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Deadly Days 10 rate Deadly Days is a strategy rogue-lite game set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Players will manage a group of survivors and help them stop the apocalypse in its tracks. Equip powerful weapons, use a variety of special abilities, loot materials, and take out hordes of the undead! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Zombies have always been a favorite of many gaming developers because, hey, everyone has thought of how they would try to survive in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most intriguing scenarios in media and storytelling.

Deadly Days, a strategic rogue-like strategy game, utilizes the zombie apocalypse storyline well. While it is not full of drama like that popular TV show that has overstayed its welcome on TV, it puts you in charge of a group of survivors holed up in a safehouse. You’ll manage their resources, weapons and have them go to sorties to try and quell the infection. Far from a simulation, its arcade and relatively fast-paced gameplay is an absolute joy. The difficulty curve becomes quite steep the longer your playthrough goes, delivering a highly replayable, challenging experience.

Available on nearly all platforms (though this review covers the PlayStation version), will it be something you’d want to try out? Let’s check out what it has to offer:


Cows in a burger patty factory have been contaminated with some sort of disease. When cooked and eaten, this virus turns people and other animals into mindless, flesh-eating creatures attacking almost any living thing in sight. This first manifested in a burger joint - people ate infected beef and spread the deadly apocalypse in Deadly Days.


First off, Deadly Days is a strategic, survival rogue-lite where you’ll do a bit of building, do scavenging supply runs with RTS mechanics, and manage resources like scrap and “currency.” Instead of a continuous, perpetual run, the game encourages you to start over and repeatedly attempt to destroy the root and source of the apocalypse. This is thanks to its permadeath mechanic that triggers when all of your survivors die, may it be due to being overwhelmed by zombies or when they run out of food and starve.

When you start every playthrough, you’ll be given a choice of specializations: Warfare, Scavenge, and Research. The more you play using a specialization, the more buffs you’ll end up unlocking at the start. Once you start a run, you’ll be brought to a safehouse with three rooms you can upgrade. Moreover, you can also put in base items that will give you special abilities (like increased damage and sure crit attacks) whenever you go for a run. The survivors you’ll receive are entirely random, though everyone has their own skills, like being a marksman, a medic, or a weapons specialist.

Looting and scavenging missions are the main meat in the game. There are several kinds you can choose from, and they’re set in a number of locales. Though all you’ll do is loot and take out zombies impeding you, the amount of resources and items you’ll obtain depend on where you are. For example, going on a rescue mission will let you recruit another survivor, while a trip to the hardware store will yield lots of scrap and currency. Certain missions also have particular quirks to them. For example, the mission card may mention a zombie carrying a treasure or the presence of a giant undead monster. Finally, there are also missions where you have to destroy burger stations: these yield a map piece pointing you to the source of infections.

The missions in Deadly Days require you to move extremely fast. You have to direct survivors to the looting locations, ranging from marked buildings, cars, and fruit-laden trees. Acting quickly is a must because zombies will become more vicious and increase in number when it gets dark. When this happens, you need to start your bus’ engine and beeline to safety. There are different kinds of undead, ranging from exploding types, muscled ones, and even dogs. Thankfully, you’ll have unique abilities to aid you, from instantaneous first-aid healing, airstrikes, and massive damage buff. Moreover, you’ll also have access to weapons like swords, axes, light machine guns, and rocket launchers which you can modify and add certain quirks.

Though the RTS point-and-click approach suits the mouse and keyboard control scheme better, Deadly Days is easy to play on a Dualshock 4. The single-button approach to accessing menus on the base management aspect makes things rather intuitive. Plus, the part where you loot items and direct survivors to a certain point in the map while scavenging is pretty much casual country.


Though Deadly Days is an entirely single-player experience, it has online leaderboards telling you who obtained the top scores.


In terms of presentation, Deadly Days is nothing short of excellent. Though there may be gamers who will be put off by the pixel art, the game looks quirky and fantastic. The changes that occur when the atmosphere gets dark successfully evokes fear, panic, and urgency. Meanwhile, the same can be said about the fun soundtrack. The tunes are what you’d likely hear on a disco floor, but when things get dark, it switches to the ones you’ll hear on a horror flick.


Overall, Deadly Days is an excellent strategic rogue-lite presenting an excellent and rather addictive gaming loop. Though it’s easy to pick up and play, it poses enough of a challenge when you get to higher levels, and it requires careful resource management. Finally, it provides a gaming loop that is difficult not to repeat.

So, get out there today and try to stop end the zombie apocalypse!

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New Game Added: Deadly Days

by Mikhail Sep 9, 2021
Deadly Days is a strategy rogue-lite game set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Players will manage a group of survivors and help them stop the apocalypse in its tracks. Equip powerful weapons, use a variety of special abilities, loot materials, and take out hordes of the undead! Contaminated beef factory Two survivors in Deadly Days Looting a building in Deadly Days Read More
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