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Devilian 9 rate Being an awesome half-devil hero and the last vanguard of the beautiful world of Nala, it falls squarely on your shoulders to fight the otherworldly invaders sent by a vengeful fallen god! Play as 1 out of 4 character classes, each with their very own unique Devil form, and grow your character from a weakling into a champion! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Being an awesome half-devil hero and the last vanguard of the beautiful world of Nala, it falls squarely on your shoulders to fight the otherworldly invaders sent by a vengeful fallen god! Play as 1 out of 4 character classes, each with their very own unique Devil form, and advance your characters’ skill paths as you level up. Enjoy plenty of PvE and PvP content – in both small and massive scale – along with crafting, trading and questing. There are also a plethora of mounts and pets that you can collect. Although the game is currently in closed beta at the moment, you could unleash your devil within in Devilian once the game moves into open beta really soon. So stay tuned to WWGDB!


The fall of the Dark Lord has brought peace to the beautiful world of Nala. However, during an epic battle which has the Dark Lord defeated, his spear, infused with powerful fel-powers, was shattered. These fragments have given a special group of humans an opportunity to master these demonic powers and to eliminate all the remnants of the Dark Lord’s forces. However, the peace did not last... Malek seeks to use one of the spear fragments to summon the most powerful Demon Lord to Nala and he has legions of devils to aid him in his nefarious plans. It is time to fight fire with fire and bring back the heroes who have mastered the powers of the devil, and you happen to be one of the newly awakened Devilian!


The character creation process in Devilian is pretty straightforward and simple. The game offers 4 different character classes for you to choose from, namely Evoker, the elemental maven; Berserker, the unparalleled blademaster; the chain whip-wielding Shadowhunter and the adorable and child-like Cannoneer. These classes are gender-locked and since each character is a Devilian, you won’t need to choose a race or faction either.

In terms of character customization, you have quite a nice range of options. You can modify your character’s look by changing the face type, skin tone, hair style and color, lip color, pupil type and color as well as adding, or not, a tattoo on your character’s forehead. Furthermore, you can create up to 2 free characters in this game, but if you are willing to shell over some real cash, you can unlock more character slot and have up to 6 different characters.

Once you’re done, you can then get into the game and start killing some devils. The controls in this game may seem a tad bit odd at first and may require some getting used to. Generally though, you’ll be using WASD or your left mouse button to move your character while you’ll be pressing the number keys (or right mouse button) accordingly to use your character’s skills. Interestingly, as the game doesn’t have an in-built targeting system, your mouse cursor will be directing where your character’s skills will be used at. Due to this along with the limitation the game has in place, you won’t be able to use your mouse button to click on the skill you want to use.

As you reach a certain level, you will be introduced to your Devilian form. In this form, you’ll gain access to an entire new set of much more powerful skills. These skills can be upgraded by investing devil souls to unlock rune slots, so you can equip the suitable runes to your Devilian skills. To change into your Devilian form, you will need to fill up the Devilian meter by killing mobs. Once you reached a certain minimum requirement, you will be able to activate your form by pressing the “V” key. The transformation animation is pretty cool-looking and your character’s look will change drastically as well.

However, do note that your “Devilian level” and your character level are advanced separately. This means that you’ll need to actually use the Devilian form in order to gain experience points to level up your Devilian form. Once your experience bar for your form is filled, you can then press the “promote” button to “level up”.

Being a being with special demonic powers, you will need to nurture those powers while putting them to good use. The best way to do this is by questing. The quests in Devilian are pretty much the usual stuff you’ll find in most MMORPGs. There are also daily quests that you can do (up to a limited number of times), along with special quests that will pop up right above your quest tracker from time to time, to get some extra experience points and cash too. Interestingly, there is an autorun feature that will move your character to the quest location or NPC with merely a click of the “autorun” button.

Of course, there are plenty of dungeons that you can run either alone or in a party. There are also special dungeons available in Devilian. One of these special dungeons is called the Abyssal Tower. At the Abyssal Tower, you will need to try your best to reach as high a floor as you can. There is even an Infinite Hunting Ground where you can grind for experience points by killing random mobs. The best part though is the randomly-spawned co-op boss events. Granted that these events are pretty common in the game, it’s still very fun to team up with random strangers to bring down a super big baddie in the in-game world (not in a dungeon).

For PvP-oriented players, Devilian has something in store for you as well. You can head into the smaller 3-vs-3 arena or join up with up to 19 other players to fight in an epic 20-vs-20 PvP fight. There are 1-on-1 duels and guild tournaments too. You’ll be fighting in your Devilian form though.

To be the best in either PvE or PvP isn’t very easy and requires plenty of dedication. Thus, thankfully, Devilian offers plenty of ways you can improve your character as you progress through the game. One of which is by investing skill points into your skill trees (control, burst and assault) to unlock new skills. You can also invest points into your proficiency to gain bonus stats in body, valor, growth, economy and devilian. Each attribute can be upgraded up to 30 times in total.

Moreover, there are talismans that you can equip to give your character an edge especially during combat. Talisman slots can be unlocked as you level up, but to get a talisman, you’ll need to break down unwanted gear with a quality rating of uncommon and above. Once the gear is salvaged, you’ll get magic dusts which can in turn be used to craft talisman boxes. Talisman boxes will give you random talismans when opened and you can pick the best talismans to equip to your character.

In addition to crafting talisman boxes, there is a plethora of ways you can improve on your character’s equipments too. You can use refining stones to change your weapon’s attributes, or use “identify” to uncover additional attributes on your items. You can also enchant your equipment, as well as fuse lower quality items for 1 higher quality item. Don’t forget to obtain titles as well since, in this game, the bonus effects provided by these titles can be stacked.

Last but not least, there are also plenty of amazing mounts and pets that you can collect and use. There are even achievements for you to strive for and an auction house for you to buy or sell items.


The community at Devilian is pretty small but sizeable at the moment as the game is currently in closed beta. However, it is expected that the in-game community will grow in size once the game moves to the open beta phase. If you really want to be a part of the in-game community, you should definitely join a guild. You can even participate in exciting guild vs guild tournaments too!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Devilian are pretty good for a top-down dungeon-crawler/ MMORPG. There are some breathtaking sceneries that will stop you in your tracks for a bit as you admire tha rt work. The music in the game is incredible as well. The background music is inspirational and uplifting – the perfect tone that complements the game. There is also voice acting for all the NPCs and even for the quest texts.


In short, Devilian is a very promising dungeon crawler/ MMORPG that players of games like Diablo and Path of Exile will definitely enjoy. There are 4 different character classes for you to choose from. Although they are gender-locked, each of them has their own set of skills and unique Devilian forms. The controls may take a bit to get used to, but they respond smoothly to every touch and click. There are plenty of PvE and PvP events that you can sign up for, and there are plenty of ways for you to build your character into the character you’ve envisioned as well. Sounds fun? Well, do keep an eye out on Devilian and go check it out once it reaches the open beta phase!

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