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Dragon Eternity 9 rate Become a Dragon-Knight and Discover the dark secret in the world of Adan, this amazing MMORPG gives you the power to wield magic as well as weapons, and you fight with your own dragon by your side! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Adan is troubled world. 1000 years ago the curious Empress Pandeya unwittingly unleashed a great swarm of evil after opening the Arks of Shaab. It could have spelled the end of the world of Adan as the people knew it. However, the cavalry arrived in the form of Dragons, the winged guardians of the world created by the Ancient Gods. A huge battle erupted and at what a cost! Dragons, Gods and mortals perished on those days, just so Adan could be freed from the plague of Shaab.

However, there was one race, being the opportunistic people that they are, that did not enter the war against the Shaab - the Tangors. Instead, they took the opportunity, since everyone else was occupied in battling the evil, to spread their influences. The Lesser Dragons fell to their mind-controlling influences and soon, the Tangors are razing other races to the ground with their mighty horde of dragon riders.

Even the Elder Dragons were feeling the pressure - either to succumb to being mindless drones of the Tangor or be killed by their own. In this darkest hour, when all seem but lost, the fragile humans offered help to the Dragons. Although they may not seem to be much, being fragile as they are, they more than made up for it in trickery and cleverness. As a result, Amulets of Melding were crafted. These powerful magical items are able to fuse the essence of a Dragon with the body of a mortal - creating a whole new being called Dragon-Knights, who are both skilled fighters and wielders of magic. The best of all, they are immune to the power of the Tangors.

The battle commenced with the aid of The One, 3-headed dragon of immense might and fury. The Dark Gods of Shaab was finally imprisoned and what's left of the Tangors' army scattered in the wind. All that remains of the Day of Dragon's Fury are tales shared around a fireplace with ale. Everyone had thought the evil was banished from this world once and for all... how wrong they were.

In Dragon Eternity, you are a Dragon-Knight, who is tasked to find out what is wrong in the world of Adan and whether the great evil has risen yet again. As you progress in the game, you will unravel mysteries behind the sudden disappearance of the Tangors as well as whispers of trouble brewing in the air. It is up to you to figure out what's happening and put a stop to it before it is too late!


If you would love to play a quality turn-based MMORPG without the hassle of installing or patching up the game, well, Dragon Eternity could just be the right game for you. The game offers every feature that a self-respecting MMORPG would have, which includes character classes and spell trees, battlegrounds, instances, quests, clans, auction house, professions, faction reputations, mounts and also a huge map for you to explore! There are also plenty of events organised by the staff whereby you can have a shot of earning unique trophies for your collection. And the coolest part of all? You can tame your very own dragon and let it fight alongside with you as you battle your way to the top of the rankings.

You start off in the game by selecting your preferred empire, either Sador or Vaalor and also your desired class, either berserker, who is a master in the arts of fire magic; witcher, a wielder of the elemental power of earth or paladin, a defender of order magic. These classes will also have 2 sub-spell classes to use in addition to their main type of spell. For instance, berserker can also employ air and chaos spells besides fire.

The quests in this game can be generally separated into 4 major types, normal, narrative, recurring and heroic. Normal quests are the usual side quests while narrative quests are quests that are part of your storyline and are of vast importance. Recurring quests, as its name indicates, are quests that you can repeat for as many times as you can. Lastly, heroic quests involves quests that are high than your level and may include a tough boss at the end of the quest line. This sort of quests however gives out the best rewards as opposed to the other quest types. Besides having the common ‘kill x number of enemies’, ‘talk to a NPC’ or ‘gather x amount of quest item’-type of quests, Dragon Eternity also provide quests that are, in essence, simple puzzles that you have to solve as well. This provides a twist to the standard MMORPG quests that most players are used to.

Questing is fun and all, but the most heart-pumping part in any MMORPGs is the PvP. Dragon Eternity offers battlegrounds for players to fight other players in team-based combat. Recently, the game has rolled out a new type of battleground – Sea battles! In sea battles, your team will be fighting against the other team on your own pirate ships. There are 2 rounds in this battleground – the first round involves a cannon shootout between both vessels and the second round involves some close quarter combat via boarding. In sea battles, each player in the team will have a role to play and how well they play their roles will tilt the battle either in their favor or in their opponent’s favor.

The PvE aspect of this game is very well established as well! There are plenty of instances for you, along with your team of raiders, to raid in. These instances contain tougher-than-usual monsters and will have a couple of boss monsters in them. However, in order to compensate your effort, each time your team clear an instance, you will earn some higher-grade loot, money and experience points.

One of the more interesting yet unique features that made Dragon Eternity as popular as it is today is its unique turn-based combat system. At the beginning of each round, you will need to choose one from the 3 stances given – defense, attack or mana. Each of these stances will have their own bonuses - the defense or attack stance will respectively give your character’s defense or attack rating an extra boost while the mana stance will reduce your damage in return for higher mana regeneration.

Unlike other types of MMORPGs, mana in Dragon Eternity can only be gained or used only during combat. This means that you start off every fight with zero mana. Mana is very important for launching spells that are available to your character’s class and these spells deal at least 2 times more damage than your usual physical attacks.

In addition, if your level is high enough, you will get to tame your own dragon that will fight alongside you! If you somehow perished in the battle, you can switch over and take control of your dragon to continue the fight. There is also a time limit for every round, allowing you more than enough time to decide on which action to take. The combat system also encourages the clever use of orbs, which boost your damage further and may even cause your attacks to return some health to you, and potions, which can be used directly to heal your character. When used at opportune moments, these items could save your character’s life!

Another nice feature that Dragon Eternity has is its 3D gameplay. Despite not being as immersive as great MMORPGs like WoW or Rift, the game is presented the environment from a side view instead of from the first person view. This allows players to, in some way, ‘teleport’ from one location to the other without the need to actually gallop across the land on your mount.

For the economy aspect of the game, players can trade the items that they have obtained during questing or doing instances on the auction house. However, if you think that item is of no value to anybody, you can easily ‘vendor’ the item by directly clicking ‘sell’ button on the item itself in your inventory. You don’t even need to go search for the nearest merchant to sell your goods! If you have too much stuff to carry and would like to store them, you can do so by heading over to the tavern at any major town or city. For a price, the tavern owner will allow you to store up to 25 items at a time for 30 days.

Furthermore, you can also take up several professions, namely farmer, fisherman, hunter, prospector, blacksmith, alchemy, cook or jeweler, to craft high-value items and gear that you can sell on the auction house or you can use on your own character. Recipes for profession-crafted goods can be earned mainly via quests while crafting materials can be earned by killing certain monsters (or mobs, in short) in the game. Since the drop rate in the game is rather low, you will find yourself spending a lot of time farming mobs for hours on end. There isn’t any quick battle or fast forward button available either, so you will need to personally resolve each battle the slow way. This repetitive cycle can get very boring after a while.

If you fancy a break from all the MMORPG stuff, you can play the mini-games available in the game instead while lending the people of Adan a hand with their daily chores. A few examples of these mini-games include repairing a broken machine, testing an experimental cannon or even fixing a damaged roof.


Being an excellent browser-based MMORPG, Dragon Eternity has attracted many players worldwide. There are always thousands of players online at any time of the day – so even if you’re a habitual night owl, there will still be plenty of other players around to raid an instance with you.

Moreover, the best way to experience being a part of the Dragon Eternity community is by joining a clan. Members of the clans in this game are usually very friendly and helpful to new players. If you needed any help with anything in-game, they would be glad to help you out. If you prefer solo-playing, you can also refer to the game’s forums if you have any burning questions about the game.


The graphics in this game is pleasing, but not exceptional. It is a browser-based game after all! The non-player characters are also animated in this game, allowing them to shamble to and fro across your screen. The turn-based combat is well-animated as well. Through the monster models seen via combat, you can see how meticulous the game’s art designers are.

In terms of sound and music, Dragon Eternity offers short (and sweet!) looped background music that changes depending on which location your character is in. The music for the graveyards in this game can be particularly haunting, especially with the occasional eerie moaning in the background.


Dragon Eternity is a pretty good browser-based MMORPG overall. It has everything that a MMORPG should have, but it took most of these basic features and made them uniquely its own. The different stances offered during its combat scene is rather special, though the game lacks an auto-combat feature that could help take the load off players in farming for materials to craft some basic gear. Nonetheless, there are plenty of things a player can do and there are many events that will keep the game feeling lively. These, along with a large player base and an engaging storyline, are exactly the criteria that will certainly keep Dragon Eternity going for quite some time.

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New Game Added: Dragon Eternity

by Aethyna Nov 11, 2014
Become a Dragon-Knight and Discover the dark secret in the world of Adan, this amazing MMORPG gives you the power to wield magic as well as weapons, and you fight with your own dragon by your side! Dragon Eternity Hooded Knight Dragon Eternity Comrades in Arms Dragon Eternity Preparing for Battle Read More
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