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Dark Orbit 9 rate In Dark Orbit you join one of 3 corporations and fly out into space to make money for them, and for yourself. Upgrade your ships, weapons and pilot skills as you vie for control. With intense PVE and PVP action this fast paced game is simply brilliant to play. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Do you ever dream of a day where you can blast enemies out of space with lasers? Well, if you do, you should simply go and check out Dark Orbit! The game offers exciting space combat, a range of cool-looking spacecrafts and plenty of ways for you to customise and upgrade your spaceships! There are also PvP zones, where you can test your mettle against human players, a resource-collecting system, an auction system, ranking system and achievements. Best of all, the game is easy to learn and play, and it’s free-to-play! Are you ready to fight for your company? Come over to this game and pilot your sleek new spacecraft to glory!


In Dark Orbit, the future is bleak indeed. Major corporations have taken hold of Earth as well as colonies that humans have established on Venus and Mars. They are now fighting to eradicate any alien life form within their zones of power as well as against each other to extend their galactic dominance. You, as a freshly graduated pilot, will now have to make an important choice – which company would you sign up for? Which company has ideals that are closer to that of yours? It’s up to you to decide!


Being a spacecraft pilot, you are highly in demand by the multibillion-dollar corporations that ruled areas of space in this game. Therefore, after signing up, you’ll be asked one of the most critical questions in the game – which company will you join? Will it be the Earth Industries Corporation (EIC), the Mars Mining Operations (MMO) or Venus Resource Unlimited (VRU)? Each company has different ideals that you will have to consider before making your decision. For instance, VRU’s mission statement asserts that progress can only be attained through knowledge while EIC is all about honour and glory. Pick carefully though, you will not be allowed to backtrack and rejoin a new corporation… unless of course, you decide to create a new account!

Once you are initiated into the corporation of your choice, you’ll become a pilot of a sleek and brand-new Liberator spacecraft. The controls in Dark Orbit are very simple as it is a browser-based game. Your left mouse button is like your magic wand – you will use it to move, to attack (clicking once to target and clicking the second time to attack) and pretty much everything else. You can also press the number keys to switch your spacecraft’s ammo used, so when necessary, like facing down a boss Streuner (one of the alien races available in the game), you can use high-damage ammo instead of the basic one.

Furthermore, the combat system in Dark Orbit can be rather fluid too. You can control your craft to fly around your enemy while attacking, making this a vital skill to learn if you plan to fight other players later on. However, the computer-generated enemies or more specifically, the alien spaceships, are not very tough to destroy and somehow they can home in on your craft no matter how you avoid their lasers. Thus, for alien spacecrafts, you can just stay still and attack. It’s pretty straightforward like that.

Missions in this game are rather simple as well. They consist mainly of the usual collect items (mainly resources) or destroy certain number of enemy spaceships. These missions are very well-rewarding though and it is the only way for you to unlock more features.

You can also collect resources, or more accurately, ores, in Dark Orbit that you can use to fund your next awesome-looking spaceship. There are many types of ores, like promethium, endurium, terbium, prometid and duranium, and most of them can be usually found scattered across the map.

The other ores that cannot be collected, namely prometid, duranum, seprom and promerium, can be refined from the ores that you can collect. For example, in order to obtain prometid, you will need to refine promethium with endurium. These refined ores can then be equipped to your spaceship to provide certain bonuses – prometid will increase your ship’s damage dealt. There are also cargo boxes that some careless cargo ship left floating around in space. These can be collected and will reward you with more ores, ammo, credits and sometimes, even uridium! If you have too many ores on your hands to the point where your cargo bay is full, you can always sell them for some cash (called ‘credits’).

Dark Orbit offers plenty of ways to upgrade your spacecraft. There are 4 main aspects of your spacecraft, namely the generator, weapon, shield…. That you can upgrade by purchasing a better version at the shop. If you prefer buying them at a cheaper price, you can also check out the in-game auction. There are 3 kinds of auction in Dark Orbit – hourly auctions, from which you can buy ammo and rockets; daily auctions, whereby you can purchase new spaceships and lastly, weekly auctions that mainly consist of cool new spacecraft designs for sale.

Moreover, you can even buy boosters with in-game cash in Dark Orbit. There are many varieties of these 10-hour boosters, such as experience points, shield power, honour, repair, cooldown and resource. These boosters, if you can afford them, can help you out a lot to progress to the next level, especially at higher levels.

Like having an entourage? Dark Orbit provides drones to accompany your spaceship, if you’ve got the cash… or the means - you can also construct certain drones at the tech centre by collecting the necessary blueprint from pirate booties. If you want to short way out, you could always spend some real money to buy uridium to hasten things up. Different drones will have different functions. Some will repair your spaceship while some will help you collect resources. It all depends on what you equip it with. You can also upgrade your drones with an even better AI protocol so that it can be more efficient in its job. At the tech centre, you can also craft tech items with parts that you can buy from the shop. These tech items function like buffs and can be useful when you’re in a tight spot.

In addition, achievements can be earned in Dark Orbit by travelling through space and for kills. However, despite the beautiful space sceneries, this game does not allow extensive exploration and once your ship is slightly out of the map, you’ll be warned that the radiation exposure is high and you’ll die if you don’t return to the map.

If you aim to play the game to win, why not challenge yourself to enter the list of top 9 players? Players who are in the top 9 positions will be appointed different positions in the company hierarchy. You can see these players having titles like ‘CEO’ or ‘Press officer’. It’s pretty awesome, don’t you think? You can also check your pilot stats and progress at your in-game profile – the pilot sheet for more information about your character.

Lastly, the game has a recruit-a-friend system, whereby after recruiting a certain number of friends and each of them have reached at least level 10, you can earn some really sweet loot, including a free 1-month premium access!


The Dark Orbit community has been praised as being one of the most organised and well-mannered around. There is a feeling of mutual respect in between players as well as between players and staff. If there are any newbie looking for help, other players will be falling over each other to help you out. The community also helps out the staff in suggesting ideas to retain new players.


If you adore the infinite beauty of space, this is definitely one game you must not miss! It has absolutely appealing graphics, particularly its different space backgrounds as well as its really cool spaceship designs.

In terms of sound, the game music has a catchy techno beat as well as a little bit of retro feel to it. These elements blended together perfectly to provide this excellent soundtrack for you to enjoy while exploring the great unknown of space!


Dark Orbit is one of the best-looking browser-based space simulation games on the internet! The game controls have a relatively easy learning curve and the game has exciting PvP space combat! You can customise or upgrade your spaceship, sell and buy items at the auction or the shop and collect resources or perform missions to fund your expenditures. There is a ranking system as well as achievements for those high-achieving gamers and not to mention, that entourage of drones that you can buy! So, don’t wait - Travel the vast and beautiful universe in this game today!

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