city and mountainous roads, for you to race to your heart’s content! There are plenty of thrilling game modes for you to enjoy, including time trials, normal races, free rides and the amazing interceptor mode, whereby you play as the police car pursuing a racer on the highways. You can even upgrade every important part of your car rather easily as the races are not too hard initially and if you place in the top 3, you can easily earn plenty of money. New cars are all purchasable by in-game cash too, so it’s definitely not the pay-to-enjoy type of game! If racing is in your blood, Driver Experience is one game that you seriously mustn't miss out on!


Before you head to the starting line, you have to select a car to drive first! The cars in this game may not be the familiar branded ones, like Ferrari or BMW, but they look fantastically cool enough. Each car has its own unique designs and stats, namely top speed, acceleration, brake, strength and handling. You’ll start off with the default car, but you can unlock new ones by leveling up! You can level up by completing objectives set by the game. New cars don’t cost too much in Driver XP as well! With just a couple of quick games and by placing 1st (or at least in the top 3) for all of them, you can easily get enough cash to buy a new car soon!

Not to mention, like any racing game, there’s an option for you to upgrade your car! In fact, every important part on your car is upgradable up to a maximum of 5 times. This includes engine, turbo, brake disc, wheel tire, suspension, weight, body and your in-built nitro boost. All of these will cost you in-game money and none of it requires real cash. However, there are limited customizations that you can do to personalize your car. For instance, you can only change your car’s body color within the range of 5 colors provided – red, orange, blue, silver and black.

When you’re ready to let other racers to bite your dust, click “race” to jump straight into action! But first, a road map of the open world in Driver XP will be presented to you and you’ll have to choose which game mode you want to play in as well as on which part of the map! There are currently 4 different game modes, namely normal race, time trial, interceptor and free rides. By placing in the top 3 in any of these modes will earn you a sizable amount of in-game cash.

Normal race pits you against 3 other computer-controlled racers to see who can reach the finish line first! There’s only 1 lap in this race and you’ll start off with the easy mode. The tougher modes will require you to level up to a certain level before it will be unlocked. In the race, you have to follow the path marked out in blue on your mini-map on your left. If not, you’ll miss out all the check points and fall behind every other racer in the competition! Excitingly, you will also encounter police cars along the way and they will immediately pursue you, relentlessly, when they see you zooming past! The police cars will attempt to stop you by repeatedly slamming into your car to drive you off course into the road barrier or in general to reduce your car’s health.

Sometimes, a police chopper will even turn up in front of you and will drop spike strips in an attempt to damage your car’s health to the point where your car will be too damaged to move. It is game over for you if your car’s health dropped to 0. However, it is very possible to escape from the police – to shake them off your tail, but you’ll need to use a little bit of skill and plenty of daredevil driving. You can also earn bonus points in this game by drifting – yes, you can drift in Driver XP! – and by nearly missing other cars/ traffic on the road as you drive pass them at high speeds.

In time trial mode, you’ll be playing the game alone (without any opponents) to race to the finish line within the limit of time. There are police cars too in this mode, so you have to be sure that you don’t get slammed on by the police car/s or you’ll lose precious seconds off the timer! You can also enjoy a leisurely cruise to explore the roads and enjoy the sceneries in the open world of Driver XP via the free rides mode.

The best game mode is definitely the interceptor mode. Since you’re usually the one being pursued by police cars with you trying to outrun them, this time you will play the law enforcement side of pursuit instead! You’ll get to drive a police car complete with flashing sirens and of course, the nitro boost that you've transferred from your race car onto your police vehicle. What you need to do in this game is to eliminate the racer that you’ll be pursuing within the shortest amount of time! How do you “eliminate” a racer exactly? Well, you’ll have to ram into their car or force them to slam into other cars or even the road barrier to reduce his car’s health.

The AI racer is also rather clever as well! If you overtook him and slam on the brakes to swirl your car around to block the racer’s path, he will do a full U-turn and speed off in the other direction... with you hot on his tail once again! There is also a not-so-obvious rear view mirror for you to reverse-slam your police car onto the racer you’re pursuing at the top center of your screen. Despite being the most enjoyable mode to play (the other modes are really fun to play too!), the only things missing in this mode is the ability to radio in police reinforcements, like choppers and other police cars. It’s not that you cannot handle a single racer, but it’d be really cool if you can!

There are also plenty of little things – it’s always the little things that matter – that made this game astonishingly good, despite being a game that was ported from a mobile platform to a browser-based platform on Facebook. There are several nice surprises like small sand mounts with a construction in progress sign in front of them that you can use to jump your car for fun as well as to get that extra score. There is also a heavy vehicle with a ramp on its back (the type of heavy vehicle that is used to transport new cars) in this game. Although it is a rather narrow ramp, if you aim it right, you can launch your car into the air!

When you’re racing on the metropolitan roads, you can even take shortcuts by going up the stairs and cutting through the plaza to gain an extra few meters of lead on your opponent or that police car trailing behind you. You can knock down stuff that lined the road, such as streetlamps, post boxes and rubbish bins, along the way too! It also interesting to note that the other vehicles on the road do honk their car horn at you if you drive recklessly. The term “recklessly” here includes crashing into someone else’s car or driving too close to other cars (just so you can score that “near miss” bonus).

The only downside to this amazing game is the lack of a multiplayer mode. However, this may not be an issue soon since its mobile app counterpart has already gotten its multiplayer update.


Surprisingly, for an excellent racing game such as Driver XP, the game has a rather low number of players playing the game… perhaps it is due to the lack of promoting! There aren't many ways for you to find players who play this game, but you are free to set up one of your own! Who knows? There might be plenty of other players who play this game on a daily basis but they haven't had a place to group up yet!

Graphics/ Sound

Driver XP has some of the highest quality music that will definitely get your adrenaline pumping! Another well-done part is its realistic sound effects. For instance, at the car selection screen, you can hear the soft but powerful purr of your car’s engine; or when you’re being pursued by the police, the sound of the police helicopter and the sirens of the police cars hot on your trail does give you that feeling of truly being a daredevil, law-breaking speed racer on the highway! Not only that, when you’re driving in the tunnel-like underpass, you can even hear the echo of your squealing tires or roaring nitro boost. It is these tiny details that made the game so much more amazing!

Being a game based on Facebook, Driver XP has absolutely stunning graphics! The cars in particular are highly polished (you can practically see your reflection on the car’s surface) and everything look so sleek and cool. The scenery in the open world is fantastic as well! If you’re not too busy running from the arm of the law or racing against other racers, do take awhile and drive around the place leisurely and drink in all the amazing scenery!


Driver XP is a seriously under-appreciated free-to-play Facebook-based open world racing game that contains hours and hours of exhilarating fun as you zip your way across the map! There are plenty of beautiful sceneries and tricky, drift-worthy turning points for the roads in this game. You can also enjoy playing the many game modes it offers, including the exciting interceptor mode, whereby you can play as a police driving your police car in pursuit of a racer. The game offers a huge array of car upgrades and a nice range of new cars for you to buy using in-game cash, which can be easily earned by getting the top spot/s in races. Its controls are very responsive and smooth in addition to the point that this game is a very easy game to pick up. So, strap yourself in the driver’s seat, rev the engines and enjoy an open world racing experience in Driver XP now! With this game, having a great time is not a probability, but a guarantee!

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New Game Added: Driver Experience

by Aethyna Apr 1, 2015
Explore the amazingly aesthetic open world of racing in this gem of a racing game, Driver XP! There are plenty of thrilling game modes for you to enjoy, car upgrades to purchase and sleek new cars to drool over! Best of all? All these can be bought using in-game money! Driver XP: Overtaking a car Interceptor mode in Driver XP Driver XP: Underpass Read More
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