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Dragon Fable 8 rate Build a character, recruit a faithful companion and explore the always changing and growing world in this game! Group up or fight from a variety of monsters and, of course, dragons solo, find treasure and improve your skills as an adventurer and a hero! So, don't wait! Start your adventure in Dragon Fable today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Dragon Fable is a 2D side-scrolling adventure game that allows you to play a hero who is tasked with the important mission to retrieve the invaluable Black Dragon Box and to prevent it from falling into the hands of evil people like Drakath and his bandit minions. Build a character, recruit a faithful companion and explore the always changing and growing world in this game! Group up or fight from a variety of monsters and, of course, dragons solo, find treasure and improve your skills as an adventurer and a hero! After a tiring day of killing stuff, you can even sit back and relax by decorating your own in-game house. If you love playing Adventure Quest Worlds or ArchKnight, Dragon Fable is definitely a game that you’ll enjoy! Play now!


You are standing on a cliff, enjoying the nice view, when suddenly you heard a scream nearby. Dashing to the scene with your sword drawn, you saw a man by the name of Drakath and his Darkwolf bandits are attacking a priestess and her red Moglin, Twilly. Drakath want the priestess’ Black Dragon Box as it is the key for him to regain his throne as he seems to think that he is the rightful ruler of the land. However, while you have defeated Drakath and he escaped, the box was somehow stolen by a Golum-like goblin who is obsessed over the box. Now, you are charged with hopefully retrieving the box before Drakath does.


To start playing, you will need to create your character. In Dragon Fable, you are given up to 3 character slots for free. Additional slots, along with special character slots, are only available for premium members. Next, you’ll then need to select a character class. The game provides 3 archetype character classes, namely the blade-wielding warrior, spell-casting mage or stealthful rogue. Let’s not forget about customizing your character’s looks too! You can change your avatar’s hair style and color, skin color as well as the colors of your outfit. Once everything is done, you’re ready to start a new chapter in adventure!

Dragon Fable begins by allowing you to choose which part of the adventure you want to play in. These adventures are separated by “book”s. For Book 1 and 2, you can learn more about your hero’s past as you play while for Book 3, you get to fight against the latest threat to Lore instead! Don’t over-stress yourself as you decide which book to pick - you can easily change between books at the in-game menu whenever you like.

This game is very much a story-based adventure game, but it also has the trappings of a casual MMO. This means that you’ll be picking up quests from NPCs, completing the quests (usually by killing the monsters in an area) and then turning in the quests for your rewards! Since combat is a very vital aspect in this game, let’s take a look at that first.

The combat system in Dragon Fable is turn-based. It is a very simple and efficient system to use for a 2D side-scrolling adventure game, but unfortunately, it can feel rather repetitive and boring after some time, especially when fighting monster after monster in a quest area. Anyway, as mentioned, combat in Dragon Fable is very straightforward – you just need to select the skill or ability that you want to use, for example, your power boost skill. Using skills consumes mana by the way. As you start with no skills though, you can use the “attack” button to deal your basic attack instead.

The importance the game place on basic attacks means that the equipment that your character have on is very crucial in determining whether you’ll win or lose a battle. Better equipments can be purchased from vendors, though you may occasionally stumble upon some in chests guarded by higher level monsters while questing. Gear from vendors can be rather expensive though and it may take some time to accumulate the gold you’ll need. Besides the usual weapons and armor, there are also rings, necklaces, belts and capes that you can equip on your character to boost your character’s stats.

You can also invest the stat points you get from leveling up into your stats by going to a stat trainer. There are 7 stats in Dragon Fable, namely strength, intelligence, dexterity, endurance, wisdom, luck and charisma. Surprisingly though, you will need to spend gold to train even though the stat points are given to you for free. Thankfully, you won’t need to spend money to learn new skills – you will gain new skills automatically whenever you level up.

Furthermore, there will be times when you’ll be facing more than 1 enemy. In this case, you can select which one you want to take out first. A word of advice though - remove the monster with the lowest health from the equation as quickly as possible or you’ll be taking damage from all of them. Not to mention, the game also designed its monsters in such a way that in most cases, the monster with the lowest health deals the highest damage in the group.

Thinking about it though, 1 of you versus 3 of the enemy isn’t really a fair fight, thus, Dragon Fable provides you the option of recruiting NPCs to join your team. Each group can have a maximum of 2 NPC characters and 1 pet and all of the members of your team will participate in battle although you won’t be able to see them tagging along with you when you’re running around looking for fights in the quest zone. Companions will automatically attack the enemies that you are targeting using their basic attacks, unless the monster is dead in one hit, which in that case, they will attack the next monster on the list.

Taking damage is part of any turn-based combat... it’s just common game design. However, in Dragon Fable, your health will not regenerate automatically after every battle. This means that there isn’t any way for you to passively get back the health you’ve lost... unless you level up, which in that case, you will get a free full health refill. Thus, if you’re doing a quest, you should always keep a lookout for healing objects like blood fountains (Does this fountain remind anyone of Diablo?) and healing zones.

If there aren’t any of these locations on the map where you’re questing on and if you find yourself taking too much damage, you can also use your potions to heal yourself up. You will always have 2 health and mana potion to bring around and when you used them up, you can refill them for free at the alchemist’s place in town. You can also take up alchemy at the alchemist’s place while you’re at it as it is very beneficial for you. The higher the alchemy skill you have, the more health or mana your potions will return to you when you drink them. Leveling alchemy can be tricky though. You will need to find herbs in the world and deliver them to the alchemist so that you can take the transmutation test. Some herbs can be really hard to find.

The game also offers a huge range of features such as the catapult mini-game that if you win, will grant you some extra gold or that you can decorate your very own house after you’ve purchased it in Dragon Fable.


The community in Dragon Fable is pretty friendly and welcoming in general. Due to being marketed as a kid-friendly game, the game also provides a parental control option so that parents can monitor their kids as they have fun adventuring in the game’s fantastical world. If you would like to meet your fellow players, feel free to head over to the game’s forums or Facebook fan page.

Graphics/ Sound

The 2D cartoonish graphics in Dragon Fable are somewhat anime-inspired and are brightly colored. The characters are very well-drawn and the same goes to its sceneries. In terms of music, Dragon Fable provides very pleasant music that is both upbeat and inspirational. The game even provides a range of sound effects for when, for example, you leveled up or completed a quest.


In summary, the 2D side-scrolling, fantasy-themed adventure/ MMORPG game, Dragon Fable doesn’t look a lot different from Adventure Quest Worlds in terms of its graphics and gameplay... though, of course, the storyline is different. Its turn-based combat is very easy to pick up on and can be fun to play, but it may feel rather repetitive which eventually may turn into boredom, especially when you’re requested to kill all the monsters in an area for a quest. Being a hero in the game, you’ll need to constantly improve your avatar or he/ she will be woefully inadequate to tackle the monsters that they will need to kill. Thus, you should always remember to invest your skill points into your stats at the skill trainer as well as be on the lookout for superior gear from both vendors and other cheaper sources. If you’re looking for a game that is kid-friendly, Dragon Fable is among the top on the list, along with big names like Wizard 101. Play it now!

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by Aethyna Jun 23, 2015
Build a character, recruit a faithful companion and explore the always changing and growing world in this game! Group up or fight from a variety of monsters and, of course, dragons solo, find treasure and improve your skills as an adventurer and a hero! So, don't wait! Start your adventure in Dragon Fable today! Ninja costume in Dragon Fable Dragon Fable: Mumdragon the mummy dragon Baby dragon pet in Dragon Fable Read More
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