Desert Operations

by Richard
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Desert Operations 8 rate In Desert Operations, you can plan your victory in different ways, you can build an army and muscle your way against other players or deal with them with diplomacy and forge alliance and even play with the laws of economics and earn more money through your banks. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Desert Operations is a military-themed city build game designed for web browsers. It focuses primarily on developing your base in different ways; amassing an army or gathering a large amount of resource, you can use a different approach in defeating rival organizations; either by large scale battles or diplomacy and trading to earn their trust and forge alliance with other players.


Desert Operations has that familiar feel of your typical city building game as it has all the essentials of that genre; expanding your territory or base, upgrading your structures, building new structures to unlock more content and allying or attacking players. However there are some portions in the game that are unique in its genre and has deeper mechanics that may require some time to get used to.

Start off in the game will be prompted with basic tutorials in a form of pop up window dialogues from NPCs. Here the NPCs will explain to you the basics of the game, instead of an instanced mission, you immediately start the game and the NPC will give you objectives as you navigate through their tutorial descriptions. You will earn rewards for completing the objectives that can be used as additional resources.

All players will be manning their own headquarters, where each of the slots in the field can be fitted with new structures which will unlock new options to further enhance your headquarters, may it be new military units, new resources or new multiplayer options. Some structures may require higher amount of resources and would take a large amount of time for it to be complete, some may take minutes while others are mere hours. There are also upgrading options that improve the capabilities of certain structures or even unlock more units that will give players an edge.

There are different kinds of resources available in Desert Operations, the traditional money, gold, ammunition and oil. You spend money on all activities in the headquarters, gold is used for other upgrades, ammunition for recruiting units and oil for constructing vehicles. You can convert your oil into different types; whether into kerosene or diesel as some vehicles will require a different type of oil to build. You can acquire more resources from resource gathering structures where it can generate certain amounts per hour and upgrading it will increase generated amount. Alternatively, you can spend gems to exchange for resources, but this would also mean spending more real money.

Combat in Desert Operations are quite simplistic, it is all based on the number of soldiers and vehicles you deployed, and depending on the enemy you try to attack, it will take a while for your attacking army to reach their destination. And added to the feature is the weather system where in certain periods, the weather will change from rainy to cloudy, etc and it will affect the deployment time and even the battle results which can be favourable or devastating to your side.

All battles are done quickly. There are no taking turns from both sides as once a battle has started, and you can immediately know the results with the stats showing up at the battle window indicating how many soldiers you lost as well as from the opponent’s side and what spoils you have earned. You can also watch a short clips of the battle to dramatize the scene.

You can conquer your opponents without the use of military powers, as you can control the tides with diplomacy and economics. You can deposit your money at the bank and each day, the interest rate in banks changes, giving you options whether to take out your cash or keep it and earn more from the interest.

In terms of diplomacy, you can forge alliance with other players and hold peace treaties or cease fires and trade resources with each other. Or you can get a heads-up against other players by sending spies and gathering intel on their headquarters if they possible an abundant amount of resources that you can pilfer.


The game is heavily designed to become a browser game, and that means there will be more players that can access it. You can interact with other players via the global chat in the game or perform private messages to certain players. You can forge you own alliance and recruit other players to join you and challenge other top alliances for massive scale battles and declare who is the best alliance in the server.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals in the game is purely text and less on other visual images, though there is still the overview map of your headquarters with matching structures, it lacks any animation to give life to your home base. It also lacks any proper graphics on certain windows and it can become harder to navigate due to that, the only thing that has any sort of animation is during the combat scene, however the characters in the scene are plainly 2D sprites and still lacks any detail on it. It also lacks any music or sound effects which lessens the thrill to the game.


Though Desert Operations is an interesting game, the lack of visual presentation makes it less appealing. It features some unique gameplay mechanics to add diversity to your gaming experience, but the confusing interface and the unappealing lack of visuals is hindering the fun factor. If you are a strategy game enthusiast, you may have to bear the user interface to fully enjoy the game, but if you are very conscious on visual presentation, you will be having a hard time enjoying Desert Operation.

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New Game Added: Desert Operations

by Richard Apr 22, 2017
In Desert Operations, you can plan your victory in different ways, you can build an army and muscle your way against other players or deal with them with diplomacy and forge alliance and even play with the laws of economics and earn more money through your banks. Desert Operations: Country map Command tanks in Desert Operations Desert Operations: A developed base Read More
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