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Dead by Daylight 10 rate In Dead by Daylight, you are either the hunter (killer) or the hunted (survivor). Take down survivors to prevent their escape, or simply be the survivor, repair the generators, and find a way out. Be treated to numerous maps, changing environments, and adrenaline-fueled gameplay. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Halloween came a little early, given August 2018’s PlayStation Plus for the PlayStation 4 includes the horror co-op PvP game, Dead by Daylight. Now available for download, note that the game is the special edition version. This means PS Plus users will be treated to more killers, survivors, and maps.

In Dead by Daylight, imagine that you have been kidnapped and are trapped in a rather dilapidated and ruined building, farm, or neighborhood with three other people you don’t know. Your goal is to repair the generators scattered across the map to get enough power to open the escape exits. While you’re doing this though, there’s a psychotic killer hell-bent in preventing your escape, with it aiming to take your lives and sacrifice you to an otherworldly being known as the Entity.

Such is the gameplay loop and appeal of Dead by Daylight. Mainly a 4v1 multiplayer horror, it provides a thrilling experience, whether you’re playing as the killer or a survivor. With a plethora of characters to choose from, the game provides a different feel yet a similar, spook-filled atmosphere, every time you start a session. Regardless if you’re squeamish or someone who absolutely loves horror games, should you give this title a try? Let’s find out what it has to offer:


Dead by Daylight’s story revolves around The Entity, a supernatural being that feeds off hope and despair. It basically pulled in all the serial killers and the survivors from the real world into its own fabric of existence, making them play a cruel game of hide and seek. Whenever the survivors manage to escape, they repeat the trial. When they die, they are brought back to life and are forced to repeat the trial again. It is an endless circle of cruelty, necessary for The Entity’s survival.

Apart from the game’s overall intriguing plot, the characters - both the killers and survivors - have their own back stories as well. Their stories are intriguing and are a must-read, something that can fully immerse you into the game’s rather grotesque world. Anna the Huntress is a woman who had lost her mother while hunting an elk, and now she kidnaps and “takes care” of little girls and hunts down humans while humming a lullaby. Another example would be survivor Jake Park, son of a CEO who ran away from the glitz and glamour and chose a secluded life. In any case, the backstories are as intriguing as the gameplay, so be sure to give everything a read!


There are two main facets dividing Dead by Daylight’s gameplay, given that you can play two types of characters: Survivor or Killer. If you’re a survivor, your task is to escape, and you can do that by repairing generators across the map. After you’re done, you have to activate an escape switch to open a gate. Sounds simple, right? Well, repairing the generators and opening the gates take time, enough for the killer to find and sacrifice you to The Entity. Meanwhile, playing as the killer is as straightforward as it gets. Find the survivors, chase them around, pick them off one-by-one, carry and attach them to a sacrificial hook until they are sacrificed to The Entity.

In order to fully conduct a successful escape, the survivors have to cooperate with each other. These involve having to heal injured fellow survivors, repair generators together to hasten the process, and help them escape from the sacrificial hook. Doing so will require performing risks like distracting the killer. And no, they can’t fight back: the only option is to run, hide, and slow the killer down by using the environment. Some tasks, such as healing and repairing generators, also require you to do a skillcheck, which is basically timing a button press when it reaches a certain point within a dial. Fail to time these right and you’ll lose progression. For example, if you’re healing a fellow survivor and fail in a skill check, the survivor will scream and the killer will know where you are.

Despite being outnumbered by four survivors, killers are still at an advantage. They move fast enough that they can outrun and land a strike fleeing survivors, as well as see their blood trails. Some also have quirks of their own. For example, the Trapper can plant bear traps to immobilize survivors, while the Nurse can warp to nearby locations, and the Huntress can easily detect and locate the survivors. Note that killers have to strike the survivors twice before they’re immobilized and ready to placed in the sacrificial hook.

By participating in trials, you will earn blood points you can use to level up your characters. Doing so will earn you perks and items that can help you play better. Survivor perks and items include enhanced killer detection perks, healing items which make the process easier, and ease skill checks when repairing generators. Meanwhile, killer perks can range from enhanced survivor detection to skill buffs. There’s also an offering mechanic wherein you can give out items to The Entity before a game starts to gain some sort of an advantage.


Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game and in spite of the influx of downloads, (due to it being a PlayStation Plus game) it takes time to find matches due to the faulty matchmaking. There are online communities like in Reddit and Wikia wherein you can learn more about the game and get tips from pros. Unfortunately, even if the game seems like it’s tailor-made for game chat, the developers refuse to add this as a feature. In any case, the game is perfect when played among a group of five friends.


In terms of graphics, Dead by Daylight looks a little dated, comparable to high-end PlayStation 3 games. Regardless, the atmosphere, the different maps, and environment all contribute to giving players an authentic horror experience. The sound of heartbeats getting stronger as killers approach can give anyone a scare, and the music that plays during frantic chases is can make your adrenaline pump faster. Both the killers and survivors have well-made designs, with most of the former being the stuff nightmares are made of. You can even play as Freddy Krueger if you want to buy the Friday the 13th DLC.


Overall, Dead by Daylight is an early Halloween treat for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Although we don’t recommend playing it late at night, do so if you want to get the full, spooky experience. However, there are server issues - especially in matchmaking - that developers need to fix, especially since there is an influx of players. Nevertheless, the game is a must try, so give it a shot and do your best to survive...or kill.

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New Game Added: Dead by Daylight

by Mikhail Aug 18, 2018
In Dead by Daylight, you are either the hunter (killer) or the hunted (survivor). Take down survivors to prevent their escape, or simply be the survivor, repair the generators, and find a way out. Be treated to numerous maps, changing environments, and adrenaline-fueled gameplay. The Nurse carrying a survivor to a hook The Entity claiming a sacrifice The Hag in Dead by Daylight Read More
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