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by Aethyna
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Dino Water World 6.5 rate Buy and hatch dinosaur eggs to obtain your own baby sea dinosaurs. Place them in their respective elemental-themed habitats and feed them to grow them up. Get the food your dinos need from farms which are managed by your underwater people. Crossbreed dinosaurs and pit your team of dinosaurs into PvP matches. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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As the new manager of the new Dino Water World, you’ll need to create a zoo that is not only populated with a plethora of dangerous and mysterious underwater creatures from the prehistoric era but also keep your zoo keepers happy and working. With your suit-wearing zoo keepers, you’ll need to maintain underwater food farms to produce food for your sea dinosaurs. Don’t forget to build more houses as well as decorate your small town with beautiful decorations to attract more zoo keepers to work for you. You can even crossbreed your dinosaurs to get hybrid dinosaurs, and pit your team of dinosaurs in PvP matches with dinosaurs from another player... like in Pokemon! If you love sea dinosaurs or creatures in general and are looking for a casual management game to play, do give Dino Water World a try.


Dino Water World stars off with a nice enough tutorial provided by some random scuba-diving old guy. The game, as you can see, is not big on providing a backstory for the game or even to introduce the character. Anyway, this game is brought to you by the same company that brought you Dino Zoo, and in this case, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen it all.

Like in Dino Zoo, Dino Water World offers many kinds of sea-based dinosaurs that you can buy at the market. All of them are, similarly, elemental-based. They include fire or volcano, earth, water and many more. The elements that the dinosaurs are proficient in are important as each dinosaur in this game has its own set of skills, up to a maximum of 3 skills. The first skill is unlocked for free, but you’ll need to get your dinosaurs to level 7 and 11 in order to unlock the other 2 skills. These skills are vital when you’re facing down another players’ team of dinosaurs in the PvP aspect of the game, which will be covered later in the review.

Now that you have your own underwater zoo, you might want to first populate it with some dinosaurs. After buying an egg for a particular dinosaur from the market, you’ll then need to place it on the hatchery (you can place up to 3 eggs at a time and no, you can’t build more hatcheries) and wait for it to hatch. It usually takes 1 hour, but you can speed things up using premium cash. Once the timer goes down to 0, you can next place the dinosaur to a habitat that suits its element. After all, a fire dinosaur simply cannot live (or survive) in a... let’s say, water habitat, though honestly speaking, everything’s underwater so there’s some conflict there.

However, each habitat can house up to 2 dinosaurs and you will need to buy more habitats if you want to add more dinosaurs. Dinosaurs will begin to generate income for you once they are in a habitat and you can easily click on the habitats to collect your cash. Don’t forget to invest some of that money back into your habitats by getting them upgrades so you can increase the capacity in which the habitat can store all your generated income.

To increase rate of coins production though, you’ll need to level up your dinosaurs instead. To “level” a dinosaur up, you’ll need to feed it food. In this game, you can feed a dinosaur as many times as you want. The dino won’t feel overfed and instead, it’ll grow at a faster pace. After all, the higher level your dinosaur is, the more money you’ll get! Also, when your dino reached a certain milestone in level, the look of the dinosaur will change, for instance, when the baby dinosaur changes into a mature form that you can then use for breeding.

Talking about breeding, in Dino Water World, you can even cross-breed dinosaurs of different elements at the crossbreeding lab to produce a much more powerful hybrid dinosaur that has affinity towards 2 different types of elements, but will also suffer from twice the weaknesses. These types of hybrids are excellent when pitted against another hybrid dinosaur that is weak against both the elements they have, but will suffer terribly if the tables are turned against them instead. It’s like you win some, you lose some. It all depends on how you use your dinosaurs in battle.

As aforementioned (plenty of mentions, in fact), Dino Water World features a dino battle aspect which allows you to set up your team of Pokemons... ahem, I mean dinosaurs to fight against your opponents’ team of dinosaurs. You can fight other players for a maximum of 3 times per day and you get to choose, from among several choices, which opponents you’ll want to face. Like in Pokemon, the game depends heavily on the “elemental cycle” which states, for instance, that fire dinos are stronger against earth dinos but are weak against water dinos, and so on and so forth. As long as you are aware of the cycle, have almost every type of dinos in your team, and act accordingly, you’ll probably emerge from most battles victoriously!

This game isn’t all about dinosaurs though! You’ll need to take care of your zoo keepers as well. You’ll need to build houses for them to live in and decorate the area up with beautiful decors. In return, they will help you produce food via the food farms. On the side note, it’s pretty unfortunate that the game recycled all the decorations from their other game, Dino Zoo. This is because it’s pretty absurd to be able to grow an entire garden of plants and flowers that are meant for the soil above sea level... underwater! They could have just reskinned everything to fit the theme, but it seems like they have taken the shortcut here.

Furthermore, the same could be said for the food farms. These little zoo keepers of yours will help you tend to your food farms provided that you’ve planted seeds on them which will require some in-game cash first. Like in Dino Zoo, the types of crops provided are woefully inadequate, though if you really persevere, it is not exactly a game-breaking problem. However, the funny thing here is that the crops provided are the same as in Dino Zoo as well. Can you imagine growing corn, tomatoes and pumpkins (yup, there are around 3 crops for you to choose from) underwater? They don’t even bother changing this out to some semi-actual/ realistic underwater crop like seaweeds or something.


Perhaps due to its insane similarity to their other popular game, Dino Zoo, Dino Water World seems to fall short in getting the masses of players that Dino Zoo has. The game itself has been released for years but has less than 1 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page. However, if you love dinosaurs, particularly sea dinosaurs with a certain fiery passion, you might still enjoy meeting other players who feel the same way at their fan page as well as persist playing this game in order to “collect ‘em all”.

Graphics/ Sound

One of the most redeeming features in Dino Water World, despite its bland plagiarism of the previous Dino Zoo game, is its music. The music features a solo piano track that is both relaxing and enjoyable to listen to. It’s so nice to listen to the music to the point where you’ll almost not notice that you can hear birds chirping in the background while you’re managing your underwater world (strong emphasis on the word “underwater”). In terms of graphics, Dino Water World contains very cartoonish graphics and flaws that seem painfully similar to Dino Zoo.


In short, Dino Water World is a rather fun sea dinosaur-themed zoo management/ simulation game that allows you to set up and manage your very own underwater “Jurassic Park”! Buy dinosaur eggs from the market, hatch them at the hatchery and assign them their habitats depending on their various elemental affinities. Feed them so you can level them up to a mature age where you can then cross-breed them to create awesome hybrids or send them to battle against other dinosaurs from other players. Don’t neglect your underwater zoo-keepers as well though! Be sure to build houses for them and decorate up the place nicely so they will return the favor by tending to your crops and help you obtain the food you need to feed your hungry dinosaurs. Do you think you have what it takes to collect all the dinosaurs in Dino Water World? Play now and find out!

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New Game Added: Dino Water World

by Aethyna Sep 7, 2015
Buy and hatch dinosaur eggs to obtain your own baby sea dinosaurs. Place them in their respective elemental-themed habitats and feed them to grow them up. Get the food your dinos need from farms which are managed by your underwater people. Crossbreed dinosaurs and pit your team of dinosaurs into PvP matches. Sea dinosaurs in Dino Water World Dino Water World: Town Breed dinos in Dino Water World Read More

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