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Old school RPG gaming

Looking for a traditional, turn-based MMORPG that hearkens back to the days of classic role-playing games? You should give Dofus a try, because this game merges the old turn-based system and the open world exploration mechanisms of contemporary games.

Now, the term Dofus refers to the six dragon eggs that have been lost and scattered throughout the world of Twelve. It is your task to look for these dragon eggs, as they are the Holy Grail sought out by all of the World of Twelve's adventurers. For within these eggs are immense powers that will turn the finder into a demi-god.

Great things start from small beginnings, of course. At the start of the game, you will be prompted to pick from one out of 21 character classes. Do not attempt to decipher each class' capabilities just by looking at their individual names because that is nigh impossible to achieve. Instead, look at the stats in the middle of the selection screen. There, you can find what areas the class is strong in, like in defense, offense and healing.

Once you have seen the character class that you think would suit your capabilities and playing preferences best, then it is time to customize it. You can actually select the color of your character's skin, and the game uses the color range used by major photo editing software so you have quite a range to select from. You can also choose a face for your sprite, and its headgear.

If you feel like exploring each character class, then simply create another character. You can have a maximum of 5 characters for every account that you create to play the game with.

Once the game starts, you will be subjected to a lengthy tutorial from the guardians of the temple. You will be taught the basics of fighting. In other words, the moment you come in you will be subjected to a battle so you can grasp the basics of the game's controls.

Each battle starts with you selecting a position from which you will begin the battle This is to pre-position your character to cast a spell at a target, because certain spells have grids in which they are effective. Once you the battle commences, you can either attack with a spell, if you are within the effective range, or you can move your character additional steps to close in on your opponent. Moving will cost you MP or Moving Points. On the other hand, casting will also cause you Attack Points or AP.

Once you have expended these two Points, you will have to end your turn in order for them to replenish themselves. Turns give you limited time to plan your moves, and, if you End Turn early, your next turn will be lengthened by the amount of time left in the previous Turn.

In other words, the game's battle system is a challenge in managing your Turn times, as well as plotting your moves according to the range and the number of Points that you are given in the limited time available. This gives the game an immense challenge that the more intellectual gamers will certainly appreciate.

With the exception of the battles, however, the game's pace is very slow. You have very challenging quests that require you to explore the entirety of a town or city just to accomplish what is being assigned to you. Gathering ingredients for a Workshop task, for instance, will require extensive exploring before you can gather the needed materials. This is a change of pace for those used to fast-moving storylines and quests in other RPGs.

While you explore, you could also get a challenge for a Player vs Player (PvP) match from a player who is in the same area as you. Of course, you can always decline but, bear in mind, that there are persistent players out there.

Graphics are more similar to old-school MMORPGs from ten years ago than to today's games, but that is not a hindrance to enjoying the game. Sounds are excellent, although there is a redundancy in the application that requires the application to keep the updater engine turned on or else there is no sound at all in the game!

Dofus is an RPG that can hold its own even against the most meticulous of players. Those that love to spend a lot of time exploring the game's world will certainly love the quests, while those looking for some challenge in battles will enjoy the game's turn-based system.
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