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Dream City Idols 9.8 rate Have you always wanted to become a fashion superstar? Well, in Dream City Idols, you can! Pursue your dreams in this beautiful city filled with many interesting characters, tons of fashion shows and competitions, and plenty of opportunities for you to grow into what you aspire to become! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Plotline Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: Dream City Idols is currently available for players in NA and Australia.


Have you always wanted to become a fashion superstar? Well, in Dream City Idols, you can! Pursue your dreams in this beautiful city filled with many interesting characters, tons of fashion shows and competitions, and plenty of opportunities for you to grow into what you aspire to become! Decorate and design your own home, adopt an adorable pet, and show those judges (and your rivals) you mean business in the Star Show. Do you have what it takes to be among the rich and famous in Dream City? Play Dream City Idols now and find out!


You’ve always lived in the shadow of your grandfather’s glory as a Dream City superstar but one day, you’ve got a rather unexpected wake-up – a call that tells you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and seize the day. You’ve realized that instead of wasting your life away, you’ve decided to finally pursue your dream of becoming a fashion superstar by moving to the fabled Dream City with your personal female butler, Maria... well, you still need to keep some comforts around to help with the adjustment.

Apparently, you’ve landed in an apartment within a neighborhood that’s just filled with famous celebrities, including the legendary “queen superstar” herself, Lady Q. Forge connections with these celebrities, compete in various fashion events and let them know you deserve your place among their ranks!


To start playing, you’ll need to create an avatar – a boy or a girl. You can then customize him or her to your liking based on the choices provided before heading straight into the game.

Dream City Idols may look like every other “Kawaii” simulation/virtual world game out there, but once you really get into the game, you’ll realize that this game offers so much more in terms of the depth of its gameplay. In some way, 37Games have absorbed and then implemented the success they had with their MMOs into this game... and the result is nothing short of producing a game that's addictively fun.

Like most MMOs under their belt, 37Games provides you with a ton of stuff to do. The higher level you go, the more stuff you will be able to do since you’ll then have unlocked a greater variety of features. One of the main way to level up is by completing as many trust quests as you can. There are tons of them that you can check out from the quest map and most of these quests will require a certain something-something to complete. The quest items you’ll need vary from character to character and can be obtained from a variety of means, including from farming, walking your pet, exploring the beach and more.

Admittedly, farming is among the more lackluster aspect in Dream City Idols and this is not at all surprising since this aspect is not the main focus of the game. Regardless, you still need to spend your avatar’s energy on planting and harvesting crops, just so you could turn in a trust quest.

Aside from giving you the necessary Fame to level up, trust quests also will allow you to gradually forge relationships with the quest giver in question. As mentioned, there are tons of characters in Dream City and to be the most likable of them all, you’ll need to do many trust quests. Once a character has warmed up to you (his/her favorability level is full), you can pack up some special gifts so they will be willing to support you by giving you a boost in your Net Worth (NW) when you take on your rivals at any fashion competition.

As a side note, Net Worth is the accumulative “worth” of your avatar’s assets and fashion sense. There are many ways for you to improve your NW, including but are not limited to putting on better clothes, using better pets, getting better furniture for your virtual home, or be ranked higher on Star Rank. This support function is incredibly helpful especially if you just need an extra leverage over your opponent, and naturally, you’d want to get as many characters in Dream City as you can to side with you. Well... you won’t be able to - you are only allowed to bring along 3 support characters at a time.

There are also other quests, namely daily quests and story-based quests which provide substantial Fame points as well.

Another way for you to gain Fame points is by participating in the Star Show or by competing with other players at the Star Rank event. Let’s start with the Star Show. In some way (if you’re familiar with MMORPGs), Star Show is like the PvE campaign of the game. This means you’ll be trying to fulfill the judges’ preferences at the Show in hopes of earning 3 trophies (max) per stage. The Show itself is split into Acts and each Act is in turn separated into 2 main segments – the Inspection Rounds and the final evaluation on stage.

Inspection Rounds are pretty simple to ace since you simply need to fulfill the requirements of a single judge who will be visiting your humble albeit virtual abode. You will not only be rated based on your Net Worth, but also on your Style stats which is mainly dependent on the types of furniture you place in your home.

There are 5 Styles you’ll need to be aware of, namely posh, cute, fresh, natural, cozy, and modern, and each piece of furniture will contribute points towards one of these 5 stats. However, there are also combo furniture placements which will grant you bonuses to certain Style. To get new furniture for your place, you can go shopping offline (and spend diamonds/ cash) or online (and spend coins) via the online magazine you can access on your PC. I would also like to point out that despite, the isometric look of the game, you can rotate your furniture 360-degrees if you want to in Dream City Idols.

Besides buying stuff, you can sell anything you don’t need too! You can do so by listing the items you don’t want on your web store which is also accessible through your PC. For sundries you’ve picked up though, you can only sell them after you’ve unlocked the shop that’s one floor down from your home. Here you can enjoy the whole shop simulation package while playing as the manager. This means you’ll need to keep your shelves stocked with the hottest items of the day while making sure to hire and train your employees.

Another key feature in Dream City Idols is the skills you can learn. There are 3 skills in total at the moment, and they are Planting, Nursing and Housekeeping (requires VIP 1). You can easily earn lore points for each of these skills, namely Planting and Nursing, simply by farming and taking care of your pet respectively. These points will help you unlock new skill tiers but to actually gain these new skills, you’ll first need to take some lessons. Lessons cost cash and that it’s best to learn with other players rather than learning on your own (faster skill gain).

The lessons in this game is interactive as opposed to being passive since you will be quizzed by the lecturer and you will need to answer them correctly to earn more skill points. Most of these quizzes are related to the skill you want to improve, be it about plants or about pets/animals in general. If you managed to get to the 50% passing score, you will gain a substantial skill point boost. Even if you get all the questions wrong, you can still get some lore points. Anyway, once the skill points level of a new skill is full, you’ll then automatically unlock the new skill.

Another interesting feature in Dream City Idols is its pet system. When you first unlocked this feature, you’ll be given 3 pets to choose from – a puppy, kitten, or a piglet. In this game, you’ll need to take good care of your pet. This means feeding it, bathing it, petting it, and also taking it out for a walk whereby your pet may “dig up” some unexpected rewards for you. Pets has skills and can be trained too.


Dream City Idols is a very social game. Aside from having an in-game chat system where you can talk with other players, the game also provides Clubs for you to create or join. Creating a Club is pretty costly though, so unless you are willing to spend real cash, you may need to join an existing Club first. By being part of a Club, you will not only feel a sense of belonging and of companionship but you’ll earn some nice perks as well.

Graphics/ Sound

Dream City Idols is a game that’s designed with the Japanese concept of “kawaii” in mind. The cartoonish graphics in this game is extremely adorable and will definitely attract plenty of attention. Not to mention, the game even provides a catchy soundtrack at home, which honestly, is a far cry from the extravagant show jingle at the Star Show. The contrast between the two is very well-done. Oh, and personally, I love the cute sound effects for pets too. It just makes my heart melt whenever I hear my little puppy yipping in excitement.


In short, Dream City Idols is an incredibly well-designed as well as extremely “kawaii” and entertaining fashion-themed simulation/virtual world game that offers the buzzing busyness of a browser MMORPG. With so much to do and so many features to discover, you’ll definitely have a fun time in Dream City Idols as you pursue your dream of becoming a fashion superstar!

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New Game Added: Dream City Idols

by Aethyna Mar 13, 2017
Have you always wanted to become a fashion superstar? Well, in Dream City Idols, you can! Pursue your dreams in this beautiful city filled with many interesting characters, tons of fashion shows and competitions, and plenty of opportunities for you to grow into what you aspire to become! Dream City Idols: Beautiful room design Character customization in Dream City Idols Dream City Idols: Star Show competition Read More
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