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by Mikhail
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Don't Even Think 10 rate Don’t Even Think is a battle royale with a furry twist: werewolves. Gather gear and weapons, keep yourself warm as a human, and gather data that can help you escape. Survive until dawn and you win. If you’re a werewolf, do everything you can to eat humans to win and survive. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Don’t even think about playing Don’t Even Think right now if you have zero patience about games that dish out a subpar experience.

This new addition to the ever-growing list of battle royale titles has solid concepts and a good foundation but unfortunately, it lags behind many of its peers. Though what provides can be fun to many players, the experience is janky overall, while its presentation, gunplay, and overall gameplay leave much to be desired. Regardless, it’s still a free-to-play game which makes it worth a shot. Thing is, what should you expect? Let’s check out what it has to offer:


Imagine that you’re dropped from a plane in the middle of nowhere, with camps and cabins sporadically littering the area. It’s freezing cold, and along with your mates, you try to do everything you can to keep warm. You light a fire and within minutes, you’re chased by a dark, menacing figure. It bared its teeth and with a bone-chilling howl, it charges. You open fire, and one of your friends decides to throw himself upon the beast, telling you and your other friend to run.

You did and left him for dead.

There’s not much story in Don’t Even Think, but we can assume that there’s a fair bit of lore. After all, the map tells a lot of details, ranging from a pile of rotten bodies in certain areas, a crashed plane and abandoned cabins. It’s an interesting setting that definitely has its own fair share of lore.


In terms of gameplay, Don’t Even Think is mainly a battle royale. As of today though, every game can only support 30 players, consisting of three werewolves and 27 humans.

If you’re going to play as a human, your primary goal is to survive. You’ll either have to kill other humans or simply cooperate with them to fight werewolves, especially at night. You need to collect data from certain camps across the map which will help you call in a helicopter to rescue you. However, you just don’t have to shoot your way to survive: Don’t Even Think is set in a cruel, cold world. You need to keep warm by lighting fireplaces in camps and cabins or by eating ham. If you do the former though, you’ll definitely attract unwanted attention from werewolves. Weapons and gear in Don’t Even Think vary. You have shotguns, assault rifles, and marksmen rifles (like the Kar98k), as well as armor. Most of the gear can be found on cabins and campsites and are stored inside boxes.

Meanwhile, if you play as a werewolf, your goal is quite simple: kill all humans during the night and survive during the day. Note that you will appear to be a regular human at daylight, far from your fiery self during nighttime. When the stars start shining though, your advanced senses enable you to hunt humans by detecting fires and smoke trails. If you manage to detect them, you can lunge at them right away. Normal guns will do little damage, but be careful against ones who are sporting silver bullets.

Matches are quick with them spanning between 15-20 minutes. Map size is fairly decent and it follows the regular gameplay loop of drop-in, loot, and fight. Though everything checks out so far, the game needs a lot of improvement. It suffers from poor optimization and presentation (which we’ll tackle later) and framerate drops and lag are common. Plus, draw distances are short, and texture pop-ins are common. Yes, it’s a bad-looking game but even so, it’s more poorly-optimized than certain games. To be honest, it feels like a PS4 port of a mobile battle royale or an alpha version of the game set to be released in a year or two.

Though the game only has a small learning curve, you won’t get to seamlessly learn everything due to a lack of a tutorial. Gameplay concepts are only explained through several popups that obscure the screen. It’s just not a good way to welcome new players and the developers have a lot of work ahead of them.


Due to being freshly released, Don’t Even Think rather has a large player-base. You won’t have any problems finding matches and people to play with. It doesn’t have an online community hub (yet) where you can discuss the game and team up with others.


In terms of presentation, the game has mediocre visuals comparable to late last generation games. Despite the low textures, the framerates are terrible. Plus, the footstep detection and directional aspects are unrefined. There were several occasions where I heard footsteps and I couldn’t tell which direction it came from.


Overall, Don’t Even Think is still a work in progress. It can be fun, but it’s just not a good game and hasn’t reached a level where it’s a must-have for anyone. Though the werewolf concept is a nice touch, it is so far behind its peers like H1Z1, Fortnite, and PUBG. Nevertheless, give the game a shot and experience it for yourself.

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New Game Added: Don't Even Think

by Mikhail Aug 10, 2019
Don’t Even Think is a battle royale with a furry twist: werewolves. Gather gear and weapons, keep yourself warm as a human, and gather data that can help you escape. Survive until dawn and you win. If you’re a werewolf, do everything you can to eat humans to win and survive. Werewolf character at night in Don't Even Think Lighting a fire in Don't Even Think Gathering data in Don't Even Think Read More
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