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Dragon Pals 8 rate Save and recruit dragons to your cause to push back the tides of demons that threaten the realm in this exciting browser-based MMORPG, Dragon Pals! Complete quests, run dungeons and participate in PvP tourneys to show that you are the best dragon pal in this game! Try it for free today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Dragon Pals is a browser-based MMORPG that is based around hatching, collecting and battling dragon pets. In this game, after selecting 1 out of 3 character classes available, you’ll have quests and bounties to perform (through quest instances) as well as arenas to participate in. Increase the battle rating of your team through a plethora of methods to ensure that your team remains in its tip-top form! Furthermore, you are also given a farm to tend to in order to gain those extra bonuses. In this demon-troubled world, it is up to you to befriend and train dragons as you collectively fight against the tides of demons that threaten the realm! Are you up to the task?


The story starts off by showing the Princess being cornered by the enemy, Beleth and his minions. Everything seems to work out badly for her and, in desperation, she prayed for help. This is when you came along… or more accurately, fell off the cliff. Dubbed as the child of fate by the Princess, it seems you are there for a reason… and the reason is definitely linked to this huge red egg you’ve found! This may probably mean that you’ll be having an omelet for dinner… that is until your egg suddenly hatched after a fight with the demons, and a red dragon, called Snaggles, popped out. Snaggles pleaded with you not to kill him for barbeque meat and to allow him to prove his worth. He even has an interesting preposition – if you could help him reunite with his dragon companions, he promises power beyond that you could have imagined! Would you help the dragon to save his fellow brethrens or will you just turn a blind eye? Play the game to find out!


You’ll start off by selecting 1 out of 3 archetype character classes, namely mage, warrior and archer. Each class has their own skills and special abilities to learn and use. The game does not provide you with the option to customize your character, though this is pretty common in browser-based MMORPGs.

The gameplay in this game is pretty simple to grasp – you will be tackling demons after demons in order harvest the spirit essence of the demons and to channel it into the dragon seal on the dragon egg that you have. There’s a meter on the left side of your screen, showing you how many percent of spirit essence that you’ll need to hatch the egg. Once the seal is weak enough, the dragon trapped inside will be able to break free and he or she will decide to join your team to help find and free their fellow brethrens. You may collect all the dragons in this game, but you will only be able to deploy 2 dragons into battle and you can only have 1 dragon following around in the game. Do take note that, similarly to the different character classes, different dragons will have different abilities. For instance, Snaggles, your first dragon, is able to aid you in combat by attacking your foes, while Gaia, your second dragon, cannot attack. Instead, it provides each member in the team with an energy shield each to deflect most of the damage received from the enemies.

You’ll be encountering these demons mainly through quests. Quests in Dragon pals have the auto-tracking feature, making questing a breeze in this game. You’ll also be participating in quest instances in order to complete the quests that you’re given. Each instance run will consume 10 stamina and these instances usually contain 2-3 waves of mobs, with a boss fight at the end. It’s also interesting to note that the quest text or dialogues are light-hearted and witty, giving the game a refreshing feeling as compared to other browser-based MMOs.

Not before long, you’ll be introduced to the turn-based combat mechanism in Dragon Pals. Combat in Dragon Pals is by default automated and it seems that there aren’t any options to turn it off. However, if you would like to use a different skill during combat, you could click on the skill that you want when it is your character’s turn to move. Each combat round will award you with 10 rage points (if your character performed a basic attack) which you can be later used to activate your character’s special abilities. You will have to be fast though, since there is a very short waiting time in between turns.

In Dragon Pals, whether you emerge victorious or fail during combat largely depends on your battle rating. Battle rating is the total strength of your character and his/her team of dragons. There are many ways you can increase your battle rating and one of the most basic method is by equipping your character with the best armor and weapons that you can get. Don’t forget that you can also enchant your gear using amethyst (in-game currency)! However, as you increase the enchantment level of your weapon, the success rate for the enchantment process will decrease by 10%! Thankfully, the game provides you with enchantment stones, that you can use if needed, to increase your success rate to 100%. The maximum enchantment level per gear item is 3. You could also evolve your gear with crystals once you have attained the level necessary to carry out the evolution process.

Furthermore, considering that your team consists of dragons, dragon training would be extremely beneficial to increasing your battle rating! Dragon training will cost you dragon souls, which can be a tad bit difficult to earn in this game. Every time you train, you will have to wait for the a couple minutes’ worth of cooldown to expire before you can train again. It’s great that you don’t have to individually increase each dragon’s level as the training you acquire is automatically applied to all dragons you own. Dragon level, however, cannot exceed your character’s level, even if you have an abundance of dragon souls for multiple training sessions.

Another method to increase your battle rating is to upgrade your character’s skills via the skill tree. Every level up will award you with skill points which you can then place into the skill of your choice on the skill tree. You can choose to either upgrade an existing skill or to unlock a new one. There isn’t a lot of freedom to choose the skills you want in this game since a lot of the skills will be locked until your character reached a certain level.

Dragon Pals also offers exciting PvP arena battles for its players to test their mettle against other human players. There is a 9-minute cooldown in between these PvP battles and if you can’t wait, you can use vouchers to cut the cooldowns short. Most interestingly, you are unable to see the battle rating of your opponents (you can choose your opponents), thus, this makes PvP arena battles challenging and a tad bit risky… of course, you wouldn’t want to go head-to-head with a player who has perhaps twice the battle rating than you, right? However, with good opponent choices, you can readily rise up the PvP ranks in this game!

If you want to take a break from all the fighting, why not head over to your farm and start growing some special fruits? These fruits can be harvested later on to get additional experience points, money as well as dragon souls! You could also pray to the harvest goddess to earn yourself a nice boost for you crops. If you need more amethyst and experience points, you can also complete additional bounty quests too! These quests are fairly easy to do and can be completed concurrently with your main quests. You can even refresh the 5 quests available, once you’ve completed them all, twice per day to get yourself new sets of bounty quests. There is also alchemy if you needed more amethyst. This option is, however, only available to VIPs and gold buyers only. There is also a way to increase the rate of amethyst you earn from alchemy by ‘studying’ (upgrading) alchemy.

Dragon Pals is indeed a very generous game. You will start off with 30 inventory slots and you can easily earn more bag expansion slots (+6) by logging in on the first, fourth, fifth and sixth day, consecutively. In fact, if you log in for an entire week in a row, you will earn yourself a nice set of succubus wings that will drastically boost up your character’s stats. There is also log-in prizes that will be awarded to you the longer you stay logged into the game!

There are also plenty of other features that will only be unlock at higher levels, like holy seal, dragon orb, pet potential and character marriage (yes, you can virtually get married in Dragon Pals… how cool is that?).


The community in Dragon pals mainly communicates with each other via the in-game chat. There are also guilds in this game that allow pockets of players to play the game together while enjoying each other’s company. Due to being less than 2 years old, the community in this game is not exactly small – there is around 110 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page! The game’s community is still gradually increasing as the day passes as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The 2.5D graphics in Dragon Pals showcase plenty of anime influences as well as some very unique artwork and dragon models. The graphics are all very detailed, particularly the background image in the game as well as both the character and dragon models. Its graphics are pretty much above average for a browser-based game!

The music in this game is among the best for browser-based MMORPGs! The village music is extremely pleasant and soothing to the ears. It manages to provide that feeling of being in a fantasy world, further increasing the game’s immersion! Though, the music tends to be a bit short. The sound in this game has some variety as well! For instance, the very upbeat battle music is vastly different from the soothing village music and it can definitely get your heart pumping faster than usual!


In short, Dragon Pals is an above average browser-based MMORPG that revolves around saving and recruiting dragons to your cause! The gameplay in this game is very similar to most browser-based MMORPGs. Some of the features that are common, include the challenging arena battles, auto-tracking for quests, auto-combat, combat that are reliant on battle rating and many others! There are also plenty of ways you can improve your battle rating in order to stay at the top of the pile! Not to forget that you could also take a break from all the demon-slaying business and enjoy some idyllic time at your farm too! Its nonsensical yet witty storyline can even provide some lighthearted laughs now and then. Thus, Dragon Pals is a rather good browser-based MMORPG that you can enjoy, particularly if you simply adore dragons! Try it for free today!

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New Game Added: Dragon Pals

by Aethyna May 28, 2015
Save and recruit dragons to your cause to push back the tides of demons that threaten the realm in this exciting browser-based MMORPG, Dragon Pals! Complete quests, run dungeons and participate in PvP tourneys to show that you are the best dragon pal in this game! Try it for free today! Dragon Pals: A mean jinn Flying free in Dragon Pals Dragon Pals: Skeletal dragon Read More
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