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by Aethyna
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Deathrun TV 10 rate DeathrunTV is a fast-paced, arena-based twin-stick shooter, filled with blood and gore galore! Set on a brutal game show where you’re a participant in, you’ll have to shoot your way through throngs of creatures, rescue trapped fans, and most importantly, survive! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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DeathrunTV is a fast-paced, arena-based twin-stick shooter/roguelike, filled with blood and gore galore! Set on a brutal game show where you’re a participant in, you’ll have to shoot your way through throngs of creatures, rescue trapped fans, and most importantly, survive! The game features a unique Twitch-integrated Audience Vote system, allowing viewers of your stream to vote on a variety of enemies or abilities to either help you or make the game even more challenging.


Welcome to the greatest game show on Earth!

After signing the “Soul A-greed-ment” - with your blood nonetheless! – you’re entered to join this endless game show to fight, die, and fight again for the entertainment for the many who tuned in to watch in hopes of getting fame, glory and most importantly, money!

In a way, the premise of the game does feel a bit like Squid Game. That being said, DeathrunTV is a gameplay-focused game so there isn’t anymore story beyond that little snippet at the very beginning.


You start the game with a tutorial where you’ll learn all the basics. Once done, you’ll be teleported to the backstage. This is where you can see what weapons and boosters you’ve managed to unlock, customize how your character looks, and head back into the fray.

However, I’d like to also point out that if you start killing the staff, Robocop-like security will teleport in and shoot at you. Since you can’t die here, you can technically kill everyone backstage, even all security personnel, leaving you with an empty backstage.

Now that I’ve had my fun with the staff… it’s time to go into the arena where the stakes are much higher!

As mentioned before, the game is a roguelike in the sense that you’ll head into the arena to fight, die, and fight again. The goal here is to earn as many Likes as you can from your audience by performing kills, and getting a combo by chaining up your kills. By reaching certain Likes milestones, you’ll be able to unlock new weapons, boosters, and cosmetics that you can then use for the next run.

Note that weapons and boosters are not purchased in the traditional sense. Instead, you can only get them as loot drops from slain creatures in the arena. Sometimes, they can drop as reward for saving the trapped fans too, but you’ve got only a limited amount of time to grab them. You can only equip up to 2 different weapons at a time, though you can use them both at the same time by pressing both mouse buttons…and yes, despite the game recommending the controllers, I’ve played the game using keyboard and mouse, and it feels great!

Similarly, there is an insane variety of mutations (stats upgrades) that you can get as loot drops by defeating enemies or saving fans. They will disappear after some time if you don’t grab them fast enough, and they usually give you a nice perk like more ammo for all weapons, or more weapon drops.

Killing isn’t just the game here either. If you aim to get even more Likes, you’ll want to make sure you save all the trapped fans that are in the arena by tagging them and leading them safely to the drop-off point. You can do so by making them all follow you, conga line-style. However, note that these fans can be killed by the monsters that chase after you if they are “picked up”, so you’ll really need to babysit them, much like playing as the mother hen in the childhood game of tag, Catch the Chicks.

There are also many varieties of enemies here: some can shoot back, while others tend to use their sheer numbers to try to overwhelm you. There are monsters that can jump; monsters that will release projectiles when slain, and the zombies here can still hurt you even without their upper torso. Since you don’t get a health bar in this game, every damage you receive will reduce your lives by 1. You’ve got only 3 lives to start, but eventually, you’ll be able to earn enough to purchase upgrades that will give you more.

Thankfully, you are also given a very useful dodge-roll skill that allows you to quickly avoid enemies, but I should mention that the fans you save can’t dodge-roll and will likely die as a result. When the arena becomes overwhelmingly covered in enemies, there’s a helpful bomb that will kill everything hostile that’s moving that you’ll do well to use… in a timely manner.

There’s also bullet-time effect that slows down all the hectic action giving you moments of respite during certain actions, such as dropping fans off to safety, picking up a new weapon, or rolling if you have the Bullet Time Roll booster.

Now, to spice things up even more, the arena is littered with traps and gaps – hey, that rhymes! – that you’ll do well to avoid or in the case of gaps, dodge-roll over. The traps can range from spikes that pop up from the ground to giant sawblades that move along the walls.

At the end of every level, you’ll be given mere seconds to hit the green glowing button to move on to the next level. If you don’t make it in time, then bombs will start raining down on the arena, blasting everything into smithereens… and yes, that includes you.

Although I have not had the opportunity to meet any of them yet, DeathrunTV comes with a host of epic and insane bosses that you defeat. From a giant eyeball that bounces around the arena, shooting out projectiles as it lands and spawning mini-eyeball swarms, to a massive centipede that scurry around the arena on its many tiny legs *shudder*, you’ll want both luck and skill to be on your side if you are to survive the fight!


If you like to stream om Twitch when you game, you’ll love DeathrunTV! Designed specifically with audience interaction in mind, your viewers on your stream can participate in the game by offering an Audience Vote.

On the ballot, there will be a list of creatures that your viewers can vote on, and the winning creature will then be spawned into the battlefield for you to face. Sometimes, your viewers will vote on an ability instead, such as giving you invincibility for a brief while or shrinking your character so much that it’s hard to keep track of him.

Of course, not everyone streams. If you are playing in single-player mode, the game will organize a “fake” Audience Vote instead, and will choose one random elite creature to spawn or an ability to confer to you.

Graphics/ Sound

Despite its cartoony looks, the visuals here is geared towards having as much blood and body parts splattered around as possible. For a gladiatorial-style game show, the atmosphere here is point-on. The roar of the crowd whenever you do something cool feels very infectious too, and had it not been in the middle of the night, I would have cheered alongside them.

The music here is simply fantastic too - the beats are awesome and can really get the adrenaline going! I’d also like to point out that I absolutely love the (silly) original song that played at the menu.


If you love hectic twin-stick games with bullet hell-like features, you’ll absolutely love playing DeathrunTV. Non-stop, adrenaline-charged action from start to finish, you’ll need to fight through throngs of enemies, both monsters and humans alike, save trapped fans, and clear the level in order to proceed to the next one. The game also offers fun audience interaction that works really well, in a way that’s similar to Alina of the Arena, even if you don’t stream.

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New Game Added: Deathrun TV

by Aethyna Jun 19, 2022
DeathrunTV is a fast-paced, arena-based twin-stick shooter, filled with blood and gore galore! Set on a brutal game show where you’re a participant in, you’ll have to shoot your way through throngs of creatures, rescue trapped fans, and most importantly, survive! Deathrun TV: Character customization Eyeball boss in Deathrun TV Deathrun TV: Saving fans and getting likes Read More
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