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Digfender 10 rate Protect your castle by taking the fight down to the Ice Lord and his relentless minions who are hidden in the ice sheets underneath your castle. Dig your own paths and build defensive towers to take out any enemy that is coming your way. Will you be able to stop the waves of enemies from destroying your castle? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Digfender is a rather innovative, fun and yet challenging tower defense game that will have you dig your paths and build your own defensive towers. Protect your castle by stopping the Ice Lord’s minions who are emerging from the ice sheet down in the bowels of the earth. You can also upgrade your towers and landmines both in-game and out, unlock tougher difficulty levels in exchange for additional perks, and purchase extra abilities using diamonds. Will you be able to stop the waves of enemies from destroying your castle? Play Digfender now and find out!


Digfender doesn't really explain its plot in an in-depth manner, but from what can be gleaned from reviewing the game, apparently, an evil, in the form of the Ice Lord, has risen from the depths of the earth and is threatening to bring your castle to ruins and blanket the world in a never-ending winter.

Your only hope to stop the nefarious Ice Lord is by digging through the ice and taking the fight down to him and his minions underground.


Digfender is a truly interesting tower defense game because it offers its players the strategic gameplay (when it comes to tower placements and which paths to dig) that they crave, but it also has a couple of really nice twists.

For starters, instead of giving you a clear and visible map to build towers on, the map you see, at least a large part of it, is shrouded in the fog of war. This game design plays into the strategic aspect of the game as well since players will have to really think about how to maximize the available building space on the map when it comes to building towers vs long, windy paths for the enemies to travel on.

The way you “carve out” the path that the enemies will use in a level is also unique in this game. Unlike certain tower defense games where you have to use towers to build your own path, this game requires you to dig a path from your castle to the edge of the ice. As you break each layer of ice, you’ll then unlock a new wave of enemies and also a new row of tiles to build on or dig through. Interestingly, you can “break the ice”, so to speak, to call forth the next wave even when the current wave has yet to be completely eliminated.

The tiles in the game may sometimes contain precious resources like emeralds (needed to build support towers and traps), gold coins (needed to build normal towers and upgrade them), and diamonds (needed to buy power-ups). Naturally, you’ll want to dig through as many of these resource-laden tiles as you can but sometimes, you will have to sacrifice certain resources in favor of building a longer path and hence, allowing your towers to do more damage on the enemies before they can reach your castle gates.

The towers available in this game is also well-varied. You’ve got the long-range and the short-range towers; the single target vs the area-of-effect (AOE) towers, and of course, all the towers have special effects. For instance, the ice bolt tower shoots projectiles that can slow down your enemies while the lightning tower is particularly effective against armored enemies. You will probably need to have a nice mixture of all the towers in order to stem the waves of enemies, but ultimately, it all boils down to the types of enemies you’ll face and which towers are most effective against them.

Each tower can also be upgraded both outside and within a game level. The outside upgrades are permanent and cost stars, which you can earn by playing levels (up to 3 stars per level). There’s also a special upgrade tree where you can get perks in exchange for relic tokens that you can only gain by completing the Hard mode for any normal level you managed to complete. To unlock the Hard mode though, you’ll have to collect the Treasure Map in the normal mode first.

For upgrades that can be done within the game, you’ll first need to get the towers to kill some enemies to earn XP. Once the XP bar is full, you can then upgrade your tower. Each tower can eventually be upgraded into two different forms. Each form improves an aspect of the tower much further. For example, the ice bolt tower can be upgraded into a frost bolt tower, which increases the slowed effect of a general ice bolt tower, or a long bolt tower, which builds upon the ice bolt tower’s immense range and improve it by leaps and bounds.

Aside from these upgrades, you can also supplement your towers with power orbs, by digging through them to collect the orbs and attaching them to the towers you want to boost. You can also build a variety of support towers in the game and link them to your defensive towers to improve their damage and range or to generate more XP and gold per kill. Unlike the latter, the support towers cannot be upgraded in a game level.

In addition to towers, you can also build traps along the path you dig out. The traps available are pretty similar to the types of towers available – there are traps that have a damage-over-time effect; there are traps that can slow enemies down; and then there are traps that can blow your enemies up when stepped on. Thankfully, both traps and towers cannot be attacked for destroyed by the enemy.

Scattered on the map are also obstacles, namely stones, that will prevent you from building on or digging through specific tiles. In some levels, these stones can pose a huge problem since they will force you to build shorter paths and block tiles that would make certain tower placements a lot more cost-effective.

There is a nice myriad of enemies as well, ranging from the common goblin scouts and sappers to powerful elementals, spawners and wizards. All of these works brilliantly with one another to create a fun and, oftentimes, challenging gameplay for you as you try and figure out the best way to solve a level without having to resort to spending your precious diamonds on power-ups.

Power-ups can be considered as the last line of defense since you can deploy them rather quickly when needed. Like the towers and the traps, there’s a nice selection of them, including Frost Nova which will freeze all enemies on the map and Fireball that will deal a massive amount of damage on all enemies as it dashes along the path you’ve dug out. Diamonds can be earned rather easily and for free from playing levels and also from watching the occasional and optional (you actually have to opt-in) video ads in prompts that will pop up at the end of certain levels.

As you may know by now, the ultimate goal in every level in Digfender is to prevent the enemies from reaching your castle. Although your castle does not have any weapons to retaliate with whenever any enemy gets way too close, it has multiple towers for the enemy to destroy. Usually, each enemy that got through your defenses will only get to take down a tower and if you play your hand right, you’ll still have several of them to spare. You’ll only lose the level if all towers are gone. However, the destruction of even a single tower will cost you a star so you’ll still be encouraged to avoid letting through any minions.

The default castle you own can be switched out for one of the other castles available. These castles usually have fewer towers but they have special abilities. There’s no way for a free-to-play player to buy one of these other castles though since they all cost real cash, but I’ve managed to clear all the levels with 3-star rating even with the default castle so the game is not at all a pay-to-win.

Digfender has plenty of levels for you to play and you don’t have any restrictions as to how long you’d like to play the game. As long as you can clear a level with a single star, you’ll be allowed to proceed to the next. If you’ve completed the main campaign, there are also 12 more bonus levels at the end for you to enjoy.


Digfender is a single-player game and as such, there isn’t a social aspect to it. If you find yourself stuck hard on any one of the levels, the community around the game would be more than happy to guide you with their walkthroughs – there are plenty that you can find online.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Digfender are works really well with the overall theme of the game. In fact, the style reminds me a lot of Kingdom Rush, what with the tiny characters. The sound suits the game perfectly as well, giving players the sort of immersion they seek from a tower defense game.


Being a huge fan of tower defense games, Digfender has captivated my attention and took a whole chunk of my free time mainly because the game feels so unique and offers a gameplay that’s so innovative and yet familiar at the same time. Granted that some of the level designs can feel as though they are trying to force you to use your carefully hoarded diamonds, for the most part, I usually get the 3 stars I want after I proceed to the other levels, earn more stars or relics for upgrades and return to redo said pesky level.

Considering how well this game was produced, I’m surprised it’s not buy-to-play yet… many great tower defense titles do adopt that monetization model eventually. So, if you’re a huge fan of challenging tower defense games, Digfender is definitely a game you’ll want to play.

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by Aethyna Dec 1, 2018
Protect your castle by taking the fight down to the Ice Lord and his relentless minions who are hidden in the ice sheets underneath your castle. Dig your own paths and build defensive towers to take out any enemy that is coming your way. Will you be able to stop the waves of enemies from destroying your castle? Digfender: Strategically position your towers Castle skins in Digfender Digfender: Tower upgrade Read More
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