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by Aethyna
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Detective Tales 4 rate Collect crafting materials from trash, crates, cabinets or even in the most inconspicuous of places on the scene! With materials at hand, turn these materials into usable and very helpful items, like improvised lockpicks and special powders. Are you a good enough detective? Play now and find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Hop into in Detective Tales and help Private Detective Rick Hunt and Emmy Fox, the up-and-coming journalist, solve intriguing cases! Collect crafting materials from trash, crates, and cabinets. You may find more materials in even in the most inconspicuous of places on the scene! With materials at hand, turn these ingredients into usable and very helpful items like improvised (and infallible) lockpicks and special powders for collecting fingerprints. On the downtime from your investigative work, you can put your feet up at Rick’s home plus private detective office and help him redecorate the place a bit. Are you good enough to solve the mystery behind Professor Anderson’s death and bring the clown gang and their employers to justice? Play Detective Tales now!


It’s the end of a dull and long day at work... when suddenly, the famous Professor Anderson called the newspaper and asked Emmy Fox, a young journalist and a friend, to come to his lab as he has “sensational” news to announce. However, when she arrived, she saw the front door was broken into and when she entered from the back door, angry voices could be heard. The home invader was wearing a clown mask and he killed Professor Anderson. Emmy screamed in terror and the killer heard her. Will she escape the killer? Find out by playing the game!


Detective Tales are very unlike any other investigative hidden object game. Instead of investigating and replaying crime scenes, you’ll be playing out an entire storyline in a 3D environment whereby you can direct where your character should move.

The environment in this game is a bit like episodes in Journals of the Unknown, whereby you can pick up trash, open crates and rummage through cabinets and shelves to collect crafting materials and experience points. In fact, if there is anything that you can click on the virtual environment, you should most certainly click on it. After all, there is no such thing as “energy points” that restrict how much stuff you can do before you ran out of energy. You can even queue up your actions (up to 5 of them at least), so your character can do them automatically while you’re waving your cursor around collecting all the items have dropped out.

The materials you’ve collected can then be directly used to solve a problem in the case or they can be crafted to form something else! Crafting plays a very important part in Detective Tales. For instance, when you encountered a locked door, you can use a bag of Gypsum and a small block of metal to create improvised (and infallible) lockpicks. You can also combine carbon powder with a makeup brush to create special powder that can be used to collect fingerprints off surfaces that the perpetrator has touched with his or her bare hands. Some items, such as “instructions”, can only be crafted if you can get your friends to send you the materials you need as certain materials can only be obtained from friends.

Different items can be crafted in different places or using different tools in Rick’s home-and-office. For example, the special powder is created in the photo lab while the lockpicks are created at the machine tool. You can only create one item at a time and you cannot queue up items that you want to craft either. These places can also be further upgraded so you can create more sophisticated items like fake IDs or police badges. As you advance in the game, you’ll eventually unlock other crafting places or tools such as the chemical laboratory, the audiovisual analysis machine and the medical lab.

There are also certain cases when you’ll need to find items in the scene itself to create an item for the story to proceed. For example, in one of the earliest scenes, you’ll have to prove Emmy Fox’s innocence by testing her clothes and napkin for gunshot residue. You’ll need to combine the evidence with the chemicals needed, wait for a bit for the entire process to play out and print out the report.

Furthermore, investigative work is certainly not a desk job... so you can expect to travel quite a bit to various locations in the city or to wherever your evidence leads you to. On your downtime, you can also rearrange furniture at Rick’s private detective home/ office. Unfortunately, in this game, you cannot buy new items to decorate the place with.


The game, Detective Tales, has around 280 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page! Granted that its player base is not as strong or as huge as the player base of the other much more popular hidden object games, it is still a pretty large number! If you’re interested in getting friends to play this game with, the game’s Facebook fan page is your best bet. You may even get some much needed help there.

Graphics/ Sound

The music in Detective Tales is, by default, muted. You’ll have to turn it on to listen to it. The background music consists of a very classy jazz/ blues music that is the same through the game. Sometimes, this music just doesn’t fit the scenario that is playing out on the screen. For example, when the time you’re helping Emmy to escape from a clown-mask-wearing killer. Listening to a groovy jazz music while you’re doing that... well, let’s just say that it isn’t as suitable. The graphics in this game, on the other hand, is pretty good. Everything looks so refined and detailed.


In short, Detective Tales is a rather unique game that differs from the conventional type of hidden object games. It doesn’t focus as much on spotting items from a list of hidden object but instead, you’ll just have to click on every clickable item on the scene to collect materials and experience points. Due to this, leveling up is a breeze in this game. The materials collected are then used in crafting to produce useful items that you can use in your investigations. Crafting is in essence a critical part in this game. Travel to various locations in the city, chasing down leads and trying to find new clues as to who is responsible for the assassination of Professor Anderson. Do you think you have what it takes to help Private Detective Rick Hunt and journalist, Emmy Fox, to crack the case? Find out by playing Detective Tales today!

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New Game Added: Detective Tales

by Aethyna Jun 17, 2015
Collect crafting materials from trash, crates, cabinets or even in the most inconspicuous of places on the scene! With materials at hand, turn these materials into usable and very helpful items, like improvised lockpicks and special powders. Are you a good enough detective? Play now and find out! Detective Tales: Escape the killer The precinct in Detective Tales Detective Tales: Examining Emmy's home Read More

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Too restrictive

this could be a very enjoyable interesting game, but there is no real 'play' factor. You have to rely on friends sending you key materials which seems to be the only source.
If you could i...Full Review
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