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Dragonbone Dynasty 5 rate Being the chosen one, you are needed! Monsters have invaded the once-peaceful realm of Pangaea and only you will be able to save it and everyone in it. So, rise to the occasion now in this amazingly addictive MMORPG, Dragonbone Dynasty, and save the world of Pangaea! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Being the chosen one, you are needed! Monsters have invaded the once-peaceful realm of Pangaea and only you will be able to save it and everyone in it. Journey through the perilous world in Dragonbone Dynasty while fighting monsters and freeing villagers with your team of heroic allies. Improve your hero by giving him or her the best equipment upgrades, mounts, pets and more! Venture into various monster-filled dungeons for valuable loot and test your strength against your fellow players in the arena. Rise to the occasion in this amazingly addictive MMORPG, Dragonbone Dynasty, and fight for your people today!


Monsters descended suddenly and rapidly upon the once-peaceful realm of Pangaea, causing terror and chaos with every village they sacked. Even your own family was murdered by these monsters! Vowing vengeance, you signed up to join the Elite Guard and set off on a grueling path to build up your skills so you could track down the mastermind behind this invasion and bring him down. Not to mention, according to an odd and mysterious old sage, you are the chosen one – the only person in Pangaea who is able to save the world. So, don’t abandon your people to an era of suffering and despair – play Dragonbone Dynasty now and be their savior!


Dragonbone Dynasty offers up to 3 different character classes for you to choose from. They include Barbarian, the “tanky” melee class; Sorceror, the master of AoE, and Rogue, the class with the highest overall damage, particularly when fighting 1-on-1. There isn’t any character customization so to speak, with the sole exception of character gender.

Once you’ve gotten your character, you’re ready to start your journey! Being an MMORPG, combat plays a pretty important role in this game and this is why it is one of the first few features the game introduces to you via the interactive tutorial. Basically though, the game’s combat system is turn-based. In a round of combat, you will need to select a skill for each of the heroes you have in your team to use, or you can opt to use normal attacks instead.

There’s a time limit during the “skill-to-use” round, so unless you want the game to automatically use the default normal attacks for the entire battle, you’ll need to quickly and decisively pick the skills you want to use. Of course, once the game unlocks the auto-combat and the “2 times combat play speed” options, you’ll be able to breeze through most battles without needing to do anything. It’s very convenient!

As Dragonbone Dynasty is a team control-based game, this means you’ll be directly controlling a team of heroes in this game. Through the Array button, you can assign a spot in the team formation – there are 9 slots in total, arranged in a 3x3 box - to any of your heroes. However, it’s good to bear in mind that putting tougher heroes in front so they could protect the weaker damage-dealers at the back of the team from harm. You can also deploy a pet and an Ultima along with your team, but since you won’t be able to obtain either a pet or an Ultima at the beginning of the game, you don’t really need to worry about those just yet.

Unlike some browser-based MMORPGs, leveling in Dragonbone Dynasty isn’t exactly absurdly fast and yet it’s not as slow as leveling up in retail WoW either. Most of the progression can be automated using the game’s auto-pathing and auto-combat combo. Interestingly, the game even came up with a brand new type of quests, called AFK quests. These quests are specially designed to allow you to make full use of the automatons provided in the game and level your character without needing to worry that you’ll be wasting valuable leveling time by doing something else in real life.

Leveling is only part of the character progression in Dragonbone Dynasty. The other aspect mainly involves making your character’s Battle Rating as high as you can get it to be. Battle Rating (BR), if you don’t know, is the main way to show you the overall strength of your team. Naturally, the stronger your team is (high BR), you’ll get a higher chance of winning the battle.

There are many ways for you improve your BR and one of these methods include upgrading your equipments. For equipments, you are given 4 different ways to improve them – upgrade, enhance, forge and socket. Upgrading your gear items with game cash (coppers) will increase their upgrade levels while enhancements increase your gear’s quality. If you would like to take it one step further, you can even forge your equipments to increase their respective item levels and unlock jewel sockets. Jewel sockets, on the other hand, can then be used to add jewels to an equipment.

One thing to note though, equipments in this game cannot be changed or swapped for a better piece of gear. The default items that you get at the start of the game will be with you until you reach max level. So, basically, the only way to really improve your equipments is by constantly upgrading, enhancing, forging and socketing them.

That being said, besides gear, your allies in arms play quite a crucial role in your team. Thus, it’s also wise to make sure to recruit the best. You can recruit new and potentially more powerful heroes by collecting the required number of fragments or you could try your luck at the Hero Roulette (requires Draw Voucher). Once you get a good team of heroes, you’ll then need to level them up using the EXP scrolls that you have. Like your gear items, your allies can also be upgraded. You can train them to increase their “pedigree”, which results in getting more permanent stats and subsequently a higher BR. You can also upgrade their skills using Essences you’ve collected.

Furthermore, mounts are important as well since they contribute a significant amount of rating to your overall Battle Rating. Hence, you’ll need to train it using Riding Elixirs to improve the stats it provides. Leveling your mount can be pretty tedious in this game as you’ll need to level your mount 9 times before you can get a star. You’ll need 3 stars before you can increase your mount’s level by a measly 1. However, on the bright side, every star you get will reward you with a new mount look. You can check out the entire list of mount appearances by clicking “Transformation”.

There are quite a lot of other factors that will influence your BR, including flashy titles, pets which can be further upgraded using PetSouls, Ultimas and more. As long as you spend your energy and effort in decking out your character with the best of everything, I’m pretty certain you’ll be winning so much in PvE and PvP... until you’ll actually get bored of winning!

Talking about PvE, Dragonbone Dynasty offers a range of instances for you to challenge, including the usual dungeons which will cost you stamina in return for upgrade materials, coppers and experience points (if you’re successful, that is); the hourly Pets of Prey instance where you can earn pet fragments, and Labyrinth, a stage-based challenge with an almost never-ending chain of stages. Depending on what you need, you can hop into any one of these instances and have some fun slaying wave after wave of monsters!

For PvP, you’ll unlock the Ranked Arena at level 22, where you can earn prestige points by defeating other players in a team-vs-team duel to the death! The points you get can then be exchanged at the Prestige Store for amazing goodies such as hero fragments, game cash and luckstones which can increase the success rate of any process in the game. There’s also a cross-server PvP arena called The Peerless. Here, entire servers of players will battle it out in a humongous battlefield. Player’s BR will be uniform so as to even out the playing field, allowing lower level players to be as equally competitive as a higher level player in this PvP mode. Similarly, you’ll prestige from The Peerless as well.

There are also plenty of other mini-games that you can unlock as you level up. These mini-games are usually quite relaxing to play. For instance, the Farm mini-game allows you to plant, grow and harvest crops that will give you bonus game currencies, which you’ll most certainly need to upgrade your team. You can even visit friends’ farms, help water their crops, and hastening their harvests.


Most of the community in Dragonbone Dynasty starts off by playing alone, but after they reach level 30, they will be segregated into various clans of their choice. Similar to the guilds in other web-based MMORPGs, you’ll need to contribute to your guild regularly to earn points. With your Tael contributions, the clan leader can then use the money to upgrade various clan buildings, while you can use the Fealty points you’ve earned at the guild’s Fealty Store to buy jewels or pet fragments. By being a part of a clan, you’ll gain access to clan-only events, such as Escort where you can serve as your guild’s Palanquins’ escort or rob other guild’s Palanquins, or Clan Blessing where you buy and light incense, and win rewards.

Graphics/ Sound

Being a Chinese-developed game, Dragonbone Dynasty contains plenty of oriental influences that you might notice if you pay close attention. Even the music used in the game are composed from tunes played on traditional Chinese musical instruments. The graphics in the game are nice enough and certain locations in the game can be really eye-catching. There’s also enough variety for the game’s background music so you won’t get bored listening to the same thing over and over again.


In short, Dragonbone Dynasty is a pretty addictive and fun MMORPG that you can play on your browser. The exciting gameplay provided by the game offers a great gaming experience, while its tragic storyline gives players ample of immersion, allowing players to be even more interested in playing the game. Let’s not also forget about the tons of things that you can do and the feeling of camaraderie between clans-mates when you all team up to complete a clan event. So, if you have always loved casual MMORPGs, Dragonbone Dynasty is definitely the type of game for you! Try it today!

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New Game Added: Dragonbone Dynasty

by Aethyna Jun 29, 2016
Being the chosen one, you are needed! Monsters have invaded the once-peaceful realm of Pangaea and only you will be able to save it and everyone in it. So, rise to the occasion now in this amazingly addictive MMORPG, Dragonbone Dynasty, and save the world of Pangaea! Cool ability animation in Dragonbone Dynasty Dragonbone Dynasty: Awesome mounts Hideous boss in Dragonbone Dynasty Read More
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