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DomiNations 9 rate Dominate the whole world and become the most powerful civilization in DomiNations! Featuring a Clash of Clans-like gameplay, you'll need to develop your empire, advance your people through the ages and build up an army that's strong enough to make your enemies tremble at the mere whisper of your name. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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DomiNations is a free to play MMO strategy mobile game where the main goal of the game is to build your kingdom and become the most powerful. Players must build and expand their cities to prosper and reach the next stage of civilization. Reaching levels stages will unlock new units, structures and technologies to help improve your city. Players will also battle other cities by invading or defending themselves, there is also a multiplayer feature where you can challenge other players in a battle of invasion and the winner gets to loot more resources.


DomiNations has some of the known gameplay mechanics popular in strategy and mobile games. One of the comes from Clash of Clans where the aspect of invading other cities and loot their resources has become a stable to most mobile city building games, and then the part of evolving its city comes from the Civilization games where players must reach a new phase of evolution to unlock new content that will further enhance its city.

Starting the game will prompt you to a short tutorial where the NPC narrator will guide you on the basic functions in the game. You need to build houses to produce civilians that will aid you in gathering resources and constructing new buildings, each house can produce two people but depending on your current civilization age, you may be limited to a certain number of houses to construct. You assign civilians by highlighting on objects such as rocks, trees to order them in clearing these out, you can also hunt animals or interact at gold mines or fruit trees to get resources such as gold and food.

Gold and food are the basic resources in the game, you will need these to construct buildings and recruit armies, and the standard way of getting more of these is by gathering them in your surroundings. The other method is by attacking enemy villages or other players, you send out your troops to a designated village and attack it, and if you are successful you can loot some of the resources. But be careful as other players can attack you as well, and you can lose any resources if you fail to protect your city.

Constructing buildings will unlock new functions and additional benefits, such as the blacksmith unlocking the research feature to unlock more structures and units, or building a barracks where you can finally recruit soldiers for your city and even watchtowers to protect you from invaders. You can also upgrade the structures to increase its functions and even move them other locations to rearrange the placements of the buildings.

Once you have enough resources, you can now jump to the next stage of civilization by activating it at your town hall, upgrading is expensive and will take some time to complete it. Once you have reach the next stage, you will be granted with rewards and new unlockable content. Adding more buildings also require additional space, you can expand you city by removing forests in your surroundings and other obstacles, this will cost gold or food to take them out but some can provide rewards when removing. You can add roads to connect with other buildings that gives you additional gold depending on the number of buildings.

City battles plays differently, as the aspect of real time strategy now applies to it. You deploy your troops outside the borders of your enemy base, this provides some strategy element on finding the weak spot of a base. Deploying well-balanced troops will ensure quick victory instead of just focusing on a single unit type. You can earn bonus points if you can destroy the entire base within the time limit, if your army gets eliminated, you lose the battle, however if you managed to destroy the town hall, you can opt to leave the battle and still earn the rewards without completely destroying the base.


There are multiplayer features in DomiNations, and thanks with number of active players in the game, it makes it more fun. You can challenge other real players on battles where you can earn rewards depending on your performance. You can also join clans to make it easier to gather resources and troop assistance if ever you get attacked by a bigger city.

Graphics/ Sound

DomiNations uses 2D sprites in high definition, meaning you can zoom in to the unit and can still see them with better textures. The designs are somewhat a blend of cartoony but in a more serious tone compared to other games like Clash of Clans, and it helps make it stand out from the rest of the game. There are a few music tracks available in the game but it is not that impressive as with other games, as the music tracks are not memorable.


Overall, DomiNations is a fun strategy game that combines the best parts of Clash of Clans and Civilization. The gameplay may not be original but it is still a fun game to play and to invest time in building your city. Fans of strategy games will definitely love this and for those who wants to try other games besides Clash of Clans will also like this.

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by Richard Apr 21, 2017
Dominate the whole world and become the most powerful civilization in DomiNations! Featuring a Clash of Clans-like gameplay, you'll need to develop your empire, advance your people through the ages and build up an army that's strong enough to make your enemies tremble at the mere whisper of your name. DomiNations: Attacking a rival nation Bronze age settlement in DomiNations DomiNations: The Forbidden City (wonder) Read More
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