Defense of the Ancient 2

by Richard
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DotA 2 10 rate DotA 2 is a Massively Online Battle Arena where players compete in a 5-vs-5, arena-like match where they play as heroes with separate sets of skills and battle among themselves. The game is based on the popular Warcraft 3 mode of the same name that has given birth to the new MMO genre, MOBA. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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DotA 2 is a Massively Online Battle Arena game where players form a team of five to battle against other players in an arena-based game. Each player will take a role of a champion with special abilities that plays a vital role for each member. There are also rankings that help determine your matchmaking with the same playing skills to provide a well-balanced gaming.


There is not much major storyline or plot added for DotA 2, however it has a deep lore that kept more possible storyline for each of the heroes in the game. Some notable stories are focused on certain characters in a form of web comics to help flesh out their personalities that would become fan favorites to some. And with more heroes being introduced to the game, players can expect more lores to be added for the game.


DotA 2 was originally based on the mod game with the same name. Originally created from a map editor of Warcraft 3, so most of the strategy aspects from it can still be found in the newer game. However most of the assets based on Warcraft 3 were removed in order to provide an all original design for the heroes.

The objective of DotA 2 is to destroy the enemy base before the opposing team does it first to your base. At the start of the game, each player must pick their desired hero. Once each has picked their heroes, the match then begins with all heroes starting at level one. At this rate players cannot charge into the enemy base under levelled, so it is required for them to farm on enemy units that appear by wave to charge towards the opposing base. They can earn experience points and gold for slaying the enemy npcs or if they can defeat any enemy heroes in the field.

DotA 2 only features one specific map, as unlike to some of the recent MOBA games that feature different maps. This only map features three main lane where the clashes of the team usually occurs, and each lane has specific line of defence towers waiting for any incoming invaders. There are hidden paths and shortcuts that can be used that leads to hidden monster NPCs that you can use to farm for gold and experience, this can also be useful for setting traps to unsuspecting heroes.

Once a hero gains a level, they can unlock certain abilities or improve any existing ones along with added stats to make them stronger. Then at a certain level they can unlock their skill ultimates, these super abilities can provide an advantage to certain encounters against enemy heroes if played right.

There are over a hundred different kinds of heroes available on DotA 2, and each of them plays differently. Take for example the Anti-Mage, he can be a counter for magic users thanks to his mana draining abilities and can escape from harm when needed with hi Blink ability. The Dragon Knight is good for pushing a lane and with his Dragon Form ability, he can transform into a dragon that can dish out massive damage and status effects on enemy heroes. Each of the heroes can provide different kinds of play styles that suits certain roles that provides a well balanced team if planned accordingly with other players, otherwise it could lead to an easy defeat if all players picked the same type of hero without any support.

There are also items available in the game, but these can only be acquired during a match and will last until the match ends. The items can be purchased at the shop for certain amount of gold and this is the only way you can acquire them. There are some items that are needed to be combined to create a much powerful item. Players can choose on which item to use depending on their hero so it can provide different possible builds for the game.


There are millions who are playing DotA 2 as of today, and you won’t run out of matches to find in every attempt to start a matchmaking search. A ranking system called Match Making Rank was created in order to sort out a player’s playing skills in the game. The higher your MMR, the more chance that you will be competing against highly skilled players. There are also season leagues in certain occasions that put the players’ competitive level to the max.

Not to mention, the game is incredibly popular among eSports players and fans. Valve and various sponsors organize the annual DotA 2 competition called The International where players duke it out for a chance to win millions of dollars in prize money, a nice trophy as well as getting tons of fame and glory.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals in DotA 2 features colourful visuals compared to its predecessor. Now more cartoonish, it provides more life to the characters with its original character design compared with the original. The voice over of the characters are now original that provides more personality to each of them. The soundtrack is also impressive with an epic score to provide a memorable tune for the game.


DotA 2 provides the original feel from its predecessor but still manages to produce a more refreshing atmosphere that feels original. With its deep gameplay and competitive features, hardcore players who are into MOBA should definitely get this. How it may take some practice before anymore can get a hang of it, but once they are used to the mechanics, they will be having a great time.

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New Game Added: Defense of the Ancient 2

by Richard Jan 22, 2017
DotA 2 is a Massively Online Battle Arena where players compete in a 5-vs-5, arena-like match where they play as heroes with separate sets of skills and battle among themselves. The game is based on the popular Warcraft 3 mode of the same name that has given birth to the new MMO genre, MOBA. DotA 2: PvP Lina in DotA 2 DotA 2: Beautiful graphics Read More
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