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Downwell 8 rate Dive into the world of Downwell and explore an abyss filled with monsters and various dungeons. Shoot your way through countless monsters and obstacles as you journey to the deep. Gather different upgrade modules to better aid you in your journey to the bottom. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Playing Downwell can give any gamer - at least those over the game of 20 - a feeling of nostalgia. You see, this game feels like something that you and your friends would gather around in an arcade in the late 80s and early 90s, trying to beat each other’s score. It’s as entertaining, and it makes you wish you had an unlimited supply of quarters.

Thankfully, Downwell is cheap at $2.99 but well worth its price. Last August 2017, it was one of Playstation Plus’ free games, and we managed to play it on the PS Vita and the Playstation 4. Moreover, it is available on both mobile platforms, iOS and Android, as well as PC and Mac users on Steam. In a nutshell, it is a top-down vertical shooter/platformer with old-looking graphics with procedurally-developed levels, providing a fun and fresh experience at every playthrough. It’s a fantastic game, and you would want to have it around!


Instead of looking up at the sky, Moppn, the game’s developers, decided to look down. You will play as a young man who was taking a walk in a middle of a park late at night who then decided to jump into a water well to explore. He’s there to explore the abyss to find untold treasures, only to find out that along with valuable gems, there are countless monsters underneath. What lies in the deep? You’d have to play it to find out!


Like most platformers, Downwell has simple and pretty intuitive controls. Basically, all you need are the directional buttons and another button to jump and fire off your gunboots at the same time. Yes, the jump and shoot your trusty weapon with the same button. In the Playstation 4 and Vita, this can be the left analog stick and the X (or fork) button.

Defeating enemies in the game can be done through shooting them with your weapon or stomping them. These include animals like worms, turtles, dive-bombing squid and bats, as well as monsters like bone-throwing skeletons, living skulls, ghosts, and will-o-wisp-esque objects. Remember though, there are enemies that are resistant to being stomped, and they are usually colored red. The same can be said with landing areas: those that are red should be avoided or your character will take damage.

Whenever you jump down into the well, you will be treated to a fresh experience every time you do. You see, the levels are procedurally-generated so the well’s layout is different every time you dive in. Levels are divided into three phases, and once you finish all three, you’ll be directed to a newer one. For example, the 2nd stage involves you moving around catacombs filled with the undead, and the third is underwater with deadly marine life.

There are three types of upgrades in Downwell, and both are essential for your character’s growth. The first are the in-character upgrades, which can be selected every time you finish a level. These include the rocket jump a module that lets you release a huge explosion every time you jump, the laser sight, which increases your gunboots’ accuracy and range, and the shop member’s card, which gives you a 10% discount at the shop. Others include giving you a drone, a pretty, heart-shaped balloon, and a four-hit point recovery.

The second type of upgrade affects your gunboots and these can be picked up in caves with bubbles that stop time. These modules include the shotgun, limited in range but deadly in short encounters, the laser, which fires off a highly damaging beam, and noppy, a rapid-fire module. Moreover, picking them up can either heal a hit point or give your gunboots a higher firing capacity.

The final upgrade are the ones you can buy from the shopkeeper. When you kill monsters or destroy certain blocks in Downwell, you will pick up gems which are needed to buy things from the shopkeeper. You can buy healing items like a rice ball or sushi, healing one and two hit points respectively, or a plate of curry, that increases your hit point capacity to five. You can also purchase a battery a car battery that boosts your gunboots’ firing capacity. Remember though, whenever you make purchase, the next time you stop by, the merchandise will be more expensive.

Apart from the regular game modes, there are also others that gives you a different experience, albeit with limitations and sacrifices. For example, you can play the Boulder mode, giving you two extra hit points at six (there are only four in standard mode) but you can only select two upgrades every time you finish a level. These are unlocked when you gather certain amounts of gems every time you play.

Though Downwell can be played on the Playstation 4 and you can enjoy its smoothness on the console, the game is better played in handheld devices, such as the Vita. You can play it while lying on the couch, but it stands out more when playing on the go or waiting in line.


Downwell is purely a single player experience: there are no multiplayer modes to speak of. However, the game does have a healthy and active community on Reddit, discussing tips and tricks on how to beat it. It also has a dedicated fanbase on Steam.


If you’re not a fan of retro-style games, we still recommend giving Downwell as shot. The game only has three color palettes: white, red, and black. White for your character and your gun shots, black for the surrounding environments, and red for most of the enemies. The game looks like it was made in the 1980s, even the game’s soundtrack resembles the aforementioned era. Even if the game doesn’t look appealing, it’s still a platforming masterpiece.


If you’re a PS Plus member at the time this post goes live, or if you have $2.99 to spare, Downwell is a must-play. With exciting gameplay, high replayability, and smooth experience regardless of the platform, we highly recommend it. Guaranteed, you’ll log in at least a dozen hours on this platformer!

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New Game Added: Downwell

by Mikhail Sep 6, 2017
Dive into the world of Downwell and explore an abyss filled with monsters and various dungeons. Shoot your way through countless monsters and obstacles as you journey to the deep. Gather different upgrade modules to better aid you in your journey to the bottom. Standing on a block in Downwell Entering the cavern in Downwell Laser sight upgrade in Downwell Read More
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