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Dragon Ball Z Online 7 rate Venture into the world in hopes of seeking and collecting all the Dragon Balls to defeat whatever entities that have laid the whole world under siege in this anime MMORPG, Dragon Ball Z Online! Do you have what it takes to become the best fighter in the universe while trying to save the world? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Venture into the world in hopes of seeking and collecting all the Dragon Balls to defeat whatever entities that have laid the whole world under siege in this anime MMORPG, Dragon Ball Z Online! Train your team of heroes and grow stronger as you battle through numerous enemies under the guidance and tutelage of Master Roshi. Meet and interact with familiar characters from the Dragon Ball universe, and recruit them to your team. You can even test the strength of your team against another player’s team at the arena. Do you have what it takes to rise up to the top and be the best fighter while saving the world?


The world is under attack! It falls upon you and your team of martial art heroes to set off to find all the Dragon Balls. However, before you can start saving the world, you need to grow stronger under the tutelage of the perverted Master Roshi. Of course, during the training process, you may meet and team up with other fellow characters from the Dragon Ball universe.

That’s just about the storyline that you get in Dragon Ball Z Online. It doesn’t actually provide a solid background to the story it is trying to convey, so if you’re not familiar with the storyline in Dragon Ball, you might need to actually take some time to “google” for at least a summary. This is just to help you figure out some pertinent questions about the whole story, such as what these coveted Dragon Balls do or why the Majins look so odd.


To start, you’ll be asked to pick a character class out of the 3 choices given - Majin, Android and Saiyan. Majins are pinkish and octopus-like aliens who are experts at dealing magical (Ki) damage against their foes, while the Saiyans are just as good as the Majins at dealing huge amounts of damage albeit in a more physical sense. If you would opt for a tankier class, you might want to go with Android instead. They are the experts at defense and counter attacks. You can even choose between playing as a male or a female character.

Similar to many browser-based MMOs, Dragon Ball Z Online features all the elements that made these web MMOs notorious for their “easiness”, such as auto-pathfinding for quests and turn-based auto-combat for fights. However, do take note that unlike some browser MMOs, you are forced to rely on the game’s auto-combat since there is absolutely no option for you to take over the reins, so to speak, during combat.

Progression is pretty linear in this game. All you need to do is to complete quest after quest by either running between NPCs or heading over to the world map to take on the many battle stages there. The world map is separated into various regions and each region contains several stages to clear. If you managed to clear a stage with 3 stars, you’ll then unlock the Auto-battle option, which will allow you to replay these stages without actually playing them. To participate in a battle stage though, you’ll need to have vitality points.

Honestly, the first region on the map seems to be more of a pretty lengthy “demo” region whereby the game will prove to you, time and time again, that having characters with rare or better quality will help you tremendously in defeating your enemies. In fact, if you attempted them without any help from these much superior (and somewhat overpowered) “guest characters” for many the stages in the first region, you’ll probably never win.

That said, once you reached the second region, things do ease up a bit and you’ll feel that your team is actually doing something and not just relying on these “guest characters” to win your battles.

Although the game’s combat system is automated, this doesn’t mean you can’t influence the outcome of your fights. Instead, the opposite is true. You can actually tip the scales of battle simply by increasing your team’s Battle Power (BP). There are many ways for you to do so, but the most significant I’d say, at least for the first few regions of the game, is by getting your fighters leveled up and upgraded as much as possible, as well as giving them the best equipment that you can provide.

The gear items that you can obtain will come in different qualities. Naturally, you’ll want to aim for higher quality items. You can also further fortify your items so as to increase its item level and hence its BP. There is an accumulated cooldown period though, so once threshold reached, you can’t fortify until the CD is cleared. You can also transfer an item’s “fortify level” via the Inherit option.

If you managed to get your hands on rare or better goods, you might want to refine it as well. As you level up, you’ll eventually unlock the options to socket and enchant your equipment too. Interestingly, you can even create your own items at the Forge in this game, and if you’re lucky enough, you could obtain the best weapons – Z-Weapons for your fighters too. Aside from character equipment, there’s something like a very linear talent tree in Dragon Ball Z Online where you can invest the potential points you’ve earned to unlock additional stats.

The most difficult yet the most rewarding method of bumping up your BP is by recruiting new characters. New characters are pretty much hard to come by, especially good quality ones, and you can only get so many characters for free. However, on the off-chance you’ve managed to enlist a few new fighters to your team, you should remember to deploy them into your team’s formation via the Formation tab.

There are 3 rows within your formation, namely support, assaulter and vanguard, and depending on the type of fighters you have, you can place them in either one of the rows. Of course, you’ll have a limit as to how many fighters you can deploy as opposed to the number of fighters you can own. This limit will be increased as you level up.

You should also take note that there’s a Skills section within the Formation tab. This is important because sometimes, the Skill you use will determine whether or not you’re successful in a battle. You might want to switch your skills around so you can counter different types of enemies. For instance, when you encounter enemies with high defense ratings, you might want to switch to using the Fuel Bomb skill so you can defeat them.

Being a browser MMO, Dragon Ball Z Online offers a ton of freebies even at the get-go. There are plenty of sign-in bonuses and gifts, along with online rewards and level rewards, for you to claim. As you level up, you can even grab some extra goodies via the Growth Road function. However, if you really want to completely “own” the game, you might want to consider topping up some cash just so you can get a VIP status.

The game uses a tiered-VIP system, meaning that by spending more real cash, you’ll rank up and reach a higher VIP tier. Naturally, higher tier VIPs equal to better rewards. Not to mention, most items offered at the in-game store don’t only require premium cash, but they also need to you to be a certain VIP level in order to buy them. Hence, my recommendation of getting a VIP if you plan on getting all serious in the game.

Leveling up can be a slightly slower process in Dragon Ball Z Online as compared to some web-based MMOs, but you’ll gradually be able to unlock the many other features in the game, including the PvP arena, Hero Hotel, Shenron and more


The community in Dragon Ball Z Online mainly consists of fans of the Dragon Ball anime, I daresay. That said, this means that this game might be a great way for you to make new friends who are just as passionate about Dragon Ball as you are.

Furthermore, at around level 19, you’ll be offered to join one of 3 planets (a.k.a. Factions), namely Planet Universe, Planet Namek and Planet Earth. The planet you choose is crucial because once selected, you’ll then only be able to join Legions (guilds) and events of that planet.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Dragon Ball Z Online are pretty good. They are detailed and the characters drawn do the actual characters in the show/manga justice. However, it seems incredibly odd that the game doesn’t provide any sound.


In short, Dragon Ball Z Online is a pretty decent browser MMO that fans of the Dragon Ball universe would definitely enjoy. The gameplay isn’t much to shout about since it is mostly automated, but it does make the game an excellent game to play whenever you are too busy for a more attention-demanding MMO. So, if you like what you’ve read so far, be sure to give the game a try. After all, you can play it directly on your browser for free!

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by Aethyna Dec 9, 2016
Venture into the world in hopes of seeking and collecting all the Dragon Balls to defeat whatever entities that have laid the whole world under siege in this anime MMORPG, Dragon Ball Z Online! Do you have what it takes to become the best fighter in the universe while trying to save the world? Dragon Ball Z Online: World martial arts tournament World map in Dragon Ball Z Online Dragon Ball Z Online: Dragon pet Read More
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