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Dragon Blood 8 rate Use the dragon blood that is coursing through your veins to summon massive devastation onto your enemies in this new browser MMORPG, Dragon Blood! Recruit and form a band of heroes to take on the horde of monsters that is currently amok in the world. Save the kidnapped princess and return peace to the lands. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Use the dragon blood that is coursing through your veins to summon massive devastation on your enemies in this brand new browser MMORPG, Dragon Blood! Recruit and form a band of heroes to take on the horde of monsters that is currently amok in the world. Level up your heroes and upgrade their abilities, stats and equipments to boost up your team’s strength. Take on other players in the arena or challenge hard-to-kill bosses in various dungeons. With so many mounts, pets, heroes and even wings that you can collect and use, Dragon Blood guarantees hours and hours of fun! Try it today!


Awoken from your slumber after a thousand years, you have been summoned to save the once beautiful lands from a great unimaginable evil by saving the kidnapped princess from the monsters lair. Faced against hordes of heinous monsters, you have no choice but to call upon the blood of the dragons that is singing in your veins. Will you be able to use what you’ve been gifted to vanquish the horde?


To start playing Dragon Blood, you’ll first need to create a character. The game provides you with 2 different classes to choose from – either a mage or a knight. Besides choosing the gender that you want to play as, there isn’t any other customization options provided, but that’s pretty common for most browser-based MMORPGs.

Similar to other web-based MMORPGs as well, Dragon Blood offers an auto-pathing feature for the questing process, allowing you to quite rapidly level up in the game. However, unlike the other games though, combat is not automated in this game. Instead, you are required to select the skills you will want to use when facing a group of enemies. You can have up to 5 skills at a time from among the total number of skills you can unlock. Each of them can also be leveled up to a maximum of 5 levels using skill points that you’ll earn by leveling up your main character.

Of course, the AFK Combat option is still available for certain situations, but since the order of the abilities you use will heavily affect the outcome of the battle, you might want to take matters into your own hands to ensure victory. It’s actually great to see a browser MMORPG forcing players to be involved and at the same time, give them the option of taking a shortcut, so to speak, when things become very routine.

Facing an almost endless wave of monsters alone isn’t exactly a very good plan. After all, you’re not Leeroy Jenkins, or Rambo for that matter – you’re not a one-man army! Due to this, you’ll need to recruit willing fighters to your cause and form a band of heroes. Heroes can be easily recruited in Dragon Blood, though one of them will require you to have a certain amount of prestige, which you can in turn earn by defeating other players at the arena.

Your band of heroes can be made up of a maximum of 4 heroes, including your main character. The formation of your team is very vital to ensuring victory as well. It’s always best to place hardier characters in front of the team so he could shield your other weaker heroes by taking most of the enemies’ damage.

Since heroes play such an important role in helping you to tackle the monster problem the game world is experiencing, you’ll want to keep them as strong as you can. One of the many methods to do so is by leveling them up. You can do so by feeding them with as many XP fruits as you can. Once your hero level reached a certain milestone (level 20, 40 etc), you’ll then be able to unlock the next stage of hero level progression by having enough Tiger Tooth.

Equipments also play a crucial role in Dragon Blood. You can enchant an equipment to increase the stats it provides; upgrade it to increase its quality or synthesize it. You could even add gems to it to further add more stats to any piece of your gear with epic or above quality. Not to mention, you’ll have your own mount in the game and it will contribute some stats to the overall Battle Rating or strength of your team. You can spend gold to train your mount to increase the stats it provides, but there are only so many times you can train your mount in a day. So, be sure to log into the game every day to train up your mount.

Besides questing, there are also many different types of PvE dungeons you can challenge. One example is the Crypt. Once you’ve spent the necessary amount of stamina to enter this special dungeon, you’ll need to fight monsters to gain a nice sum of bonus experience points and XP fruits. There are also boss dungeons where you have to take on very strong monsters and hero trials where you’ll be able to get your hands on some really rare upgrade materials. Depending on how many rounds you use to complete any of the dungeons mentioned, you’ll be award 1 to 3 stars. Naturally, the less stars you get equals to lesser rewards. Thus, you’ll definitely want to draft out your battle plan prior to going into battle.

In terms of PvP, Dragon Blood offers plenty of ranks and arena-based PvP leagues for you to compete in. PvP combat is automated though, so be sure to keep your Battle Rating as high as possible to ensure a landslide win. In addition to arenas, the game also has a prison feature where you can “enslave” players you’ve defeated in the arena by beating them in a rematch. If you’re successful, you’ll be able to force these prisoners of yours to generate bonus experience points that you can collect at periodically. You can even interact with them to get free XP fruits. However, do note that other players can attempt to free your prisoners from their enslavement and if they are successful, you’ll lose all the uncollected XP they have generated. Likewise, you could also help out your fellow guild members by freeing them from their masters as well.

If you want to gain an advantage over the other players in the game, you might want to consider spending some cash and buying VIP status. There are several levels of VIP and which level you get depends on how much premium cash, or Balens, you’ve bought.

There are just a crazy ton of features in Dragon Blood making it simply impossible to mention them all, especially considering that some new features will only be known to you after you’ve reached the required level. For instance, did you know you could virtually marry another player in this game? Yes, I’m not kidding! This is actually possible! Once you have a spouse in the game, you could work to increase the intimacy level between the both of you in hopes of getting bonus stats and other goodies. There is even a wishing well, alchemy, treasure hunt, and tons of ways to get your hands on freebies.


The community in Dragon Blood is split between 2 factions – alliance or horde. Once you’ve picked a side, you’ll gain access to a list of guilds for that faction. Being a part of a guild is quite important in this game as you’ll be able to enjoy some guild-only perks like the freebies you’ll get from the daily and achievement chests you can collect in a guild. You’ll also be allowed into many guild-only events including Guild Battles, Guild Plunder, Guild Monster, Guild Quest, Mystery Journey and Blood Trial. There are also guild skills and a guild shop, and you can actually hang out with your fellow guildies at your guild’s city.

Graphics/ Sound

The game features a rather soothing background music while your character is out exploring in the world. The battle music is very upbeat and, unlike some anime MMORPGs, is not at all annoying. I personally love the inspirational music you’ll hear in the city center. Its pretty awesome. The graphics in Dragon Blood look a bit different from most anime-based MMOs, but aside from that, this game looks just like any other browser MMORPGs.


In a nutshell, Dragon Blood is a fun browser MMORPG that actually allows you to be more involved in all of the “action” in the game. Based on a team-based combat structure, the game provides a variety of ways for you to improve your character and your team of heroes. There is also a serious load of PvE and PvP dungeons and arenas as well as events that you can enjoy. If you’re looking for a new casual MMORPG to call home, Dragon Blood is definitely a game you should check out. Play it today!

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New Game Added: Dragon Blood

by Aethyna Apr 21, 2016
Use the dragon blood that is coursing through your veins to summon massive devastation onto your enemies in this new browser MMORPG, Dragon Blood! Recruit and form a band of heroes to take on the horde of monsters that is currently amok in the world. Save the kidnapped princess and return peace to the lands. Treasure hunt encounter in Dragon Blood Dragon Blood: Arena Flaming warlord in Dragon Blood Read More

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Highly Addictive

This game is quite fun but could do with someway of earning more recharge or reward balens without the use of cash, as it can be difficult to gain a decent Battle Rating (BR) without spending. There ...Full Review
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