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Deepolis 9 rate Deep underneath the ocean, a deadly war rages between 3 powerful confederations – the Nauts, the Scions and the Jafnhar, in Deepolis. Explore depths of the ocean and complete randomly assigned quests. Collect and sell resources to earn money to purchase new and better submarines. Sounds fun? Well, play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Deep underneath the ocean, a deadly war rages between 3 powerful confederations – the Nauts, the Scions and the Jafnhar, in Deepolis. Explore depths of the ocean and complete randomly assigned quests. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you may even bump into a boss that you can attempt to take down for some special loot! Collect and sell resources to earn money to purchase new and better submarines. Eventually, you’ll be strong enough to engage in some PvP in open waters as well. So, take the plunge and face the dangers of the briny deep as the commander of an impressive submarine in Deepolis today!


To start playing, you’ll first need to choose a confederation to pit your lot in with. There are 3 factions that you can choose from, namely Nauts, Scions and Jafnhar. The Nauts are a loosely organized coalition of anarchists. The Scions, on the other hand, are a technologically-advanced faction that manages to quickly adapt to the underwater surroundings through their extensive knowledge of photovoltaics and the biology for producing oxygen, the element of utmost value in an underwater world.

The Jafnhar consists of people from the desert domes in a Middle Eastern city before being forced to go underwater to shelter from the increasingly harsh environment on the Earth’s surface. You can change factions freely as of current, but I believe it depends on how many active members are in a particular faction. If the percentage breaches 50% (perhaps), the game will no longer allow players to pick that faction. Also, you only get 1 “character” (“submarine” would be more accurate) slot per account in Deepolis.

There aren’t any proper tutorials for Deepolis either. There’s just a short page of instructions on the controls and well, that’s about it. You’ll just need to figure stuff out as you go along in the game. For controls, it’s really simple to learn. You move by pointing and clicking with the mouse and you can make your submarine dive or surface by rolling the mouse wheel or pushing the arrow keys. To stop moving, you can press the spacebar to do so.

Resource collection is an integral part of Deepolis and hence, you can easily collect items by merely clicking on them. There are 2 types of resources, namely commodities and raw materials. Commodities include plutonium, amber and whale oil, while raw materials include diamonds, god, sulfur and cowrie shells. They can be found in various forms of flotsams scattered around in the ocean. As you explore the world in Deepolis, you’ll definitely encounter them. These resources, once collected, can then be brought back to the nearest base to sell for in-game cash called Cels. Of course, you’ll have limited cargo space to store the resources you collect and how much space you have depends on the type of your submarine. Bigger subs will have larger storage space.

In addition, combat is also as important as resource collection in this game. To initiate combat, you’ll first need to select an enemy by clicking on them. Once an enemy is selected, you can then attack him by clicking on the weapon type in your quick action bar below. There are a huge range of weapons that you can use in this game, such as sonic cannon and torpedoes. You can unlock more weapon options, like depth charge, mines, and decoys, for your sub by leveling up.

To scale up your sub’s damage, you can’t just buy new and better weapons in Deepolis. Instead, you’ll just need to buy and equip more powerful ammo types. There are plenty of ammo types available for purchase from the merchant. Basically though, each ammo type, either normal ammo or photon ammo, has up to 4 levels of strength with level 1 being the lowest damage ammo type and elite ammo being the highest damage ammo type.

Of course, photon ammo will work much better in combat than normal ammo, but there are also other ammo types like lava ammo which will leave a DoT on the mob you’ve attacked or PvP ammo for you to use against other players. Besides ammo, there are plenty of torpedo types as well. They are generally the same as their ammo counter parts, but there’s a special ice torpedo that will helpful freeze fleeing mobs in place for that final blow.

Combat is generally free for all. This means that other players can pitch in to attack the mob you’ve attacking, but only the person who dealt the final blow will earn the kill credit. There are also safe zones near to the many bases on the map. These are places where you can’t attack, even mobs, or be attacked. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you may even encounter boss creatures in your exploration trips. These creatures are a lot tougher to take down than normal creatures, so be careful! If your sub is damaged during your adventures, you can always return to the nearest base to repair it.

Being an MMORPG, Deepolis also features questing. Quests in this game usually involves killing x number of outlandish looking underwater critters or collecting certain resources. You’ll probably spend a lot of time looking for the right creature to kill or resource to pick up. Thus, it’s really nice for the game to include a nifty radar indicator at the top right corner of the screen that shows you which type of mob is within your vicinity, the level of the mob/s, how many of them and the distance between you and them. Quests will be auto-completed and you’ll instantly get the rewards once you’ve achieved all the required objectives, so there’s no need to turn in at a base.

The only major downside of Deepolis is the very not newbie friendly interface. I can’t even find the option to view my sub’s profile or to see if I have the option to upgrade my ship. The Merchant button seems to be broken for me and if that happens to you as well, once your ammo runs out, you’ll be sitting duck out there.


The community in Deepolis is rather shy in the sense that although there is a sizeable number of players online, there isn’t any chatter in the chat box. However, if you fancy meeting and chatting with your fellow players, it is perhaps best if you drop by the game’s Facebook fan page instead. The fan page has around 32 thousand likes and although the admin of the page seems to be missing, the players are still there. Who knows? You might make a couple of cool new friends along the way!

Graphics/ sound

The graphics in Deepolis are very unlike any other games you’ve played before. This is because while other games tries to make the game’s visuals bright, and crisp, Deepolis is an underwater game so well, the game features murky yet realistic graphics of the underwater world instead!

The submarine models are pretty awesome looking (different factions have different sub models) though they are a tad bit small on the screen. It’ll be great if we could have the option to zoom in. The creatures in Deepolis are also very uniquely created. Some examples include the turtle-like Morda, manta ray-like Glypher and the Adamai looks like something that comes out from an Aliens vs Predator movie. The one thing that is unrealistic is that surprisingly, these sea creatures seem to be shooting sonic weapons back at you as shown in the animation during combat. Funny, right?

In terms of music, the sound in Deepolis is rather soft and feels both deep and dark. It does have some nice beats though. For sound effects, they sound great but over time, you might want to mute it particularly when you’ll need to, for example, kill 13 of the quest critters.


In conclusion, Deepolis is a pretty well-developed underwater-themed MMORPG that is pretty much unheard of in the cyberspace. In this game, you’ll pilot your submarine to explore the uncharted waters of the deep sea while collecting resources and completing random quests along the way. Earn Cels and use it to purchase new ammo, torpedoes or other weapons, as well as to buy a new and much powerful submarine. However, the game seems to be in the process of dropping off the face of the Earth despite the loyal bunch of players who stuck with the game. If you think you’d enjoy an underwater-themed MMORPG where weird deep-sea creatures dwell, do head on over to Deepolis as quickly as you can to experience it before it can be taken down forever.

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by Aethyna Aug 23, 2015
Deep underneath the ocean, a deadly war rages between 3 powerful confederations – the Nauts, the Scions and the Jafnhar, in Deepolis. Explore depths of the ocean and complete randomly assigned quests. Collect and sell resources to earn money to purchase new and better submarines. Sounds fun? Well, play now! Underwater base in Deepolis Deepolis: Skonos Combat in Deepolis Read More
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